Use My Talents I’ve Been Given


Well, it’s been a whopper of a week for me. I am good at three things. 
The LORD,  bowling and reaching out to kids. 
My talents.
And I used them all this week. 


Let us first conclude. Unless the LORD continues on.
On the matter of what will be happening for all eternity, we do not know what will happen but we know from past writings where others were illuminated as they read Scripture, communed with the LORD in intimate communion. We know that when this happens, the LORD reveals Himself. 
Therefore, what I have spoken of about eternity and heaven, there should be other witnesses in the sacred writings or others throughout the ages. 
Whether it be, in the past or the future, there will be other witnesses for it to be confirmed. 
What we do not know now, we will know more as the LORD reveals Himself to those for His own purpose. Not for them. Only for Him and Him alone.
Finally thinking today that the universe is darkness.
The LORD is light.
Jesus is the light.
Therefore, the LORD will speak the universe into nothing and the only One left with be the LORD and His saints.


We’ve had a one-of-a-kind week with Sophie. Firstly, her ball which she was having trouble with her thumb, she brought to drill. Just the fingers. She does not know. So her middle finger was shortened. Therefore, she backed up the ball. It is very frustrating for me when this happens. Anyways, we will plug the ball and drill it again. For a third time. A new ball that is just over a month old.
She managed to take in all that I have taught her and finally, it is beginning to look like a bowler. She is able to pick up her spares. She still loses the plot sometimes when she reverts to her old habits. Old habits die hard. We all know this saying right and fall into the pity pit when we go backwards. Anyways, she is enjoying me and I am enjoying her. David was beside us today. What an honor. He used to be our Team Manager. We all chatted as we coached and they bowled. Sophie ran up to me and gave me a hug again. Think she is really happy I’m her coach. 


Little John had a cold at the beginning of this week and was upset for about five minutes but played with me the rest of the time and did not want me to leave. He is quite happy playing with me. Think, he thinks I’m a kid like him. Like my other little ones. Once a one and a half year old thought I was just like him. I knelt on the floor and played with him. Even in Sunday School, they used to get shocked about my age. They thought I was their age or just a bit older. I’ve had to bribe little John with a couple of jelly sweets and a small packet of chips so I can leave the premises. He is beginning to run about and we played guns today. His mum was watching us. She thanked me and hugged me as well.


Also, that I have been diligently in the word as well. 
Jesus is the word. 


I do not wish to stagnate, therefore I’ve got to move on as well.


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