cracking up

I was stuck in traffic and I pushed forward through to as far to the front as I could get to. I was edged off by a bus first and then this huge dump truck. I was sandwiched against the wall and this dump truck.

I felt so squished and in a very tight squeeze as the dump truck eased past me.

I’ve been in many tight fits before.

O the phone rang at the same time. Before the dump truck passed by. I was stressed. I answered the phone and that led to the bus and dump truck easing past me.

I’ve been in so many tight situations before like this. Not in driving but in life. My emotions were touched by this thought and then I felt my heart quiver and shake. Not for the present situation but for all the past ones.

The thoughts rolled past my mind and I ….. felt …. like ….. just having a fit.

Kids have fits.

They have long fits. Short fits. Fits of screaming. Kicking. Ranting and raving. Yelling at the tops of their voices. Crying without ceasing.

I just wanted to have one of those fits. Right then and there. Just like a kid.

I cracked. What was I going to do and where was I going to have this fit.

I calmed.

I found my emotions. It was all in the game as I thought ten games would help me. I always took it all out on the pins. My mother came to mind. She’d throw plates against the wall. I have thirty-eight plates. Twelve of them are over forty years old.

The idea sounded good to me.

Nah. I thought to myself. Got to get on the lanes and bust those pins up.

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feelings and emotions

I’ve been just writing when I get thoughts and conversation with JESUS and I just write it all out.

Well, now is such an occasion. The last ten journal entries were written in a day. Sporadic thoughts with JESUS and tonight I’ve woken up as well …. been doing some question – answer in Daily Hope and when it gets to feelings, it’s not me.

I was brought back to a time when I bowled that I got trained in such a way that emotions do not come into it. Like a program. Sorry but this is the word.

So when it gets to the question on feelings, yuk. No way. Disregard that. Feeling very strongly about it as well.

Now if I wasted my time on how I felt most of the time, I would not have won. Feelings never came into play. It was considered a useless emotion. So I threw my skirt around in a fit full of anger when I lost. But that taught me never to make the same mistake again. Not to err. There was no emotion in the game.

So, golly gee, emotion and feeling do not come into play with me.


I sound so callous. Almost heartless. But, I think the heart is better than some dumb emotional turmoil that leads us round and round and round. Are we supposed to be like this. O dear.



I’m not hard – hearted.

I’m not all heart.

Only those whom I love. At least there’s love.

Such is life with JESUS. Never a dull moment.


I won’t say when or where, why or how, or anything or any time. I’ll just say. This is in line with Lisa – Jo’s articles on her and her kids and motherhood.

When a seven year old says to me, you’re like children.

I stop and wonder if it’s a compliment or an insult. Thinking my pride should come into place, I discard any emotions of negativity and move on.

I paint my hair green with my gel pens. Much to the delight of the seven year old. And I paint hers pink. Shocking pink.

We are both in giggles.

In the process I get slapped and hit and being rude to.  With no regard of my position or age.

I’ve become a seven year old.

Quite a while back, I was with a four year old who would not say a word. Can you imagine how time would stand still when the only person who talked was me. 😦 After months of building this certain toy I was building and sitting on the floor, and talking at the same time for hours, the child finally came down to participate. And to my delight, she spoke. She has never stopped since. 🙂

A year and a half old child would love our play time. Down flat on my knees, I just looked like one of them. Mother forgotten and everyone else, we started on the demolition of the toys.

Bonding is a very easy task for me as I cast away my pride. My husband says I’m so much better with kids than with adults.

I have come to lie about my age. Not that I wanted to. Cos when I told them my real age, they would say, no, you’re not THAT old. I was one of them, you see. Just one of them. So, I’ve been one, three, four, five, even nineteen, life goes on. 🙂

fight the good fight of faith

The greatest example whom which we must follow is to fight the good fight of faith.

JESUS being our greatest example on the cross. Never give up.

Sorry but I’m elite. It is instinctive for me to never say die. When I bowled, it was not until the last pin that fell before I called it a day. Otherwise I’d be out there fighting for my life. Like nothing else mattered. And it was just a game.

I have found I’m born like this.

But then the other day JESUS took me to where I got this character from. I got it from HE, HIMSELF, JESUS JESUS JESUS.

HE told me HE never gave up on me on the cross and met it head on through the pain and the suffering. Everyone left and HE was there alone to take on all the sins of the world. HE said, HE did it for me. HE never gave up. It wasn’t easy but HE thought of me and gave HIS life so that I could be alive forever with HIM for all eternity.

When you examine the cross you find the bravest MAN that ever lived.

We all need to live with such passion and compassion and love for each other.

16 April 2013 i

time management

It’s easy to manage time if you’re working out a test or exam paper or even trying to study for an exam or test. But, in life, it’s a difficult task to try to wriggle and fit everything in that I would love to do daily.

Play and rest is vital to a happy and well balanced life.

I love to play. Play doing absolutely nothing but just bask on the sofa, look out the balcony and just dream.

I’m a born dreamer. I dream about what I would like to happen and many of my dreams have come true. Except a few.

I’m still dreaming and when I dream it just goes on for hours. Then days. Then weeks and into months and years.

How do we manage to manage our time to fit in dreaming as well. Like for ever. Dream forever.


Dreams are made to come true.

I firmly believe in this.


So many of my dreams have come to pass.

God our Creator

1 August 2013 516091main_pia13844-43_1024-768

The Creation of the World

1 In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. 2 The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. 3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 4 And God saw that the light was good. And God separated the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day.

The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2001). (Ge 1:1–5). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.