a lament of prayer and worship

I’m nearly finished with my bible studies and then the LORD sang this song in my mouth, a new song to HIMSELF. And it was like when …. at the wall ……. wanting …. seeking ….. but not ….. finding HIS Presence …….. O dear ….. the cries of HIS people. In the Old Testament. In the New Testament. Now. Yesterday. Tomorrow. Yet, HIS people seek on and on and on and on and I feel like them. I can relate. Cos, I have come out of the holiest of places. It is very sad. Reading and studying about God’s will from the beginning to the end of the ages …. is very ….. touching in the deepest places of my heart ….. what a life … what a walk …. to live in the Spirit is something extraordinary. To hear a new song again and to interpret it. To know what the LORD is saying to me with HIS song. The last part of the study is on worship and if we worship our LORD JESUS who is the Christ, it is a test of who the spirit is. And then the LORD started to sing into my heart … perhaps HE breathed into me. I cannot understand this song of lament of HIS chosen people. Their ….. very suffering cos they are separated from HIS Presence this day. I want to cry for them and intercede. And pray as they are in a venerable position. So, with a heavy heart for them and for myself as well, I picked this pin. It represents the Spirit. And the cloth and the wall. Are we not all in the same position. Though I see. I’m not blind. I hear. I touch. I smell. I taste. Such a special occasion. This song. This lament. What a study. Now I will complete but a handful of questions. I love to jump here and there. It helps me keep the pace going. Rather than stay in one place.

Global University Lesson 8.

What an absolutely extraordinary experience, one like never before, in the garden right, what an extraordinary experience, or is it like what it says in Lesson 8, in the right place at the right time and right in the will and decrees of the Father. Yet, Freewill. I look at this pin again and the lament of the heart of HIS people. Like me out of the holiest of places cos I’m not a man and it’s for the Millennium. For in this madness of who God is. HE is. It just is. And I know what I mean and what I’m on about but does anybody else. I think I’ve just been anointed with a new gift of the Spirit like we learn in this book. HE really is an awesome God, right. In the garden. Obedience. It is just really about obedience. From the beginning to the end. For in all this madness I can honestly say that HE is God. An absolute God.

absolute and total contentment


We are just all so different, in so many ways. None of us alike. I’ve looked through my Facebook blog and I see how entirely different we all are. Different gifting. I love to seek God’s Presence and pray to HIM and study the WORD of God. I could not understand this difference before. I just thought we were all alike. Similar. But we are just so entirely different. I could spend all my days in prayer and supplication and wonderment of the appearing of our LORD JESUS who is the Christ and play with the Holy Spirit and call out to my Father who is in heaven and seek HIM and then get down deep into HIS WORD and in wonderment attain all that I could possible get out of the WORD at that moment in this point of my walk with the LORD. I could bask and sink deep into the deep deep waters and yet like in Ezekiel just knee high deep in the water as I’ve been able to approach a HOLY  HOLY HOLY God by just wanting and seeking with all of my heart and might and soul and strength. And I’m contented. So very contented in this quiet still place of total and absolute bliss in peace and rest.

I could honestly not travel the world anymore as I’d been there and done that and it was hard. No more missionary journeys for me like Paul.

There is an absolute bliss here. Like sitting in a shallow pool in a cool afternoon without direct sun light and just basking in the glory of the LORD. In HIS LIGHT.

Total contentment.

Our God, HE is an absolute.

When we contend and fight within ourselves all our lives and surrender to HIS total unchangeableness ( our Global University adjective ) we arrive at this place. What more is there and what more can we ask from a HOLY God.

Total contentment.

we are all individuals
look at this
the pinning has got to me
I’m a pinning on my Global University text
while studying

I’m deep deep deep into my Trinity study of Global University now, wow moments with the LORD, love it, I simply love this,

eyes on the PRIZE


I love God’s WORD in my life. It is really the only thing I have really have ever wanted to do. And prayer. My very first calling. I could remain at home and do these two very things and be most contented. We are going to have our exams for Global University on God’s & Angels and it’s all about the existence of God. It’s lovely really. When I was young, like over five, this was what I learned about. Love it. I’m in a really good place. Better than I’ve ever been. Taken everything I’ve learned from everyone and I’ve applied it in my walk with JESUS. I’ve had answers from the LORD and this very week, in the garden, the Song of Songs, JESUS has given me further instructions on what to do. When we are able to listen carefully and obey the commandments and statutes of the LORD, we are gifted with the clarity of HIS divine voice leading us along HIS way. I’ve been taught to follow God’s voice. With the WORD as my plumb line. Live a holy life. Make the right decisions. Turn from evil. Turn from the darkness. Love JESUS. Never remove my eyes from my PRIZE. It’s been a tough week, but most fruitful. In Christ JESUS. It’s all about JESUS. Everything else is temporary.  Only JESUS will remain in all of this. Purify and sanctify me LORD in YOUR WORD. Cleanse me from all unrighteousness O LORD. Be me to THEE an offering unto YOU O LORD. Life is not perfect but we serve a perfect God. Keep my eyes on the PRIZE, hold on.


why do we go round and round and round until we find we are back to square one, life is like just one big circle and I’m back to when I was little and what I did best, prayer and study of God’s WORD, nothing less than this and nothing more either, funny life, in the grand scheme of things in God’s eyes, this is HIS perfect plan for me, hahahahahahaha, it’s so funny, HIS tapestry is unfolding more and more and more, the clarity of HIS voice is clearer, HIS plan is much easier than I had expected, life is simple, just follow the instructions, we have the manual, do as it says, do as HE says, then, life is increasingly simplified,




it’s summer fun now, I suspect this is going to be a very exciting summer for JESUS and me, HE will show me things I may have seen before but without knowing HIM in a more intimate way is like being married and not knowing your own husband, the little things, this and that, that and this, this morning, O the summer has come, the strong warm breeze blowing blowing blowing, do we really ever get enough of God, do we really ever, well, for me, no, I just cannot get enough of God, over breakfast, the hills are blowing blowing blowing and I see the trees blowing, I wanna know YOUR heart, YOUR LOVE is so much sweeter, as I sing to the LORD and as HE sings to me, HE says, I moved the trees for you to see ME and to know ME, wow moment, super wow moment, I know that the LORD fills all in all and HE is in control of everything but ….. to send a strong breeze to move the trees, I’ve been praying for the next step of my walk with the LORD out of the holiest of places, and, well, I heard, garden,


I retreated from the Holiest of places, the door into the Millennium. I’ve retreated so far that I cannot see it anymore. Obedience. When God says. Do it. At once. Don’t pontificate and think ….. well …… maybe I got it all wrong. By the time you think about it …. you’ve either forgotten about it or forgotten about the prophetic word given for that moment in time. I did as I was told to do. I’ll have my two red spots and my itch checked at the doctor’s.

I would advise every single believer to go to that place. It’s awesome. Never seen anything like it.


JESUS is returning. HE is going to return very soon. This is for certain.

With eternity before me I’ve got nothing better to do than to study the WORD of God more and more and more and learn more about who my God is. The same angel was there walking up on to the stage, a man.

16 April 2013 stairway j 

this pilgrim’s progress

In my crying out to the LORD in this most ardours journey all my life, the LORD answered me.

‘Retreat Retreat Retreat, this is for the millennium!’

I am gobsmacked, yet, again. My heart heavy, I have but one choice, to wait upon the LORD.

22 March 2013 Alpha and Omega