Move It

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The most fearful place to be in is to be in stagnation.
Not moving. Not going forward nor upward. Just no growth. Once, one of our National Team bowlers was in this place. He only had one shot. He had been all over the world but only had this one line. Just one. All over the world. Our coach came into his office as I was ready for my training time with him. Eric came in and slammed the door. Yelled at me. Are you going to stay in the one place with no change. Just one shot. Not go anywhere. I looked at him and said, ‘Not me. I’m going places.’ Don’t stagnate in the one same place, he yelled and we went off for my training time with him.
I have a huge bible library. Now they are sending me entire books to read. There is always another option. They sent me more hermeneutic books and topical books. It’s interesting. Learn more off the bible. Scripture. Read. Rather than read books that teach about the world, why not God. Even words. We can be sitting on just one word like forever. There are so many other words. Like that guy. He quit. He left as he just could not get past the ten. And to make it even funnier. He did not even know if it was as it was only there abouts. hahahahahahahahaha Poor fellow. We got going. At least I did. There is a difference between not having it and not trying to improve yourself in your talents. Or even life in itself. There is so much to do. So many places in the world. We would like to see more places in the world we have not been to as we are getting old now and would like to see more of the world. Places we have not been to.
Some of you are just in the same ole place doing the same ole things. You are not moving forward and upwards. Towards the Christ. There is a vast library written by the greats. You can start your own book. About Jesus and the spiritual things of God. Make haste. Jesus is returning. You may be going round and round the same ole place over and over again. Do something new. It does get boring. Same song. Same words. Same bible verse. Same ole same ole same ole. There is a vast amount of words to pick from. To choose from. To learn about the LORD. To find the very heart of God. Don’t stay on the one old spot like there are no tomorrows. Get out of the rut.
So I’m told.
productmockupI’m back to my six meals a day like when I was bowling. Must be the norm. I just had my little banana. I can have half a slice of toast.
Potassium. Good for the muscles. No spasms. Used to have half a banana in-between long games.
images (2)Not supposed to have cheese too much as it has salt. No salt, she said.
This looks like my kind of toast. Think we can arrange this. Right.


More breakfast, lunch and snack ideas.
Toast seems to be it. Not crackers either. Salt. No salt. 

Wonder if I’m allowed dried Japanese fish from Japan. Got a bit left.
Tastes good.



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