What A Long Day!!!

I had a full day and a lot of fun today. It started with Luke in our PUP study. I concluded that Jesus went for the one. The Lesson asked us to look for the one. Jesus healed people along HIS journey. Demon possessed. The sick. The dead. And it was the one. And then another and then another and another and another. It just went on and on and on and they could not even write it all down. What HE did. The good Samaritan. It’s like the lost sheep. The lost coin. It was all fun. We had a great discussion. 

I then had a real good time with Sophie today. A good two hours. I explained the fundamentals of the game and now after many hours of discussion she has been able to come to conclusions why she erred on her own accord. Now she can join in group discussions with bowlers in SCAA whereas in the past she did not know why she could not hit the head nor pick up spares nor why she backed up. She bowled alone and no one was really interested in getting to know her as a bowler. My heart sank when she told me this. So I decided to teach her the fundamentals of the game so she would be a bowler so she could enjoy the friendships that come with the game. I used to wonder what my coaches were thinking about as they watched me train under their instructions. Now I can relate to their attention to detail on a one-to-one basis, fine tuning is easy to change. One small step at a time. Indeed, we are not creating robots, but minds that think and know the reasons why mistakes take place. I’m really enjoying Sophie and today as Sophie is enjoying me, when I gave her a second option to the head, she ran up to me and gave me a first hug. She was overjoyed with emotion.

Here’s one of Sophie’s first go at 25.
Share my talents.
Janette Baker’s song was ‘The Eye Of The Tiger’ when I first met her and then she won the World Cup for the very first time. Then we had met along the world circuit as years gone by. But then we met in Sao Paolo just before she won the World Cup for the second time.
This was my song, one November, I found the bowling hero in me.
Sophie will find her own song and the hero in  her.
I told her I would teach her to fight next week. Not people.
I had this talk. A sat down one. As for the first time I cried on the lanes. So my coach sat me down for a talk. He told me that I did not have to get it all right or be perfect but only 60% to 70% and I would win a medal of any colour. And that the fight was not against others but myself. A darn good fight as I would doubt and lose focus and everything would then go wrong. Therefore the fight was against self and not others. I was not to go out to fight against  others but to beat my own self-confidence. Then he showed me what to do in the physical. And go and not look back and not stop until the very end. The last pin.
In the years gone by, I have had to be told to stop, as the end has ended in Masters Championships. Ahead. Some. The one in Taiwan I was a full game ahead and Catherine came up to me and said, ‘You can stop now.’ And I did. Then she told me how far ahead I was and that it was unimaginable. I could have gone on. In those days it was sixteen games in the Masters. Straight. After the Singles, Doubles, Triples and Fives. Long week. Endurance. So, you see Janette’s song. The killer instinct. But, alone. No bystanders. No on-lookers. No one around. The battle is against self. The fight.
I’m a champion and I do not have any doubts nor fear of being one.
Think this changes my perspective in my spiritual walk with Jesus.
You see, the hero I found that day in me, was Jesus.
HIS 2764 deep inside my 2764 
and it gave me courage to continue on with Jesus to the very top of the game. I was not alone. The agony of defeat was so painful as I had put my entire 2764 into the game. Think anyone of us three, would tear and cry at the thought of what we had to give up for the game. The cost of the game. This is the reason though my eldest grandson is so good at the game, I would not consider taking him along the same path unless he wants to on his own steam. Your 2764 literally breaks at the loss of the medal. So at the end of the day, we are a people of great courage. Courageous. Nothing fazes us.  

I was then off to the dietitians. She was such a nice lady. There was hardly anyone else there, like always, even at the Sports Institute. She gave me lots of things I should eat throughout the day. So, I shall do it. She enjoyed me so much she wants me to go back next month again. I enjoyed her as well. She is so nice. And it costs nothing. Nada.

Off to little John was I then and he was off for a bit but eventually came to me and hugged me. A first time. I landed a little kiss on his head. He is such a lovely little boy. He had been away, you see. In China for two weeks. Or more. I cannot remember. Back to his usual. 

I spoke to my friends from my teenage years yesterday. Or last night really. They are so fun. And also Madd, when I was in my twenties. Grandchildren, we have. In hordes.
Populate the world throughout all the nations. 
We are going on summer vacation to Alaska and visit with my uncle in San Francisco. He is from San Leandro. My mum and brothers are from Hayward. They are Californians and I am a Brit. I chose it when I was three. When asked on the bus to the village, as we lived in the government compound, ‘What is your nationality, you pretty little girl?’ To my parents dismay, ‘English.’ So my father called me aside and told me I was Portuguese but I told him I was ‘English’. So when my family decided to immigrate, I stayed. They left. I got a green card but I let it lapse. I was English, after all. Not American. I was raised to know my own path and not just blindly follow. I just follow the LORD, I was raised to. Not man.


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