Worship Last Night And In Our Sunday Service

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My eldest daughter Lydia used her silk banners and mine to worship last night in our prayer meeting. The banners looked lovely. How her face has changed into such a delightful 1f642 face. Smiling. The joy of the LORD has gripped her 2764. HE has quietened her with HIS 2764 for her. Her face is shining in the glory of the LORD. I just always let go and let God.
The ladies on stage are also growing in the LORD. Abby is always smiling and singing so beautifully. Petrina has changed. Grown. Grown up into a woman of God. Josh, our young man, is 1f642 as 1f642 as can be. And Marianne, she is such a delight to the LORD.
These ladies, young ladies will finish strong in the race to the very end.
And Josh as well.
Though I will not be here to see them, I can feel it in my 2764 as the LORD whispers their names to me and I whisper back to HIM in prayer and supplication for them.
God puts people in our 2764and we pray for them.
Our young adults are going places in Christ alone.
The apple of my eye will still be my Lydia and my Jo.
They started and stayed with me.
I 2764 them in friendship.
Sophie sent me a What’s App to thank me for teaching her how to bowl, late last night. She must be very 1f642 to be in a group where she belongs.

It is surely the power of Christ’s  2764 for me and those around me.
It was pretty awesome for my youngest daughter, Jo today. I just left her to follow in the Spirit and finally, she has started to move. She moved half way across the altar today. A first. Been telling her to do it and Lydia but they just don’t move across the entire altar. When I worshiped with Madd, we took the entire hall, which is nearly as big as our main sanctuary, and we danced all across and around it, worshiping Jesus. Think the cramp conditions, do not help them know how free banner worship can be when you are in an empty hall of a thousand or two. Freedom in worship. It has been seven years. Everything takes time.

Most are not interested in time. They want instant three minute noodle. Zap and ping.

Therefore, God will make a way and I just let go and let God and then one fine day, it happens. No matter how you nag it just does not work. In HIM perfect time. Like the preacher today. Kairos moment. God’s perfect timing.


I know what to do but this is not the point. The point is equipping the next generation and the next and the next. Always best on a one, maximum two, basis.
Jo led the entire worship today. I tried my best not to watch her. Just let her worship with her  and  Jesus.

It’s fear. Whether it’s the congregation in the live service or it is also simply dancing with a holy God, our LORD and Saviour Jesus who is the Christ.
Today, I was in this place.
To overcome fear before a holy God.
Be holy as I AM holy, says the LORD.
I’m so happy happy happy.

LORD JESUS I give YOU my entire

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O dear!
That awful smell came from that area of that seat again today at worship. 
What a stink. 
In the spiritual realm. 
It stank so bad like the first time.
First seat at the centre row, to the right.
Very dirty.



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