Enjoying Sophie And John-John

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I had a wonderful time with little John-John this afternoon. It is the first time he has glared at me straight into my eyes. I was quite taken aback really as I had been working on this eye to eye with him ever since we met but today he just looked straight at me. The culture is so here that quite horrible words are said to him and he was lacking in self confidence. Even in his kindergarten interview, as he faced the ground he was not considered to be a part of the kinder and was rejected basically on the fact that he did not have eye contact nor did he look up at the teacher who saw him for the first time.
It was nice. I tricked him into phonics today. He repeated after me four times as he got three marshmallows, and, he said the sound, and a small packet of fish crackers. What a child would do for a few sweets and chips. Every child in the world is exactly the same. Sugar rush.
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John-John enjoyed me so much that he locked the main door so that I would not be able to leave. You see, his mother told him I love him so much. Indeed, he is such a delight and a pleasure to teach. With Thomas playing on his mother started to tell me in English about her mother who is sick at eighty plus in China. She is going to see her this summer. She is quite sick really. John-John grabbed me, not letting me go but I convinced him with three marshmallows, two grape gummies and a packet of fish shaped crackers. 

Sophie is such a delight. Between John and Sophie, I’m having a lot of fun sharing my talents with them. We have had only two difficult lessons as she had been unable to do the right thing and it took me time to think it out, how to address her problem. Her defects, so that I could help her come into some form of a proper release as she was backing up so terribly. I do know that it is the way it goes these days as the ball flips back but as for her, it flips in the other direction with her weak wrist and hand. Lower part of her hand is without any strength at all. When I demonstrated how I released the ball she was shocked at how hard I am able to slap that ball with the lower part of my hand. She is also running up to hug me like John John.
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It is such a shame, is it not, that it has come to this as for two years she had tried but failed and was ostracized for looking the part but no one could tell her how to correct her error. But now she is the delight of all the bowlers around her. Her tenacity to try to correct her errors and winning the fight. They are also quite amazed around us that I talk so much to her about the game and try to get her to repeat what I have said to her and the reasons why. If she can say it, it’s in her. If not, she’s no idea what I’m talking about. I could be talking gobbledygook to her and yet, she could still nod meaning she understood but not.
These are not their pictures.
Just an example of.
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Luke was fun as we talked on and on and on. Grace is such a delight to listen to as we interrupt her. The debate heated as one gentleman thought Jonah was all about repentance but we told him it was a parallel between Jonah in the belly of the whale for three days and the three days Jesus went down to …… up to ……. but he did not get it. Then when I said something was a parallel from Genesis to Luke to Revelation, Grace did not it. I did not get it once upon a time as well.
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Think what Nigel in Alpha, the leader in our Manna, said we have to take the entire bible as one truth and not pick out those we find appealing to us. 
Do not think he realizes what he is saying here.
Indeed, I agree, totally. We should not pick and choose who God is and what HE expects.
Obey the word totally. 

Think Grace said it all. There is going to be judgement. The great white throne. If you do not do as Scripture says, then, into the pit of brimstone and fire you go.
Brave Grace.
Teach it as it is.

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