Undeserved Favor

Think we are all looking forward to this day of the LORD, right church.

Just so reminded of my last Easter encounter with Jesus in His hand. The power of the blood.

I’m hidden in the very heartbeat of Christ our LORD. It is only just pure bright white light here. Nothing else. I do not suppose anyone else knows this place. I went up to the cross, one day, a long time ago and hid myself in the heart of Jesus. Crawled in really. And, voila, I just sat there and basked in the blood of Jesus. His blood is pure bright white light. When I am afraid, I just run into the heart of Jesus and sit there. Think no one else is here cos I do not see anyone here at all.

It’s called grace.

Undeserved favour.

Like faith.

Think faith brought me to this place of favour.

And then, looks what happens.

I feel kinda foolish going off north when I have already been to the very end of the universe and found my Father.

For what more, rather, whom, than Christ and our Abba Father and the Holy Spirit. And then on faith, hope and love, the greatest of these is already love.

I thought about it this morning and have come to the conclusion that the LORD has His reasons for me being out here and not in there. So, I rest my case and continue to enjoy Jesus.

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