God is with us

We all go through stuff and the thing is God is with us all the way. You all know the one about the footprints, right. Tough as nails. JESUS winced when that nail was driven through HIS hand. HE did wince. So, it is with life for us. We are just so blessed JESUS took the nails for us. We don’t have to take it. It seems difficulties are hard but really to be honest, JESUS took the hardest part of it all for each and everyone of us who believe.

When I bowled it was tough. You just had to be tough and a heart of stone or you just would feel sorry for the opposition and give up.

In Christ, it’s a different story. We have to be tough but we are not alone. JESUS is with us. HIS LIGHT and HIS GLORY is so apparently seen, for me anyways. So, I have this hope.

Hey, the other day at our all church prayer meeting JESUS was seated in HIS throne. All bright and glorious. High and lifted up. I see this vision all the time in our church when we congregate together to worship the KING of kind and the LORD of lords.

Hey, you know what, JESUS reminded me today of Lucifer being the head of the worship team of all the angels. So when we worship and sing we need to make sure that it is JESUS we are seeking and not self adoration like Lucifer. How did this come up. In between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. Two months it took us to get to verse 2.

Christ is enough for me and I’ve really have decided to follow JESUS when I was little.


30 July 2013 at the steps with my KING


We all have issues. Big issues. Little issues. No one is perfect.

When I first went to bible study in my early twenties we all had issues. Like the above. The one thing I was taught was to go through them head on. Straight right through and deal with them biblically. What does the bible have to say about it. We all remember the hard old days of looking up our issues at the back and going through every single verse pertaining to them and see what God thinks about them and … obey …. obey HIS WORD.

So, I have a fear of failure issue. So what. What. Deal with it. I have actually been trying all these years but it just comes up and like going round the mountain again. O well ….. some things happen again.

Still. The only person who can get through it with us is the LORD. And when we both, the LORD and me, sit and talk about it. Tears and all. Well, HE gets things done.

The question is do we have enough time to seek the LORD and find HIM and tell HIM our issues. Big. Small. Whatever.

The thing is, HE has all the time in time. HE is not limited by time and HE knows all things and HE is compassionate and loving and kind and …. HE cares. Our Creator cares for us. Elohim cared deeply for us.

Who made me. Let me check my Logos bible in the Exegetical Guide.


What about ………

      13       For you formed my inward parts;
you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.
14       I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.1
Wonderful are your works;
my soul knows it very well.
15       My frame was not hidden from you,
when I was being made in secret,
intricately woven in the depths of the earth.
16       Your eyes saw my unformed substance;
in your book were written, every one of them,
the days that were formed for me,
when as yet there was none of them.

The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2001). (Ps 139:13–16). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.

 17       How precious to me are your thoughts, O God!      
How vast is the sum of them!            
18       If I would count them, they are more than the sand.      
I awake, and I am still with you.

The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2001). (Ps 139:17–18). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.

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Coffee for Your Heart

Coffee for Your Heart 150

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Is it Wednesday.

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the agony of defeat

I suppose not many feel the way us who cannot lose feel so we win win win. But the thing is when I stopped bowling I learnt in bible study that everyone wins and no one loses. No matter where in their walk they are. We all win. There is no loser. We are all winners.

When I lost in bowling by bowling a 150 or a 160 or even a 170 I would throw a fit and throw my skirt and snug tights across the hotel room and slam them against the wall and wail in pain.

To be honest I would like to throw my pants against the wall right now.

I lost some marks cos I missed some parts in my essays.  The thing is I need my three credits. I suppose like our pastor said, I could do a resit. And cry for the lost instead.

Some things are easy for some but hard for others.

The agony of defeat is a not a good place.

So, I’m talking myself through this. Does it matter really whether I lose some points or is it more important that my heart is changed in the theological studies and it is not right to feel failure as a loss but an experience to learn how to fail and yet succeed.

I never ever bowled a low again. The lowest was a 190. Ever. It just hurt too much so I did not want to hurt myself.

We all struggle in areas that others find ridiculous. Yet, what is so ridiculous for some is so very hard for others. For few really.

What seems so hard for some is nowhere near to where others would feel.

All I can say is we are all so very different.

In my own unique way, stress is losing.


God wins

We are launching Precept studies by Kay Arthur this year in our church. I’m finally going to offer my services for short 40 minute studies over lunch hour or afternoons or PUP or In and Out. I would rather do PUP as I’m good at it. I’ve decided. God wins.

I been told time and time again to do this but declined from bible study friends. This time, I’m a goona offer my services. And equip those who love the study of God’s WORD with the WORD.


The bible studies are so much fun. Well, for me anyways.

I’m a bible person. All bible person.

