God Is Moving

It’s a very humbling place to come out from the suffering of Christ Jesus. HIS blood is powerful. I think it was such a lovely song to hear Marianne sing it. It brings such good old memories. And then she sang it again when the altar was open for prayer. I looked at her as usually I look at Jesus at the worship but whilst I was packing away my banners I looked at her sing and in my heart. Deep inside, the LORD told me she will be going places. In HIM. In Christ Jesus. It was a lovely worship last Sunday as my children were there. From the years I served in Sunday School. First they were just sitting there and then they started singing and then they are in the main church and it was lovely to see them again.
When you go to the cross, the blood is powerful.
I have come out of Easter with a vision. Direction. One I would not in my life have dreamed of. Yet, with the vision I have prepared and everything is falling into place. I tell you, when the LORD shows you in one picture for one moment and speaks to you, the kairos moment is unbelievable. And everything falls into place. One by one by one.
God is moving.
The Holy Spirit is moving.
Y’all ready for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit by fire at Pentecost.
I am enjoying Sophie. Lovely Sophie and in the bowling alley I am seeing a lot of my old bowling friends whom I not seen in years. We traveled the world together when I bowled in the National Team for my country.
Little John is a delight. He played with my long hair today and pulled it. He did not want me to leave again. He is so sweet so I bribed him with three jelly sweets. His big eyes opened even bigger and with wonderment in his eyes as he has sweets for tomorrow. He is such a delight. I once again landed a kiss on the top of his head as I left in front of his mother.

And finally to add, Alpha went well tonight.

Finally, the LORD loves me so much that HE holds me close and deep in HIS heart, ever since. Even before I was born and has, as HE said, kept me in HIS sanctuary. In HIS presence. Day after day after day. Every single breathing moment of my life as HE gave me life in HIS breath.
Our God, HE is an awesome God.


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