All Jesus

For me it’s all Jesus and if it’s not, I cannot imagine what life would be like. It would most certainly be very lonely with God. He is my everything. He is my all. He always has. Without Him there would be nothing but a void in my life. The missing link so to speak. The silence among silence. 

The world is dead. This is obvious. And without a living God what more is there. It’s all Jesus or nothing at all. Agreed. Agreed.

What is happiness?

Happiness is Christ Jesus. Him and Him alone. By His Spirit.


Last night I saw the white horse again. It was standing by the quiet still waters of a pond and sipping off it. The water was clear blue. 

It brought me to think back about what I had seen in the throne room of the LORD a couple weeks ago. There was clear water falling from the side of the throne room wall and it was clear as clear as can be. 

Last year I swam a lot and used to look for the Holy Spirit in its clear water.

Today, the LORD brought me to just a droplet of water. So small I would not have even noticed but because I was looking for Him I noticed this glittering droplet of water. 

He said, can you see this glittering droplet of water. It is as clear as clear as can be. Can you see My Presence? 

I remembered my childhood years when I sought the LORD in every nook and corner and I used to love the rain. It’s funny how the LORD continues His story to us in things we see and it never really ends. It’s progressive. Upwards. Towards Him and Him alone. 

All my life I’d talk to God. Anywhere and everywhere and now I’m talking to Him in my writing here as well. It seems to me that His conversation with me is progressive and one thing leads to another until the day that I see Him Face to face. He has held on to me since I was born. No. Since the foundation of the earth. And. He never lets go. This is what is so astounding about His love for me. He never ever lets go of me. 

I’ve been talking to the LORD now for over fifty years and it’s all been good. He didn’t say anything till I was twelve and He’s not really stopped since then. He is such a forgiving Fellow. He is. I remember asking Him to forgive me when I was just a teenager and He did. 

So, today the word is – glittering –

the glittering droplet of water in Spirit that was shown to me

Wonder if I could find a glittering droplet of water to show. Oh, I do have many. I remember now the day I saw the glittering trees. 

His Presence

the word for today is – His Presence

I smell the Presence of the LORD in this place. 

Thank YOU LORD Jesus. You are most welcome. Your Presence is most welcome in this place. Take this place and make me Thy habitation of Thine heart.

Change My Heart

Do you think the LORD is changing my heart?

Yes, indeed He is. He is doing so on a moment by moment basis. A breath by breath basis. It is not something that can be seen visually by the naked eye. It is by His Spirit. His most Holy Spirit. The Spirit of the Living God. Our God. Jesus. Messiah. The Christ. 

If you are looking for any outward manifestation of this world – it is very hard to find. It is the inner man. Deep deep deep within me. I am growing closer and closer to the LORD in Spirit and in Truth. 

It takes time to find our place in Christ Jesus. It takes patience. It takes struggles and in those struggles it leads us either by His side or out of sync and we find ourselves ten steps down the pathway to heaven. To Jesus’ heart. 

I must plod on christian soldier. The road is narrow and as the sides close in blocking everything out of this world I must be brave and look forward at my Prize, Christ Jesus. He is looking at me. Smiling at me. Encouraging me. 

Come My child says He. 

Come to Me is what HE is saying. 

And I walk on, step by step by step. Every step closer. Precious in His eyes. Precious to Him as it is one step closer to my Eternal Salvation. It is for me to fight for. The only enemy being myself. For the LORD has cast every possible thing out of sight that His highway is littered with His glorious LIGHT and His Glory. He Lights my path with His Presence. And my only duty is to follow Him and Him alone. 

Can you see this!!!

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit come in power and change my life that I may live for YOU my LORD. 

Fall on me LORD Jesus.

It is such a wonderful journey with the LORD. It really is. It really really is. Last week I fell on my knees in the Spirit and Jesus was sitting on His throne of grace and I found myself kneeling before Him and placing on a pair of slip on leather on to His feet and they were red.  With a heart pattern on it. I asked Jesus what the meaning of this was and I was so touched by His reply.

He told me that the red represented the blood. The life is in the blood and it represented my life for Him. Dedicated to Him. For Him. And Him alone. He said to me that this represented my life which I have given to Him. All to Him and Him alone. I have a life that has been given by Him and it is the same as the blood that flows in my body, I’m alive. I have given it to Him and Him alone. 

Sometimes I wonder why I get these wonderful experiences that are so amazing and our LORD Jesus tells such great stories with pictures. This was when I saw the great white horse too. It was suddenly there. 

