I’ve arrived at this very new place in my walk with the LORD. With JESUS. There is this confidence. This boldness where I fear nothing and no one except the LORD.

The LORD has been speaking speaking speaking and as I’m on vacation ….. I’ve had moments to reflect on HIS creation and wide expanse of the beauty HE made and said, “It is good!”

HE told me that my life has been a grounding for where HE has taught me to totally trust HIM and seek HIM with all of my heart …. this is the Father . the Son and the Holy Spirit.

i knew this year was going to be different and special for me as I plunge forward and upward without hindrances . what a joy joy joy.

Life has had its struggles but it’s been all so berry berry good for me.

I used to go monthly all over the world and meet with different people all over the world and just get on with it.

The LORD informed me that this had been my training ground which prepared me to seek HIS Face.

Sometimes it’s it’s the simple things in life that matter the most to the LORD.

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this priglim’s progress ……

on vacation

waking up in the HOLY place


When I woke up this morning all that I could see was the pure white GLORY of the LORD. Everything was pure bright and white. There was nothing but white. 

And the LORD told me that this is where I belong. 

I belong to the LORD. 

I know I’ve still a long long way to go. 

But, I’ve been able to enter into the Holiest of places and I’m just a woman. 

In the glorious order of things, the LORD has chosen me to be by HIS side for all eternity.

You see what I mean.

The pure bright white at the top. 

Just like this. At the top.

A still still still place. A peaceful place. A home. Home. 

A place with JESUS.


show me YOUR Face LORD
YOUR LOVE and YOUR embrace




rivers and rivers of mercy and divine grace, I awoke this morning in the heavenly realm and heard the angels and saints singing and urging me on, to seek the LORD’S Face, and in participating, I was shown the open heavens of the LORD’S GLORY falling falling down on me, gently and wistfully, in huge waves of never ending and unceasing GLORY, pure bright white waves, whiter than snow and gentle and light, lightning all around my head, to be totally honest, this has always been my dream, to see God, since a very young age, dreams are made to come true, and by golly it’s all about living a holy life and making the right choices, not just today, but all my life and I’m reaping what I have sown, it has been hard and tough, this journey, with pitfalls and diversions all around and I’ve made a couple of errors along the way, but thanks be to God, in HIS forgiveness and great mercy, HE looks not on the few errors but on my LORD and Saviour, who is the Christ, Messiah, and HIS awesome plan to reveal Himself more and more to a dying world, and HE chose me and fit me in, HE knew I would say no to the things that are displeasing to Him along life’s arduous journey, and as a result there are now no doors for me in this HOLIEST place, in HIS Presence, I’m berry berry happy ….. to be truly honest, there’s a lot to be said about having a clear conscience, this is what the LORD has been telling me all week, in the midst of it all ……….


and Daniel purposed not to defile himself with the king’s food ……….
this verse depicts the story of my life on the choices I have made throughout – especially in thought, in sight, in hearing, touching – even smelling

and in deed – TRUTH truly sets us free from the snares ………

 if there is any ungodly thought ask the LORD to cleanse and wash you by the study of HIS WORD and sanctify them in line with Scripture

I’ve determined myself to seek the GLORY of the LORD and stand in this HOLY place for all eternity. 

Thy kingdom come O LORD JESUS. 


the great


I believe in 



I believe

I believe 

I believe

Dreams are made to come true. 

3 May 2013 surely I AM with you always till the end of age

Global University – Pneumathology


we moved and I’ve finally got my desktop set up

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I played the game of collecting every country’s pins

it was really boring when I was not bowling
I played the collect every country’s pin game
I win

In my heart, I really like these two but I cannot remember why. I just remember after finishing the doubles and walking to the toilet. I have no recollection of the Masters at all.  Absolutely none whatsoever. Or even ever winning this. But I still like it. To be honest I thought there weren’t this many.

Scary. hahahahahahahahaha


Like when I lost an entire game in Brazil …… or …… a complete block of six games …….. 1301 …….. and then bowled another 1300 ……. but have no recollection of ever bowling those twelve games. 

I just remember Eric saying, smiling.

The only thing in the game I remember is Eric telling the girls not to talk to me at all. And they did not.


He just said, focus, to me.