7 April 2013 gurard you mind and heart with the WORD


Trust is such a big issue.
Trust is such an important part of all relationships.
I’ve called it a day when I’ve not trusted friends or just people anymore.
I was honest.
Don’t like wasting time.
Nor theirs.
I’m not a just lip service sort of person.
Wasting time puts me to sleep cos it’s boring.
Those who know me very well, know I’m dead serious in this matter.
I’m honest.
I tell them not to waste mine cos I don’t want to waste theirs either.
Told so many kids this.
I have a young lady who is now a doctor.
I told her not to waste my time nor hers.
She used to throw fits for hours.
She was eight when she got that first lecture.
She only tried it one more time on me.
Funny this, now she’s a doctor.
When there’s no more trust, there’s nothing left.
I would never change any decision I’ve ever made.
I think I’ve lived life to the fullest.
To the brink.
I push myself far too hard.
And those in my life.
When you have great expectations, those beside you have them as well.


doing my synopic gospel presentation

good morning LORD JESUS
good morning
I’m going to present a chapter of the commentary to our bible study group and in my mind I’m able to lay out the OT and all the historical facts and locations, hey, I was no good with maps and overviews before but now, it’s all opened up, and this morning the LORD placed a time line and map and the historical setting before the JESUS’ first coming and all that was happening, the main point, Scripture is the inerrant WORD, Gen 1 and John 1, all the surrounding nations and their idol worship, those of us that did the OT and idol worship, so, split into a list of three types of people at the time of JESUS’ birth, too funny, lists, pictures, maps,  LOL, this is good, and then all I could hear is this song,


the mind is a very complex and very filled place, I’ve got it all in my mind,  this was the idea in the end right, it’s been a long long time, studying the bible, I just needed overviews, it’s just opened it all up in my mind, maps, locations of travel, the Baal worship of the surrounding nations, those who studied the OT together, O I love bible study, I get lost in the study, if we cannot be changed by Scripture, now I understand why it’s so easy to miss JESUS’ first coming, and now, we are waiting for JESUS’ second coming, all happening in the same place, what a horrible man Herod was,

some never get here, some take forever like me, some are lost in the enormity of the OT –  information information, now if only my computer skills in Powerpoint matched this heart of mine, O not mine own but Christ’s, hahahahahahahaha 🙂 I get lost in the moment of the point, O the point is the virgin conception btw, hahahahahahaha, ………..

I would advise everyone to suffer the cross references of the PUP course, and lists, then you can get here, better late than never,

all else is worth nothing but God’s WORD and the study of it, for me anyways,

two easy after years of investment in the WORD of God

 bulleting only the main points of Robert H. Stein and and and I figured how to get my powerpoint to work and sent out all the pix on W’hat’s App so everyone’s got them, and I’m finishing off with the first two chapters of Matthew, conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary …… there ya go ….. could not find a time line of JESUS’ birth though, will have to make mine own, hahahahahahaha two funny ………. 🙂

the synopic gospels

I completed Chapter 4 of my bible study yesterday. It was about the Pharisees and the Sadducees and the Sanhedrin. I learnt about how they kept the law but not in the internal change of heart towards the LORD but only in outward appearance. Lip service like in Isaiah. God does not like that at all.

I learnt how to study the bible from the early twenties from the evangelicals. Got to get their name right or I will be corrected. To be more exact, I learnt from Precept Upon Precept Ministries in bible studies. All their various studies. If nothing else, you truly learn how to gleam and dig into the WORD of God like anyone who knows how to study the bible. I love to study the bible.

It would take me two weeks to dismantle and dissect a chapter in Scripture. I love word studies. The thing is, I love to study all the words. Important words. In this great adventure of the study of Scripture I know who Nicademus really is. I know how to use the books and numbers to find the meanings of words. By the end of two weeks I know everything about a chapter. Some are more difficult than most. The chapter in Isaiah on the kings of the north and the south was a challenge for me. I know how to bullet and title every detail in a chapter.

When I read this last night I laughed and laughed and laughed about the Pharisees and examined myself in biblical studies.

I’m not far off. Others will write in Hebrew or Greek the words in Scripture. Others I’ve known would write Scripture from the beginning to the end and back again and continue without stopping. Some would read from the beginning to the end and then start from the beginning again. Non stop.

Some, which I cannot do is break up the Hebrew word into the alphabets to get a glimpse of the meaning of what the writer was trying to express. It’s lovely to read these as anyone who does this gives back the meat of the word to those who are not capable of studying this way.

I do not dream to do this nor write in Hebrew nor Greek. Nor copy the bible nor read it non stop.

I just love word studies. My Logos bible gives me such wonderment when I do this as when I look up a word, there are if not hundreds, thousands of cross references. A run throughout the bible in relation to the word and what was happening in that time.  And for us as well.

I do not usually talk about studying the bible as it takes time and effort and my entire life to study God’s WORD. Of course I can teach others to do this but most people love to be hand fed in general, light. I remember a study I taught on John and just taught the word, I AM and the word, vine. Can you imagine how much there is to be said about these two words and in the end, you find there is no way you cannot be attached to Christ as when you learn about the grape vine, you find out how secure you have become in Christ. I laughed when I read it. I still laugh. After pages and pages and pages of reading, security if only to be found and located in Christ JESUS, the TRUE VINE.