I love to worship and in worship I find so many visions. I suspect it is those behind me that are praying so hard from the bottom of their hearts. I suppose it is them. 

Heaven here on earth. Thy kingdom come O LORD. 

Found these slip-ons. Pretty hard to find leather ones. With the heart on the right place. 

Nothing is perfect. Only God. Only Jesus. 

I forgot to kiss the feet of Jesus. Again. What an oaff. In His time. In His kairos moment. His time is the perfect time. 

No LOVE Greater

There is no LOVE greater than that of Christ Jesus.

There is no LOVE than that, that can be found in Christ Jesus. 

When you have seen the LOVE of Christ for the forgiveness of sins nothing compares to Him. Nothing and no one at all. Absolutely. 

I am bound to Christ Jesus forevermore. 

There is nothing but Christ Jesus. 

Holy Spirit Come In Power

What a wonderful day of the LORD it is in this day of the LORD. 

Inside of me though my neck is killing me and my ankle. Inside inside deep deep deep inside, there is such a wonder of who the LORD is. Jesus is calling me to play with Him in His Presence and to worship Him in song and love and joy and hope. 

All my life. As a child. As an adult. This is what it is like with my God. This feeling inside with the LORD is the most amazing feeling ever. The LORD has chosen my path all my life and it is after years and years that I see His plan. I do not choose anything. He does. I just submit to Him and its the most amazing journey ever. Where He places me the best place in the world for me and everything works out for His best. I’ve discovered that if I do not walk in His will, it’s pain and misery. So I learn quick. 

It’s a wonderful day of the LORD. It surely it. 

Hey did I tell you last Tuesday night in our prayer meeting I caught a glimpse of what heaven will be like. There will be night. I was walking along the street. A wide street and there were buildings on both sides. The street I was walking along was very wide. There were no cars. The buildings were not tall ones. And that was it. There were so many stars in the sky. No clouds. No pollution. 

Freedom to be whoever and whatever and where ever and all the rest. The LORD. My LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ paid the price for me to have this freedom. His yoke is light. His people have the fruit of the Spirit. They do not squish nor suppress. I have a lot of room. 

To understand who Jesus is to understand His Love. To understand who He is. I remember ten years ago when I was invited to go to visit with the Ministries of Francis Frangapane, they told me that they would love me. I did not feel any difference. But in the years that have followed the love and compassion this ministry has had on me is only one of love and the loving-kindness of the LORD. It so seems that those who have this are never up there with big time. 

Two Tuesdays ago I saw a white horse. Jesus was sitting on His white horse. I was shocked. It was the first time I have seen this. Sometimes inside my heart, I look back at my brothers and I wonder how powerful their prayers are as I stand with them. Jesus manifests His Presence in such a great great great great great great great way. I saw the waterfall again. What do these things mean. I dunno really. I just know I see them and that in our great and mighty song and worship of my King, our King, things happen. It always does. It always has. I suppose it’s like the visiting pastor. Where the Presence of the LORD is, you will find His people. We are all seeking the Presence of the LORD. His manifest Presence. With me, I’ve found that I am able to separate this in my life. When I study, I put everything I have into the study of His Word. When I worship and attend service, I seek the Presence of the LORD among His people. Is this so hard to understand or to accept. Anything less would not place me in what is said to be the greatest revival on this earth. So I have been told. I don’t feel any difference actually. I get into the zone with the LORD and fly and go and I forget all my aches and pains. LORD, this left leg is crippled LORD. Heal it for me LORD please. I suppose in the Presence of the LORD nothing exists except Him and Him alone and this body that is not perfect vanishes into oblivion. And I live in His Spirit. His Holy Spirit. All forgotten. Nothing more. Nothing less. Than Christ Jesus. All Jesus. This is me and who Jesus  wants out of me. Nothing more and nothing less and so I live accordingly. 

Don’t push. Don’t shove. We are all heading along the same direction. Upwards towards our goal. Our Prize. Christ Jesus. Though we may all be so very different. Keep the faith. Jesus’ plan is perfect like He is perfect. Hold on to His hand and walk walk and walk with Him and Him alone. In His Light. In His great and mighty Spirit. The Holy Spirit. In this place, it’s amazing. The very narrow narrow road.

Holy Spirit come in power change my heart. I want to live for YOU my LORD. 

Joh 4:23  But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. 

Joh 4:24  God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. 

Php 3:3  For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh.