The Relentless Pursuit Of The LORD In My Life



The call of God is nothing you can avoid. HE calls and no matter what, you have to listen to a holy God. In 2006, HE called me back to the place I was born. I did as HE asked and it has all worked out for us. Now, HE is calling me back to the very place I had come from. The sword that was plunged into the fields. 

Today, at worship, as I was singing, the vision came and I started to prophesy as Marianne was prophesying. But back to the same place I had plunged the sword. I was there but I was here.
Know the feeling?
My God is in relentless pursuit in my life as I listen and obey HIS divine calling in my life.
Are y’all here?

The power of the blood of the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. 
There is such power in the blood. 
The LORD keeps reminding me of last Easter when I gently lay my face down upon HIS hand. The hand that had taken the nail. Where my face was totally covered by the blood of the Lamb of God.
What has happened is this.
Since then, the LORD showed me all the doors before me are opened. I can see through each door and walk through them.
The eyes of my heart see.
I see.
All the doors have opened and I can look forward. Past my today’s. I can see my tomorrows.

You see, the way I was taught, you spit out the bones and eat the meat. Take the meat  but spit out what you cannot get. There is always tomorrow. We must make haste but it will ever depend on how much you put into things that there comes the result, thereof. Right. So, take your time and study the word and when the word spews out of your mouth naturally, then it means the word has entered your heart and you are beginning to take heart. Don’t use the language of this world. Use the language of the heavens. The word of God endures forever. It will never come back void. Believe in the word. Jesus is the word. The sword of the Spirit. Life. Everlasting. Eternally. 


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