O Thank YOU LORD JESUS For A Wonderful Life With YOU

I am so touched by Patrick’s incarnational living. Like I have not done so as well. I have done so. I completed my essay tonight.


We are packing in full force here, the final bits and pieces. Whilst I get on with my essays so I can sent them in before I travel the world for the next ….. months …. a year …..

Today, Sophie gave me a huge hug as she ran up to me as her game is improving and others are inviting her not only to bowl with them but also discuss and share her bowling knowledge with them. They are also smiling at me for coaching her skills that she never had. She is fully accepted as a bowler and tells me how thankful she is. 

Little John John came to the bowling alley today with his mum and dad and ran up to me and was surprised I was in the bowling alley. He smiled at me. His mum and dad are happy to sit with me and chat to me as one of their family. Yesterday, I got it wrong when it was a public holiday, I did not realize this and went for John John’s lesson and his mother invited me in and told me gently it was a public holiday. So I told her I would see him later in the week. She was smiling. Think my enthusiasm changes her heart. 

If you think for one minute, Jesus has ever not been in my  life, you must be kidding. I was born a seer. The LORD has ever been a part of my life since I could ever think, I thought about God. 

Don’t think Jesus wants me perfect. He does want me loving though. As I was taught, it is those whom He sends, I love.  



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