Life Is Exceptionally Good, We Are Without Complaint

I had a lovely time with Sophie today. She enjoyed learning to release the ball from one step all the way to four steps. For better timing. Though she has a weak lower part of her hand, there were times when she could catch the ball. She just does not have the strength in the lower part of her palm. What a shame. Right. Being reminded she is only on a social basis so it is fine. She is not after a 210 average. She is such a delight. Her smile is contagious.
Image result for the name sophie in a poster

I taught her the steps today. She could do them. One by one. And then after an hour we skipped from four to one to three to four again to two and so on and so forth. And then I got her to pick up the ten on two steps and the head on three and the seven on one and so on and so forth. She was able to find her timing and walk to the foul line. It was nice to see. I demonstrated. She was happy. Tired but happy.
I love to teach by explanation and she gets it sometimes but still she still backs up when she comes back the next time for a bit. Until I fix it.
I am enjoying Sophie and Sophie is enjoying me.
As we are going away I called MC to take over and she said OK. MC is a tough cookie. I learnt a lot from her on tour. No games. Just bowl. Nothing but the game. It was a lesson in discipline in elite sport. Once, Connie, Ann and I were in the hotel room all day long as our flight was after dinner, so as they slept all day long, so did I. It was fun. We were not allowed to step out of the hotel lest we eat something that disagreed with our stomachs or got lost or just got hurt. No camel rides in the Middle East for me. Not been on one yet. No swimming pool.
Life is exceptionally good and all is well.
We are happy.
My bible says to sing bible verses, the songs of old. It’s better it says on one of the books. It is good to learn more things. Good things. The things of God.



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