I Never Give Up

Are you here?

My heart has gone. Gone into the future which is awaiting for me to go to. God is bidding me to be there and not here. The gate is so narrow. Hearing God’s voice. Seeing HIS face. Touching HIS hand. Interacting with with a holy God. Loving an intimately divine God. Like in the garden. HE is bidding me, go. Come quickly, says HE. I hear a different song and a different beat. The ancient call. But all Scripture is ancient. With all of my might and strength and will and emotions and mind I will follow our LORD Jesus who is the Christ who is the way the truth and the life. 

 Will I ever give up? 
Not in my make-up to give up.
In line with the season of Pentecost.
Did I not receive the hand on my face at Easter?
In line with the power of the blood and Pentecost.
The empowerment of the Holy Spirit by fire.
Everything is connected.
Nothing is disconnected.
Think about it. 

I do not think I have to be perfect but I need to be willing to go the course with Christ our LORD no matter what may be. I have found though in the obedience to the word, the abundant blessing flow down into my life as God opens doors. One by one by one.

In line with the season of Pentecost as the apostle and disciples waited for the Holy Spirit. Indeed, I have already received the empowerment of the Holy Spirit by fire ages ago. But there are still more blessings to be attained. Who knows what the LORD has got in HIS blessings for me. HE knows all things. I only know I need to follow Jesus and live in obedience to the word of God.

obediencetotheword maxresdefault

feeling joyful

Well rested with plenty of two hour naps. Sleeping a lot. My husband is a blessing as he lets me sleep beside him on our sofa.

I kinda wondered about Debbie and Judson’s move to Kaohsiung and felt so jealous of their change after a decade, but then the Lord called us back to our house. The one He chose.

Truly excited about what He has in store for us at home.

Just figured we can put things into the cabinets we are shipping to save space.





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