Entering Into A New Season

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So anyways, the LORD tells me that HE will be with me where ever I go. I will still bring with me the anointing. 
Thinking about this seriously.
God’s work is very hard work.
We become the LORD’S favourite when we obey HIS commandments and statutes. HE really knows everything before it happens. HE knows the 2764 of all people.
Yet, HE chooses whom HE wants for HIS purpose. For HIS glory. For HIM and HIM alone.
It is kinda difficult to understand or comprehend all that HE does.
HE knows what we are going to choose even before the foundation of the earth.
Yet, HE knows those that are going to choose HIM and the right choices.
So complicated to comprehend. But, so true. Right.
Used to be given a word to eat. One by one by one by one.
Used to be given a verse, all over Scripture.
One verse by one verse by one.
And then, I fed myself.
Image result for picture of a baby feeding herself
And then I started to find out the meaning of Scripture all by myself. Cos I wanted to.
s525284160812489260_p30_i23_w640 I cannot comprehend the darkness.
If you were me sitting under the light. The presence of Christ our LORD, then you would understand. Seeing, I mean.
Like the light up there, shining down. The glory of the LORD.
I’m unafraid of Jesus. HE is my home. My safety. My 2764.
We truly become one with Jesus as HE is one with the Father.
Just dunno how it works as They are divine and I’m just this person.
The old tree right. Throughout my life and in time.
How hard it is to get here in tact.
In the word.
In obedience.
In 2764
The friendship one.
The LORD does not expect perfection.
HE just expects us to give HIM all of our time and 2764
I have good teachers.

Can you see what is ahead of you?
I can.
The LORD shows you what is ahead of you. HE shows you the path that you are going to take. Plain clear.
Think the closer the walk, the deeper into the ROCK. The more fastened you are deeply rooted into the word, this is, Christ our LORD, the Christ, things become clearer.
The thing is, I know. The thing is, teachers of the LORD, prophets, know, I know. The thing is I see. Sometimes seeing has it’s benefits.
I have entered into this confidence that where ever, whatever. God is with me.

Sophie’s first Master’s Final. It has only been one month. She now has lots and lots of bowling friends. Everyone talks to her. She discusses her game with everyone and tells them about technique. She is never without a friend in the bowling alley now. She is now popular. Busy. No time. Always laughing and smiling. This is what the game is all about. Even at the sociable level. It is my hope, I have told her she goes with a social group to the Open’s all over Asia like I used to and mix with other bowlers of other countries. At the social level. She will be accepted cos of her form. She is a bowler. Well liked and one of us.
She was fifth at one point and she could not think nor move. She froze.
 you neighbour as yourself. Help those who are hurting. Who do not know how to fend for themselves out in the world. Be a good Samaritan. 2764 one another. Share your talents and do not be selfish. Do not take but give. In 2764
Friendship – Phillia
She is so happy she can hardly breathe.
156 average.
Not bad for a first.
We have all been there and done that right. Well, us bowlers. My first game was 76. So, we all start from the very bottom and rise ……….. I started with a 7? average and finished my career with a 213 in a Master’s Final and a 218 in a twelve back to back six game aggregate. Two days. Think that was in Guam.
I took my shot from the left. Just a softer surface. Of course I can scratch her surface but then she won’t be able to control the shot as it flips.
Gonna teach her another two lines next week. Then she’ll have four option as a first shot.
I was trained four times a week on a one-on-one basis and then in tournaments I was to think through shots by myself with all the technique I had learnt. So, I told Sophie, it is best she makes her own decisions after learning the technical part of the game. It’s the best way to learn, by trail and error by yourself.
I bowled in this tournament way back when as well, when I was a beginner.

Share your talents.

Actually, the truth be known, my friends in the bowling centre are giving me face. Cos I’m not only one of them, I’ve worked hard for my country.

The truth be known, my friends in the faith are giving me a lot of face, cos of my calling and my anointing and how hard I have served the faith.


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