Sometimes You Just Gotta Pray, Draw Me Closer To YOU LORD JESUS

The LORD takes us on a journey that is impossible for us to ever in our puny minds that we can ever imagine.

Right church.
In all of this, I still pray and pray and pray the words of my ❤ that the LORD may take me even further and deeper and higher, intimately more close to HIM than today. Each and every single day of my life. With every single breath that I take. Cos cos cos HE loves me so. And my response is to HIM.
Yes, LORD JESUS, I ❤ YOU so.
Father, I followed all that YOU have asked of me.
Holy Spirit, never leave me nor forsake me and take me to greater depths and higher places in Christ Jesus, our LORD. The Christ.
As the world spins on into oblivion, all I can do is enter into the spiritual realm day in and day out. Night in and night out.
I will never give up the good fight of faith.
Thank YOU LORD JESUS for my blessings cos YOU remembered me when YOU died on the cross so I can be whom YOU have chosen me to be. YOU know all things LORD JESUS.
I am fierce cos the LORD created me this way.
HE is more fierce.
The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Todd White preached at our service today. He was so funny. He is radically and passionately in love with Jesus. He said that when pressed, what fragrance or aroma is released in you. When it is Jesus, the fragrance of Christ, it blesses others as you go through the fire. I laughed so hard.
My anointing is getting better and better. Actually. When touched by others, their pain is transferred on to me and I feel their pain. I know what they are going through. Fortunately for me, I have had the good life. Therefore, when the bad life manifests itself, it is not of mine. It is of those whom I have come in contact with.
Interesting right.
The seer anointing.
Some are going through tough times. I know cos it ain’t me. The only tough time I ever get is getting knocked on the head cos others are going through tough times. The only tough times I get is not getting my way.
I’m a spoilt brat.
Even where the LORD is concerned.
HE loves me passionately and radically. HE allows me close to HIM.
I suppose we all get to the next level. Some take longer than others.
Lee and John were at our service and she prayed for me. John is so tall now. He used to be so fat. Now he is tall and slim.

We then had a lovely lunch with Jo’s family who brought us to Bangkok for a lovely lunch. It was awesome. Our parting meal for now. Look at the spread. I had so many whole garlic pieces. I love garlic. Unfortunately, my husband knows this. I love curry crab. I had a huge claw. That was a huge crab. Lydia had the shell. Jo just had the sauce. I tried everything once.
Then it was the family and I came home for my long long long long nap.
It sure helps.
There is a huge difference between the things of this world and the spiritual things. There is a separation. When you live in the Spirit, and Truth, you live a totally different life. Set apart for the gospel of our LORD, Jesus who is the Christ. Messiah. What a difference. You no longer belong to the world. You belong to Jesus. You belong to the kingdom of God which is spirit. The things of this world will all end but the things of God will be forevermore. The world does not understand the things of God. Spirit things. They persecute the spirit things because they do not know Jesus. Like when Jesus was on this earth. They do not know HIM so as we know HIM, we know the things that are of Jesus. So, we are persecuted for the sake of Christ.
obediencetothewordOur church is entering into a new season in their walk with the LORD. The seasons come and go and they can be easily seen. There are so many people now. Jam packed. In one little space. There is a circle in the things that happen. It just goes round and round and round. Back to the beginning. Again. The kids will grow.
Knelt down to this lady who was crying and screaming so badly. She is suffering. She was shaking so bad from her suffering. She wanted to kick and box her hands into the air. Scream and rant and rave. It was so sad. Abuse of some sort. I do so hope she found peace today at the altar.

There are so many people suffering in this world. I do not understand this place. I do not know this place at all. I have lived truly a very good and happy life. With Christ, in Christ, for Christ. A place of peace and love and goodness. The goodness of God. It comes with my calling. I shall pray for the people of this world who are suffering. I suppose Jesus saw this and it touched HIS heart. So HE gave HIS life for these suffering people. I can honestly tell y’all that I do not know this place. All my life. Life has been in the abundant blessings of God. Choices. Or just that HE chose me before the foundations of the earth. My Father has truly set me apart in HIS sanctuary. I’m proud to be me. In this imperfect world, there is a perfect God who saves and gives peace to those who believe. In all of this, God will make a way where there seems to be no way. Leave it all up to Jesus. HE can do it. Yes, HE can. HE’s got it. All. All we have to do is to see what HE is doing in the lives of those around us. And say, Amen Amen and Amen.


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