when you call on the LORD

The LORD, HE answers me, most always immediately. Or, I would honestly say, at once. I suppose my ears and eyes and taste and touch and smell is so attuned with HIM all my life, I’ve not arrived. I cannot say nor anyone else, we have not arrived. We are moving upwards towards our goal. Christ JESUS our LORD. I have got so attuned that when the LORD calls, I hear HIM. What can I say.

I would say that last night’s worship was something of a first. For in my spirit, I do and imitate what I see. And feel. Are we supposed to feel. No idea. But I feel so touched by such a HOLY God. HE truly is HOLY.

I have spent all my life seeking after God. All my life.

I’m talking in the possible attainable five senses …. I have found in my spirit. In the Spirit. But I firmly believe that heaven and the kingdom of God here in us can dominate the surrounding areas around us as like the prayer of Jabez, and extent our territory. God’s really. HIS HOLY ground. HOLY territory.

The Old Testament and me, we are good friends. I know more about the Old Testament than any part of the New Testament. But then, saying this, I know my Saviour, Redeemer. I still have to take time to seek out the exact meaning of the WORD, Kinsmen REDEEMER. Word studies take time. It consumes me. It is like there is no time. No beginning and no end. Like who our God is. HE is timeless. HE is a Masterpiece. HE is God, me, as for me. I’m a nothing and a nobody. I’m beginning to suspect that the LORD is happy with my attitude. I think HE is very berry happy with my attitude.


This is a real good place that I’m in. I’ve worked hard at the WORD for it though. Over a year. I’ve studied and bit my tongue through the difficulties and found the way through God’s narrow gate with HIM and HIM alone. I love to study alone. Why. It’s so intimate. The LORD, HE speaks when I study. Through HIS WORD and then, HE rewards. Know the one about those who diligently seek HIM, and they get rewarded. It’s like this with me. Why do I talk about me. I have no idea where you all are at. It’s God’s job to get you to where ever you are at. It’s my job to journal my journey with the LORD and hope and pray it will lead more into intimacy with Christ JESUS. Our hope and glory.

19 April 2013 soaking_in_glory

So, let’s get back to our worship yesterday. When I arrived, I felt like this.

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.  (Psalm 42:1 NIV)

It was so peaceful I did not want to disrupt even the air by which I was standing in. The Holy Spirit had brought HIS peace that surpasses all understanding to this holy ground that I found myself standing in and I did something I had never done before.

Just dance.

To the LORD.

And so I did.

Psalm 145:18 NLT 18 The Lord is close to all who call on him, yes, to all who call on him in truth. ~You have taught me that you will always receive me when I come to you.  Thank you for being such a compassionate God.~

I touched HIS face.

It was truly a very intimate time and I asked the LORD why. HE informed me that with all that I was studying to prepare my heart to call upon HIM at night. HE had arrived. Right here. And all that I had called out to HIM, HE had heard and this was HIS answer. HIS Presence.

It was truly an intimate worship. Truly intimate and I worshiped like I have never done before. I love my church as I’m free to express my love for JESUS in worship where otherwise I would not be allowed the freedom to do so.

5 July 2013 healing raincreation

Global University. Old Testament Theology. Chapter 7. The Names of God.

a deep deep intimacy with my ADONAI

to get a grip, bible study is not the easiest thing of all the things in a to do list, but, as we persevere, endure and plod on and on and on, victory is Christ JESUS’, most certainly, this is, sometimes, it’s hard to grasp, but, when you get to the end, the bigger picture is revealed, not many want to invest in time and hard work at this, I have seen many struggle, many still do, but there is a treasure, a treasure that cannot be obtained from this world or each other, it can only be held, like in this pin, intimacy, with Christ JESUS, HIS hand in our hand, the course is long and full of concepts jumping from all corners, difficult but if one does not pursue Christ in this fashion as we ladies have been fashioned by the Almighty’s hand, what more is there really, nothing on the earth can satisfy, only God can, and in study of God’s WORD, the more that man keeps snatching at, is found, right before our very own eyes, the WORD of God, Christ JESUS, Himself, Messiah, and so, I continue to work on and on and on and on ……… Global University, OT Theology,

Take Up Your Cross and Follow Jesus

24 Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. 25 For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. 26 For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul? 27 For the Son of Man is going to come with his angels in the glory of his Father, and then he will repay each person according to what he has done. 28 Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.”

The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2001). (Mt 16:24–28). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.

