Life Is Full Of Fun And Laughter

We can choose to live life filled with fun and laughter or we can choose to live life in misery. I’ve been disciplined as a very young child to  choose to live my life filled with fun and fun people and things and make the best out of what God has given me. 

It is all good as God is all good.

It’s a choice.

I’ve had pretty hairy moments when people have been nasty and I’ve just turned away. It’s like this, goodness comes from God. Things that are not good, comes from the devil. It’s this simple. 

So we are told to turn from evil towards a good and loving God. It’s biblical. 

There’s great peace in living like this as it is God that takes full responsibility in leading us to a healthy, wealthy and fun – filled life – style in accordance to His will. We sing it everyday about how good God is and to turn towards Him, so, application is the key. It is vital that we turn at once. 

I’ve so trained myself to be so quick, I literally turn my body direction from and do not look nor listen to nor get involved at all. Lest I could easily be led myself and that to me is fearful.

When we are in evil, we leave the Presence of the LORD. His throne room. 

My desire is to always and forever remain in His Presence, in His throne room. By His side. Next to Him. 

Isn’t life just so awesome with Jesus!!!

I simply love Him so so so so so so much for what He has done for me, what He is doing for me and what He will be doing for me, for all time and ages.

Our God is an awesome God, isn’t He!!!

A Heart To Heart Matter Part 2

In my early twenties, after I had said my sinners prayer led by my mentor, I started to teach sunday school in our church. It was the most exciting experience of my life as in the five long years I had given to twenty or so children a year, was all good. They all accepted Jesus as their LORD and Saviour.

I was in my third year, when a lady in her fifties was ushered to join in my classes as my assistant. Well, I thought, how can she help me. I don’t need any help. God helps me.

So, this lady joined in and I asked her what she would like to do to which she replied, I’ll just sit and listen to you.

And so she did the entire year to my amazement. Considering she was supposedly my assistant.

At the end of the year, she came up to me and said, you really believe what you are preaching.

Of course I do, was my avid reply, I am the sunday school teacher after all and so are you, my assistant, though you haven’t yet taken an active part. Next year, you can preach to the kids. It will be fun for you.

Oh no, not me, I’m afraid, was her quick reply.

I have been brought up from birth to do all that is right in church. I raise my two sons the same way I was raised. My parents raised me the same way. For generations we have been raised this way. But, I do not believe if there is a God. I have done everything right. Yet, when I look at you and you believe, you truly believe, I find this most amazing.

So, you can understand my distress at that time. For all the children were saved and I failed to notice this older woman who was sent, cos, she did not believe, though, as she had admitted, she has done all the right things, yet, God eludes her.

I do not consider this my failure as it is God who saves and to me, the children were the most important ones to me. Their faces when they were seeking God. Their prayers that went on for such a long time. The parents who could not get their children to leave cos they felt their prayers were the most precious thing in the world to God. Their Spirit led prayers in their Spirit led faces. Those very faces will never ever be erased in my mind, yet, it is God that is the most important One in this story.

All of this is of God and not man.

All our lives and all that happens. He arranges it all. He takes away too. We just have to live according to His will and not ours and rest in His beating heart-beat.


A Heart To Heart Matter

Salvation, a heart to Heart matter. 

This is where I have been led to realization. God looks into our hearts. He looks at what is true and He can see too what is false. Do not be deceived. He is God and we, well, simply a nobody compared to a perfect and Living God, the Great I AM.

When I was a little little girl, I think, I seem to recall, I must’ve been about seven or eight years old and my mother had a very big argument with the nun who was in charge of my spiritual life. How do I know. My mother raised her voice and insisted that I would be in the front of the procession at the Easter parade with Jesus carrying His cross and leading us. I was to be an angel. 

I remember that she fought for me to be in the front and I did not know why and why the nun said I was already far too old to be there. But my mother, she insisted, I was to be there and to look upon the Face and the cross that year.

My life was changed that year. 

Standing in second in angel gear, I looked up and observed this Man who was going to be crucified for what. 

What? I said to myself.


What a stupid thing to do?

To do this.

But as I looked, I don’t think that I looked in the natural. I looked right up into the spiritual realm. And as I write this, the same tears that filled my eyes, that day, fill my eyes, this day. 

It was at that moment that I said, 

I believe that You are the Son of God. I truly believe. 

And tears rolled down from my eyes, a peace came over me.

It was what happened in the years to come after that very day that changed my life.

Every day I went to church to look into the eyes and face of that statue that represented Jesus Christ. I touched His face. I touched the Blood on His feet and His hands and I could not understand the sadness that He felt inside of Him at that moment. I touched the Blood on His face. I asked Him,

What are You looking at?

Why are You looking upwards so sadly?

The answers to these questions have been answered the early times of these twelve years. By God Himself. Jesus was looking at our Father who is in heaven. His sadness was the sins He was carrying for each and everyone of us. He was so sad cos He knew that our Father in heaven could not look upon sin and He would have to bear them on His own, alone. 

