The Bridegroom And HIS Bride

We all have a life. It depends what you want out of your life. I’ve always ever wanted God in my life.
The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Anything else is but extra.
The thing is you see, you’d always have food to eat with the roof over your head. So what more to life can there be but God.
Today, we had our Leadership training with our pastor. He was awesome as usual. It was on the kingdom of God. It is a five-year training schedule.

At worship I danced with Jesus.
What more is there to life than to be in close intimate communion with Jesus in the dance of a life time.
The Song of Solomon.
The Bridegroom and HIS bride.
Jesus and HIS church.
What more can there be to life than this.
Jesus Jesus Jesus
Act my age.
Are we distracted from being with Christ and HIM alone?
Do we love the world more than Jesus?
Is there anything in our hearts that keeps us apart from Christ that is of the flesh?
Live by the power of the Holy Spirit by fire.
You life will be changed completely and utterly forevermore and everyone will see the change in you and know that the change in you is Jesus Jesus Jesus.
That you are with Jesus.
Fight the good fight of faith.



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