Moving Forward


I’m really tired these days. I was asleep by 8 pm tonight. Flat out. Life is somewhat a bit tough packing and getting ready for the move. But, everything is falling into place. The LORD is putting everything into place and it’s beginning to be very exciting. Very, very exciting.

 It is an unfamiliar place I am in. Though I have done this before, once, this is like new ground as direction and open doors are before me. In front of me. It’s like a new journey. Something new and exciting. Think I know why everyone moves after a time. New beginnings. Even the old ones become new ones.
Think walking with Jesus is a very good place to be. Even my husband is ready to get up and go to our house and our home. We are both so happy and have peace about it and every single door is opening before us. HE is making it so easy. You hear months. Places. You just get direction. Is it not that we just get so close to the LORD, HE directs our every single step we take.

I tell you.
There is awesome power in the blood.
And by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit by fire.



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