So what happened on our Sunday service. We had this guest speaker and I have forgotten about all that he had said but this I remember cos I’ve been thinking about it since I was ten and below probable cos at ten I was asked to go and discuss this with all the priests and university theology students.
Well, so he mentioned about something but really to be honest it started to get me thinking but now that my mind is not as fast as it was. I’m slowing down. Getting old.
So, you gotta look from out of the box right.
Out of the universe.
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Then, you look from outside the universe and as the speaker said, from God’s point of view and it’s as clear as the time of yom.
So, God filled the all in all.
Literally, here.
In the literal sense.
Not spiritual only but literally or nothing will exist.
We and everything would not be.
So, they send me the Summa Theologica all the time now.
Honestly, must have been read to this book. So, I am so familiar with this book. So what, train a child in the ways of the LORD when they are young and they will never depart from it. The word, this is. Right.
So, there is the LORD.
The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
They are huge.
We are nothing compared to the LORD. Not even a speck of dust. Not a molecule. Nothing compared.
So there is the all in all.
Can you see it.
Well, actually it’s good to have the eyes of a seer as about a decade and a half ago or more, I saw the light of the Holy Spirit in circles and with this interconnection to everything and if you look at the atomic development today, it is the same thought. Along the same lines.
Now, to think that science and the LORD are in parallel lines in thought.
So then, if then, think about it seriously.
If God is not the all in all, then there will be no existence of even the universe.
Think further.
The darkness of the universe.
God is light.
Jesus is the light.
Therefore ……
Well, we will be with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit …….
Where ………
Beyond the entire universe.
It makes sense.
Think about it.
The new heavens and new earth are going to be beyond the universe.
As we are with the LORD.
Therefore …………
Nothing imaginable in the sight of mere man.
But with God ……….
All things are possible.
Sometimes, if you are just able to let go and let God ……
Amazing things happen.



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