When you take personal time off to break down the WORD and to find out what the LORD wants in your life, there is never enough time to find out, all of God’s WORD.

I don’t read books. I read commentaries. I read WORD studies. I love Little Kittle. When there are pages of information on a word and over hundreds of cross references to click on and read, fast, it makes for a fun life.

Have you been at the bottom of Mount Sinai with Israel. I have. Were you there with Abram when Isaac was to be sacrificed. Were you there when Daniel saw the Ancient of Days and the thrones set up. Were you with John in the sea of glass and lightning above JESUS. What about Ezekiel. And Isaiah. And Paul and Peter and the apostles. Or even the first day of Pentecost. Or JESUS’ birth. Or HIS crucifixion. I can go on but you need the WORD to get to these places.

The LORD spoke about these things and then I studied Chapter 4 of the Synoptic Gospels. And laughed and laughed and laughed. It is all about the circumcision of the heart, the inward man and not the outward man. Have you felt the SWORD pierce your heart. I have. The SWORD of the Spirit.

I don’t read books. I read commentaries and I do word studies. It’s so much fun. There is so much to learn in God’s WORD.


The evangelicals equip you to study and dig out the WORD for yourself and to listen carefully to the leading and prodding of the Holy Spirit and in the end, you will arrive at the same place and conclusion as the commentaries and word studies. The WORD is living and active and sharper than any sword. Where’s that verse.

But I’ve found, we are all different. I love to learn in depth. I have got time and the patience. I’ve got the rest of my life here on this earth to learn and study.

One of the most widely respected theological dictionaries put into one-volume, abridged form – “Little Kittel.” Abridged from the nine-volume work of this name edited by Kittel and Friedrich, this 1985 abridged and updated edition by Geoffrey W. Bromiley includes the best of the original massive scholarship. Focusing on the theological meaning of each word, the abridgment contains English keywords for each entry, tables of English and Greek keywords, and a listing of the relevant volume and page numbers from the unabridged work at the end of each article or section.

You may also be interested in the unabridged Theological Dictionary of the NT Complete (“Big Kittel”).

Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (“Little Kittel”) Abridged in One Volume • Editor: Geoffrey W. Bromiley • Publisher: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company (1985)


My bible.


JESUS the Living Water

I feel good. It’s a lovely feeling. A peaceful feeling. After getting past the huge hurdle of life’s stagnant hindrance, life is all good. Sometimes you cannot see the huge picture of things. Bible study is a good thing. It gives us a means by which to examine Scripture which is all over the place. The historical setting of the place. It does not go on chronological order like a history book of the world events. One day and event after the other. In the complexity of figuring it all out  in the brain, here and there and everywhere. I figured out my life. Is my life far too complex or is it that it’s just so simple I just couldn’t see it.  


May I relentlessly seek Christ without walls. Without hindrances. Without remorse. May I relentlessly seek JESUS with such a passion as only to be found on the cross in Christ JESUS. HIS very heart. The very beat of HIS heart. May I kiss HIS heart in every place. HIS cross. HIS GLORY. In Person.

LOVE casts out all fear. There is no fear in LOVE. There is only embrace. There is only LOVE to be found.

Is this just for me. Between me and my Saviour. My Redeemer. My Salvation. My LORD. My Adonai.

Is not our God a jealous God. HE just wants me for HIMSELF. All of me for HIMSELF.

We had this prayer point last night where we are to try to surrender our all and to live in the Spirit and in the flesh and the lust and the sin which is of this world.

A holier walk. A deeper walk. A better walk. Isn’t this Scriptural.

Only JESUS can save. Only JESUS saves.

Is it that my vision is not impaired and my hearing is not also.

I have no idea about y’all but this breakthrough is like so big for me. Sometimes when the LORD calls to this place. HIS secret place. HIS dwelling place where HE takes me to HIS quiet still still waters. When HE lets me out, it’s like. WOW moment.

I have no idea about y’all but at night in JESUS’ embrace it’s so hot that the entire bedroom is like a hot bath. But it’s freezing outdoors. My home is blazing hot. In the FIRE of HIS Presence.

Is it that we go this place in Spirit and TRUTH and stand in the stillness of who our God is …….


just be.

We finish where we started. Is it that I have only been created for the things of God. Things of the Spirit.

7 April 2013 where the Spirit of the LORD is there is freedom

Rivers of Living Water

37 On the last day of the feast, the great day, Jesus stood up and cried out, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. 38 Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’ ” 39 Now this he said about the Spirit, whom those who believed in him were to receive, for as yet the Spirit had not been given, because Jesus was not yet glorified.

The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2001). (Jn 7:37–39). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.

The LORD spoke on the rest of the day. HE just did not stop all day long. I’ve had one long long day with JESUS.

17 When the sun had gone down and it was dark, behold, a smoking fire pot and a flaming torch passed between these pieces.

The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2001). (Ge 15:17). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society

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