God’s WORD is eternal
 God’s WORD is never – ending in our understanding of who HE is and what HE has done and what HE is doing and will be doing in our lives
 for where can you find such more valuable than anything of this earth
 for they too will perish at the command of HIS voice
 but for HIS WORD
 it endures for ever and ever and ever
 and it’s LIGHT
 will be the everlasting LIGHT for all time to come


my inheritance, my God, where HE leads me, the quiet still waters, HIS Divine and HOLY Presence, as always, in the study of HIS WORD, HIS never ending WORD that continues to pour forth waters from HE, HIMSELF, YESHUA, from in the beginning, until this day and all time to come, there is a wonderful experience in singing and worshiping the LORD in HIS original language, there is breakthrough, since I’m learning about the Old Testament and its Theology, I was led and reminded of the worship songs that used to be played continuously day and night and night and day in my home, in Hebrew, they were exciting times for me, Christ revealed HIMSELF big time, to me, HIS very own bride, and child, and daughter and princess, HIS very berry own, O I give thanks to YOU O LORD, I give THEE thanks and an offering of song unto YOUR heart O LORD, accept my offering unto THEE O LORD God Almighty and may it be to YOU a sweet sweet sound to YOUR ears and may YOUR face shine upon me with a smile of the deepest of pleasures as YOU find YOUR child …. seeking YOU O LORD, may the aroma of the covenant that both YOU have cut with me, be a sweet sweet smell unto YOU and may YOU be satisfied, O so very very satisfied with YOUR bond servant, O LORD O LORD O LORD, forget me not in YOU O LORD and hold me near and dear to YOUR  heart as this sinner seeks YOU O LORD, before YOU and for YOU, in my going out and coming in, in every single breath that I breathe, breathe into me O LORD, YOUR breath of life O LORD, every single day of my life and may YOUR LIGHT and YOUR GLORY never ever leave me and may I only be found fallen at YOUR feet, holding on to them as I live live live only for YOU O LORD God Almighty, only for YOU YOU YOU my LORD and my God, my ALL, thank YOU thank YOU thank YOU for YOUR WORD, the food of my mouth and my heart and my entire being O LORD, thank YOU for feeding me, this unworthy servant of YOURS, thank YOU for YOUR food of life, everlasting life, my inheritance, I will never forget YOU O LORD, my inheritance,


we walk gently and slowly towards our KING, day after day, moment by moment, breath after breath, thought after thought, and then one fine day, we find ourselves right next to HIM, because we deserve it, no, HE calls us into HIS Presence, HE chose us before the foundations of the world, before Genesis 1:1 ever was, Chapter 6 was long, terribly long but as I turned into Chapter 7, it’s the Names of God, calling calling calling out to the LORD, my favourite thing, and I started calling, even before I put down the last word on Chapter 6, and this morning I woke up and JESUS said, HE is the centre of my life, what an adventure, what a roller coaster ride, yet, for me, we are here, together, all the time, never apart, Christ and me, Christ in me, the other day HE spoke about HIS living stones and this heart is not only alive but on fire for JESUS, yesterday, last night after my bible study, it was FIRE that I saw, our God, HE is a consuming FIRE, the FIRE of HIS Presence in my life, been seeing FIRE lately, the oils of the Holy Spirit is like it talks about in Scripture, all over me, I have an inheritance, like Abraham, not a place, but a PERSON, Christ JESUS our LORD and I suppose it is a place, where HE is, you will find me, nothing in this world could ever imagine how far Christ could draw us near to HIM, no one could ever imagine, it takes time and it takes heart, and, JESUS gets us there, when HE calls us, HE will bring us to this place, and in here, it is where I remain and rest in the quiet still waters of HIS peaceful existence,


Isaiah 40:31

YOUR banner over me is YOUR LOVE LORD JESUS


Fire of Freedom


28 Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe, 29 for our God is a consuming fire.

The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2001). (Heb 12:28–29). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.

Fire Sword

It is as we have been taught progressive revelation in my walk with the LORD in this study as I prepare my heart to call on the Name of the LORD in Hebrew, Chapter 7, Global University, Old Testament Theology.


JESUS is always talking talking talking and … singing

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JESUS is the centre of my life. HE always has. HE is. And. HE always will be the centre of my life.

We become living witnesses of who JESUS is. JESUS becomes our passion as we were HIS passion on the cross. HIS heart and our hearts become one in HIS LOVE for us.

JESUS not only wants our hearts. HE wants our time with HIM. HE does not need us. We need HIM. A deeper and more intimate time with JESUS. This is what HE wants.

JESUS keeps calling calling calling. Me. I dunno why. HE’S done it all my life. This is why I’m the person that HE has created me to be. HIS and HIS alone.

To be honest, I could be content. Just JESUS and me. Forevermore. Hold the thought. What a heavenly place to be in. Forevermore. 

 JESUS. HE just a keep calling and a calling and a calling. So. I’m just a JESUS person. Nothing and no one else.

Another thing. I could write for ever and ever and ever. Why. JESUS. HE keeps on talking. A talking and a talking. So. I just keep on recording and a recording. It’s as simple as this. Right here. Christ in me.

I’m not fed up with JESUS. As. JESUS. HE is simply awesome. An awesome conversationalist.