I recited the sinner prayer in my twenties. I recite it all the time. 

But for me, it’s not a matter of the sinner’s prayer. It’s a matter of the heart. 

A heart to Heart matter with my Father who is in heaven and His Son, all brought on by the Holy Spirit, that day,

cos my mother had raised her voice, it must’ve been important. No one raises their voices to nuns or priests in those days. It was unheard of. 

I do believe in my heart that I have always been saved since birth. It really doesn’t matter what time, which day, where, why, how, when, from whom, etc, etc.

The only thing that matters is Jesus and that He has my heart in His heart and I reside in His heart and that He loves me very much and no matter what, He will forever defend me, cos He is my covenant Partner and it is His desire to take care of me. This is why He has called me into His kingdom. For His purpose. For Him and Him alone. He is the Christ, Messiah and as for me, 

I am just His child, His bride, His chosen, His love ………………..

The Pursuit Of Holiness

All my life, I have pursued holiness. God. My God. All of who He is. All that He can give me. I know that if I seek Him, I will receive, big time. And I have, all my life. 

I pursue God. I pursue Him, cos, He is a holy God and He can give me …………..

I had no idea what I was pursuing when I was little. Yet, I was desperate, so desperate to find it. It has been my life long passion. There has not been a day since I can remember that I did not pursue God. That I have not thought about Him, that I have not thought, what’s happening God. Where are You and what are You doing, now???


I’ve absolutely no idea.

We are told that it is God that loved us first before we were ever able to love Him.

Perhaps this too is grace. My passion for Him is His grace for me.

I know I’ve had a very good head start from most, well, a pretty pretty good head start by most, but, this feeling inside of never giving up on God and seeking Him for all that I could ever humanly possibly find.

It promises in the bible that if you seek you will find and perhaps as a very young child I was able to apply this very principle in my life and I used to stick my hand up into the air as a child and try to touch ………………….

touch what

God of course

God, He is a holy God.

I guess, I thought that if I pursued Him, I would find holiness.

What exactly is holiness!!!

I could not imagine.

Yes, inside of me, I can’t stop pursuing Him. 

All the time. 

Though He is here, I just know know know, there is more, so, I desire more.

I think too, this is grace. For I do not think that pursuing God is a bad thing, so, it must be good. All good. Pursuing Him like Jacob and David, look who they are in God’s eyes. God loves them and never ever forgets them. 

So, this is a good thing to do.

Seek and you will find.

Knock and the door will be opened to you.

Ask and you will receive.

Pursue Christ Jesus, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, He is returning.

I guess I’d better get on with it.


Did I write about this peace that I feel inside of me all the time since I was so little???

I don’t think anyone who believes and is empowered could ever stop writing or talking about this peace that we have inside of us.

Just today, on my way home, I just felt this deep deep deep deep inner – most peace in me. Words cannot describe this peace that just falls like mist over us. It sinks in, deep deep deep within and it’s a gift of grace. 

I just couldn’t get over this early tonight. It is like there isn’t enough or I just get a refill and it’s just great. I don’t think that I ever think about it. It just comes over me and is here with me all the time. 

You know when some people just do not have this peace. You can tell. Right. 

I can tell. 

I used to look at them and think, what’s going on, but, I didn’t say it, I would just look away and not think about it, and, remain in my peace.

You know what, peace, it is good.





There Is No One Like God

All my life. 

All my life long, I have found that there is most certainly no one like my God. The people who raised me spiritually when I was so young, they are right.

It’s been one exciting life for me. Most exciting. I simply love it. The LORD has taken care of me all the way. All the way. All along the way, my walk with God, He has been present and with me. Never ever leaving me for not even one moment. 

Can you imagine this?

Not ever.

Not ever, ever.

This is whom the LORD has raised me to be. His child. His bride. 

It’s grace upon grace upon grace.

Though people who have doubted or still do. Does it matter???

Not in the least.

As what God gives and does, He gives and He does. No matter what the outward circumstances are. He will bless those who love Him. Those who know Him. Those who seek Him with all their hearts and minds and strength. He releases His favour. His love. His devotion. His Presence. His sanctuary. His peace. His rest. 

Whatever the outward circumstance, God is Sovereign over my life. Not man whose life is in his nostrils. 

I just never ever said. 

I guess I was told not to tell what was between me and my God.

Does it matter anyways whether anyone knows.

Not in the least.

As, it really is between me and my God. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The Godhead, Three in One.

All really that does matter is that I have come into being one with Them these last twelve years. Yes, this is all that matters. 

If anyone would have told me this, I would not have agreed with them. 

Now, I know, the importance of being one with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. It’s an awesome journey. It’s totally awesome. It never ever ends. 

God is good all the time. 

He is coming to receive His bride. His church. His people. His love. 

I cannot express how touched by God I am all the time. He is an awesome God. He never fails. He is only love. He touches the part of us that no man could possibly touch. This is most apparent. 

My life has been full of the colour of life. 

Life eternal. 

My God loves me very much, very very much indeed.