A Prayer

Could we ever perceive or understand what goes on in the mind or the hearts of a person? I personally don’t think anybody can. For when we perceive that we can, that is when we are totally wrong.

This is a prayer in a vision mixed together.

Why do you fly away little bird? Where do you fly and why? Why so far and why so high? For what reasons do you fly away so far and wide? Come back little bird to see them? They love you you know, they really truly do. You may not see what is true and what is real. Your vision is blurred with the complexities of a wedge that has been burrowing it’s way, far and wide, deep and high, in the years, as it gathers and sat, hard as stone. Little bird, little bird, why do you fly away so high, so wide and cometh home not? They are sad, so sad, so sad, but, showeth not. They love by are unable to reach you far and wide. The pain inside you is deep deep deep. Why has this thorn grown so deep and hurt so bad. Little bird, little bird, please come home. Your family need you. You need them. For what is heaven. Heaven is here, here where the heart is. Not matter where you fly little bird, your heart will always be with them. Don’t fly so far little bird, please don’t go. 

I don’t understand. You don’t understand. They don’t understand. We all do not understand each other and why oh why do you fly so high, so far, so wide. Come home little bird. Your family love you. Their hearts are saddened. Their lives are unfulfilled by your lack of care. No. No. No. Their lack of care, is it not. Little bird, little bird, please don’t fly so far and so wide. Please, please, please, don’t. Please don’t.

The forest is black and dark and deep. It is full of things that are not safe little bird. You need to fly back home and stay home. At least, near, and not far. See the blotches. They are dangerous. 

Come home little bird. Come back home to your family. Where you are safe, heaven here on earth. 

Who could ever, ever understand the heart of a man. Only God can. God’s heart is in the heart of every single believer. 

A Wonderful Life

We are given a wonderful life with Christ Jesus, we really are. There is nothing that compares to my God. 

When I was so young, so very very young, I was taught, disciplined to live life with my God. Presented to Him, life with Him, always. It’s a life – style. It’s a life long life – style. It never ends. It’s ever going. On – going. I don’t think many may understand cos you may be lost in the world and all its enticements. But for me, I look towards what my God is doing, always. Cos, it’s all good. All very good.

This is just what I was thinking today as I was looking for the trees and its leaves but alas because of the heat of the days, the leaves are beginning to dwindle and change their colours. What ever does it mean??? Everything in life has a meaning. Nothing is short of a lesson from God. He uses what He has created to display His great and mighty works and wonder of wonders when we see what He has done and accept and carry on a life time conversation with Him. 

Well, this is what He has told me to tell you all. Perhaps some of you have been busy with the things of the world and not really given your Creator and Saviour much time of day. Well, He says that it’s never too late to start a conversation with you. He says that He is a very good conversationalist. I can vouch for this. 

So, what do you say. Those who haven’t started, get started and those who have not spent as much time with the LORD, increase your time with Him in every aspect of your life and every breathing moment. 

It’s your call. It’s your life. Where are you going to sow seeds, seeds of life everlasting or seeds of ………..

It all comes down to your good self. Give it a try and you’ll enjoy the chatter.

This is only a representation of what we look like and how happy we are together but this is as simple as ABC’s says Jesus. Aren’t we something else. So happy. This is life. I’m kinda happy that I’ve finally been able to tell my story without a lot of …………. you all know what. 


Isa 40:31  But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. 

This is me.

Green Leaves

It’s been a very busy last three months. With the final exams. With the Open. With resting after all these activities. But, in all of this God is forever and always with me. He is, you know. How do I know this? He showed me this but I had just forgotten to share this with you all. He just showed me every single day. Every single moment. Every step I took. This is who God is. He is such a gracious God. Yes, He most certainly is. 

This is what I’ve been seeing. Isn’t it beautiful!!!

Isn’t this simply beautiful!!!

And I’ve been seeing this too.

Truly, I have. With blue skies and I just thought you all might like to see it. So, I found this picture that will show you what it looks like, kinda.

I’ve got another one and then I’ll tell you what the LORD told me about them.

Aren’t they beautiful. All this time, these months, when I’ve been busy with stuff. Jesus, my God, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit has been with me all the way. I’ve not walked these months alone, by myself. 

And so in the months of all this beauty I just asked the LORD, what does this mean LORD, what does this all mean, and do you know what He said, the other day.

It’s about growth. All the green leaves. They are all new shoots this spring. They’ve grown haven’t they. Now they are mature leaves in their beauty and magnificence. Do you like them. They are like each and every one of you. Each one. Grown through new shoots in the spring time. So this is just like you and each and every one of you. Growth is imminent to every one. 

Isn’t our God just so awesome. 

He teaches me great things in my life that is life changing. I simply love Him so much. He is a great teacher isn’t He. 

I had forgotten about this, though I see it every day and the LORD reminds me about it every day. Yet, do I perceive life in it natural or in its spiritual. This is yet to be discussed. I’ll tell you when I find this out myself.  So, as you can see, life for me is never boring. There’s lots to do with Jesus. 

Life Is Great

We can choose. We can choose to live a life of negativity or misery or we can choose to live a life filled with the wonders of God. It’s wonderful. Nothing compares to living a life with the LORD. It’s never ever boring. There are always things to do, things to think about. Things to see and touch and heart to heart matters to discuss. This is with Jesus of course. Not forgetting the Holy Spirit of course. He is always here but not felt all the time. You know the Nicodemus verse. The one that says from whence He comes and goes and not knowing whence. 

In general, life’s a blast with the LORD. He is certainly not a boring Person cos His mind is filled with so much that we could never really ever grasp its enormity or complexity. We are just hitting what is not even a piece of dust of who God is, in His totally.

I always want my God in His totality but the evidence is proven that this is impossible for me to attain God in His totality as I would drop dead if I ever think that this miniscule person in the existence of this world could ever hold God in His totality. I just may be, perhaps, have just a 0.001 percent of a speck of dust of who God is.

This is realistic if you are a person who really knows who God is and His magnificence and His glory and His honour and His love and His grace.

Surely you must all agree. Anyways I think I’ll post another picture of how happy I am in Christ Jesus so that you can see for yourselves what it is to be deeply rooted and grounded and hidden in Christ Jesus, in His heartbeat, the Heart to heart matter. 

There’s no division in the hearts of Jesus’ and mine. 

Only totality. 


Gotya all.

Think about it.

I’ve found two of them. Hope you like them and agree with me, life’s a blast with Jesus.

What do you think!!!

Pretty awesome. What a life!!!

Happiness is Jesus!!!


As Christians, we are supposed to rest in Christ Jesus and this is exactly what I do. I rest in Him and have confidence in Him that everything that happens in my life is exactly as it is supposed to happen, as, the LORD is in total control of my life and not my good self. 

Happiness is a choice we choose to have, to attain, to sustain, but, only through our LORD. 

Man is never able to give us the happiness we need to be the person He wants us to be, what He has created us to be. Only when we follow after the LORD in pursuit of His holiness, it is then and only then that we find rest and peace in Him and nothing in the world can take this away from us. Cos we are totally and absolutely transfixed in the mighty hand of our Almighty Father who is in heaven. 

What grace. 

The only thing that sustains us. 

The grace of God.

This is a picture that depicts me and how happy I am all the time. What blessings flowing from heaven from my heavenly Father.  Don’t I look good, so good. I’m a truly loved child of God.