The Empowerment Of The Holy Spirit By Fire

I do suppose the LORD has a special place in HIS heart for me. Dunno why. Or even who I am to HIM but know this. HE pursues me fervently and passionately in HIS divine love. 
I’ve come to this place of utter peace of being. Being in HIM. 
Do not know why HIS pursuit of me is so intimate and so close and never-ending. I do not know who I am and from where I have come from in my generational line. Why HE  has protected me all throughout my life in such a way. If you think about it when I told HIM I …… I cannot remember what I said to HIM, my Father who art Thou in heaven but HIS very reply to me, ‘So, I will put you in MY sanctuary.’ And HE did. All my life. Until I fell down at HIS feet and pleading repentance. We do walk in our own wicked ways. Even if it is by not giving into our calling. In my case, this calling. Intimacy with the LORD. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It is true the LORD will never ever force us to be HIS and HIS alone. HE will never make us whom we do not want to be. Look. I married and have had children. My heart. What I wanted. Rather than be totally HIS. But this love that HE has for me is very passionate and fervent and non-stop.


And there is nothing I can do to stop HIM nor hide from HIM. And yet, to be honest, in my heart, there has not been a day that I have not thought about who God is nor have I ever hid from HIM. It has just been this one life time long of longing. Of missing. Of never having enough of God. Though the cost of knowing HIM is so great, it has also been so painful to know HIM in HIS fullness. HIS passion. The crushing is immense. Perhaps it is my ancestry that calls me close to HIS heart. Or even that I too may have come from the line of David or even the line of the priesthood. I do not know. I just know this. HIS pursuit of me will never end until I see HIM face to face. I
It is a God pursuing me.

I do not think I have met anyone yet who feels this way. There may be so but I do not know them nor they me.
Door after door after door has been opened by my submission to Christ. By my desire to finally appease HIS calling in my life. To a divine and absolute God.
Do you know this place I know?
I do not know if anyone knows this place.
I know this place.
I know a holy holy holy God.
The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.

Spirit and Truth

 Pentacost is before us. 
How much do you want of Jesus.
The outpouring of the Holy Spirit by fire.
The empowerment of the Holy Spirit by fire.

Do you think that the  of Christ Jesus is the most beautiful thing in the entire of the no beginning and no end of who our God is?
Do you think in HIS great plan of all things that it is so very nice that HE remembered me?
I mean, HE could have forgotten me as there is no significance in man but only to be of use to the LORD. But then when I think about it, does HE not perhaps find pleasure in our inability of ever being perfect or getting it right. So, in the end, perhaps, HE comes down and gazes upon us and smiles and thinks……. O but perhaps….. they cannot ever get it right. So, best give them some help or two.
Just thinking.
Thinking about God.

I could do this until I sleep.

Great is THY faithfulness LORD unto me.

I have looked in my past writings but they make no sense to me as … it is the current intimate communion that which I seek in the LORD. Not what is past but what is.
HIS name is I AM.
Present Tense.
It means HE is always.

I could do this forever and ever. Non-stop. Intimate communion with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
My gift from the LORD. 


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