And it will always revolve around Scripture. Pertaining to. Why. We are told it is like this. Just this.

This last photo is from

providence ( Global University – OT Theology )

I’m in a really good place with JESUS. I have nothing to complain about. Today in our service, JESUS was high and lifted up as usual in HIS great and glorious LIGHT. It was awesome. I’m finding this HOLY ground a light place to be in. But then, it is coupled with the study of God’s WORD. This is the first time I’ve studied through the summer months. We usually take long breaks. Visiting prophets or special lectures. This summer seems like the LORD has laid out HIS path dedicated to the study of HIS WORD and it’s all fitting together in the bigger picture and all making so much sense. I love to study the WORD of God, finding out more about God’s vision in my life. I’ve taken two months off most of the things I normally do in our church and I cannot believe it. Just anther month to go and we are done with this summer. This summer seems to be going fast and furious like the wind, the Holy Spirit. Funny that I have been studying so fast and furious with the winds of the Holy Spirit prodding me along.


This pin is from Christian Digital Artwork

Lisa – Jo Baker’s “Five Minute Friday” on “Broken”

Brokenness. O dear. What memories.

For me it’s all about JESUS. I’m a JESUS person. A God person. A Holy Spirit person. Therefore I’m an all God person.

Brokenness. O dear dear dear.


For me, it’s all about JESUS on the cross. Isaiah 53. When I first started reading the bible in my early twenties, I started see pictures of the crucifixion in visions. Just pictures. They just were. I could not control the pictures nor was I reading about the crucifixion. Nor had I thought of it at all. I was moved. Moved in my heart. Like I was when I was seven or eight in the procession as an angel in second place and looked upon JESUS carrying HIS cross and I was so moved I declared to God, my Father in heaven and to JESUS that I believed that HE is the SON of the Living God and that I would believe in HIM as the SON of God, JESUS Christ forever and ever and ever and I tell you I did this in tears.

So in my twenties, once again, with JESUS chasing after me, it happened again. It was like a replay that would never ever leave me and in my forties, it was when I saw the crucifixion. Live. In colour. For true. In a movie. Like live. I was there. Two thousand years ago. I was there. For three solid months.

It broke me. It just broke my heart into pieces.

All I could remember in Scripture was, God will never give me anything that I cannot bear. So I looked and looked and looked.

And I suppose when it’s time again, I look. And I get broken up inside of me.

To this day, nothing has changed. I get more revelation knowledge of who JESUS is and it could be a picture or a vision or a Scripture verse and I’m all undone again. For JESUS. I suppose I could cry all over again for JESUS and what HE had to do to save me. Giving HIS life for me. Aggh. This is me. The real me. No one special. Nothing special. No one to be exact. A nothing. A nobody. Yet, to JESUS, I’m HIS.

This is what I look like when I’m all broken for JESUS.

31 January 2011 d;grk

It broke my heart to see JESUS suffer. But the good news is. JESUS puts it all back together again. By HIMSELF whenever my heart gets broken for HIM and HIM alone.  In the process I’ve come to learn now much HE LOVES me and how much HE desires me to be with HIM. Here’s my heart, all broken up for JESUS on the cross and how much HE had to pay for my salvation. HIS life for mine.

11 February 2012 ;rkr

The good thing is, in all of this, I’ve come to understand my weaknesses. My heart is fragile and torn and broken for JESUS. HIS LOVE for me is everlasting and I know this to be TRUTH. All I ever really wanted was to know my God from aged five. Nothing more and nothing less. I thought everyone was the same as I was. This is my fragile heart for JESUS and HE won my heart for HIMSELF on the cross.


17 October 2012 raining heart

I’m weak and I’m fragile and I’m a nobody. But, in all of this. All I see is JESUS. Just JESUS. And HIS LIGHT and HIS GLORY. It is all about JESUS. Just JESUS. This broken vessel of HIS is nothing. Only JESUS is.

8 December 2012 The-Deity-of-Jesus-Christ



where I live

I’m a dreamer. I love to dream about the LORD and things. I love to hear God’s voice and seek HIS direction. I just do not stop this. Since I was very very young. This is probably why I have found HIM and will not let go of the LORD. Or, is it the other way around. No idea. We are studying Global University’s Old Testament Theology and it is really interesting as I just only used to read the bible but with my Logos Bible Software I started reading the books pertaining to the bible and now we are doing overviews of the history of how the study and beliefs of the bible progressed through the centuries. I find it very interesting as some have moved into wrong doctrine and others have led to how we study our bible today and what we believe in correct interpretation and correct doctrine to date. So very very interesting how the LORD works through people and leads them to HIMSELF. I love this pin. I just want to live in JESUS’ house when I get to heaven. Or be HIS next door neighbour. But no where far off. Hey, I’m a dreamer right. It is my right to be allowed to dream about JESUS.

The photo if from Christian Digital Artwork