The Joys Of Life In General

It was a most enjoyable time again with Sophie. She is beginning to feel the timing and when and where to roll the ball. And where the ball is supposed to be in the four step approach. She is trying her best to relax her thumb. And can do so but suddenly she gripped for no obvious reason except her old habits manifest themselves at some point. But she is beginning to know what she is doing wrong now. With great explanation, she is able to grasp the basics of the four step approach. She can swing a relaxed swing, finally on a one, two, three and four step approach and get a strike on each step. She can even roll the ball on a no step. Her spare shots are fixed. Today I taught her parallel curves but she cannot see them on the lane. She has not been able to understand a sequence of parallel curves which gives her a shot at the head. She has not been able to grasp this yet. Not at all. She not only cannot see them there parallel lines. She just does not know what I am trying to tell her. What a shame. It opens the lane extensively. Just play with the centre point. Vary and create. Options. Her old habit of just slamming it down straight comes back now and again. Sheer force as compared to roll and break. But, she is improving and the shot does look like a shot now.
We bumped into Connie. We bowled quite a number of times in Opens and one world. But she quit. The boys were mean to her. Bad boys. She blamed me for not standing up for her. Hey, I was the one who got the bruises on my arms. Not found Ann nor Carmen yet. My buddies. Carmen bowled a 1300 once with a ten and an over turn till her palm faced the ground. 180.
Thinking of this car for Colin and Caroline this summer. There was a traffic accident. It caused a tremendous traffic jam at a junction. John John’s dad teared when I told him I was leaving. He is about to lose his job and wants me to stay with his son until I leave as I have a soft and loving heart. He says I’m a good teacher. Sophie said I am too as I explain everything to her about the game. She said she never had it so good before. Usually her coach just asks her to go on to the lane and bowl. That is it.
O the complexities of life in itself. It is good not to be serious about these things or take it too much to heart.
My mover called. He is a very nice man. A great helper around the house at times of moving. He will bring his screw driver and a ladder along on moving day. Just to help us out. He must be a great son to his mother. He has moved us many a time.
I think I do not need to be street smart as I never have been nor ever will be. Not raised to be nor my sons. Once I was told off as my sons were not and asked to teach them to be so. I have no idea. Will never have. With no intentions of ever being. So, I stay away from street smart people. They are mean mean people.

In all of this, in the end, it’s all about Jesus Jesus Jesus. The way the truth and the life. There is no way to the Father except through HIM.
As the packing continues on and the things all disappear into boxes, we are getting there surely. Surely indeed.



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