To Infinity And Beyond

It’s been a long long walk with the LORD and it’s been hard at times but I’ve made it each and every single time. The LORD talked about my progression of faith with HIM this last week and well ………. what can I say. HE’S awesome. It’s all about hearing clearly and following the prompting of the Holy Spirit and doing it. Now I have a choice to follow or not. There’s a lot happening and I was so reminded about the aqua blue box this week and the door. Added is the next stage of my walk with the LORD and HE revealed something awesome and I need to walk by faith as I know nothing beyond. You all must have noticed Buzz just above and well ……… it goes like this. His favourite words are, “to infinity and beyond”. Well, this is where the LORD is asking me to follow HIM to. HIM and HIM alone and HE will direct my path. There’s a lot happening in the New Testament study and it was mentioned that we could get stuck in a place. So right. Some are stuck before the cross. Some just after it. Some along the walk. Some at the rapture. Some at the seven weeks. Some at the first part of the three and a half weeks. Some at the last part of the three and a half weeks and some in the Millennium reign of our LORD JESUS Christ. Well, I’m beyond all of this. I’m being led by the LORD to infinity and beyond. Hence Buzz just above. Do I know where I’m going? I have no idea. Do I know what it all means? I haven’t the foggiest. Do I need to study more of the WORD to find out. Indeed I do. Someone spoke about having more of JESUS today to our kids and it just hit me right in my heart. This is what I need. Last night someone wrote about taking risks. This is a risk. Everyone already thinks I’m mad so what’s madder than mad. To infinity and beyond. You know, creation just looks so beautiful with this thought. It has not only come alive. I see the LORD in each and very single piece in this world that Elohim has created and it is beautiful. What does it mean? The LORD is more in my life than HE was last week. Cost. It costs to find and seek the LORD. It takes commitment and dedication and a life style that is in accordance to Scriptures. Be holy as I AM HOLY, says the LORD. Wow moment. I don’t go for popularity with people. I go for the words, good and faithful servant. I have my eternity. I just want to know more about who my God is, the Father, HIS Son and the Holy Spirit. It’s this simple. And I’ve given my entire life to find out and to seek Them. I’m not looking for popularity. I’m looking for total abandonment of whom HE has created me to be, a heart job.  By the way, the door is open for me.

My New Testament Adventure

I’m having fun in my New Testament adventure with the rest of the group in our study. The pastor is patient and kind and does divert when we need answers and we all share our walk too with each other. It’s like we’ve bonded even closer in Christ JESUS together as a church. I feel it’s so important to have fun in learning. It is not like so serious a thing, though serious. Imagine JESUS and how HE preached. Was HE serious. Certainly. Did HE stop when someone needed help and healing. Yup, HE did. Did HE make everyone feel like the end was near if you made a comment. Most certainly not. HE made it interesting and filled with colour and life. When HE spoke, all listened. Some might have left and not believed but they had their point made too. They did not want to believe.  Study is great. I’ve always ever enjoyed study. I love studying the bible. It’s a life style for me.

Learning To Accept The Word “NO”

“NO” is a terribly important word for all of us to learn. It means “I need my space” and “back off”. When I was young I was alone for the first six years of my life until I had a baby brother. For six years, I did things on my own. One of my friends, told me that I act like an only child. I love to play on my own and I need to do things the way I want to do them. Well, she is so right. I got my own way and all the space in the world and I said, “NO”, too, many a time. And was left. “NO” is a very important word. I use it when I need space and time and when I do not want to do things I do not want to. Why? Just cos I don’t want to. Free will, right. Some, so easily, say “NO” to me but when it’s my turn to say “NO” back ……. well, it’s a different story. I hate being forced to do things I do not want to do. I have my own character and my own ways and I’m comfortable with myself and I love myself very much and my husband and family and friends love me too. The best thing of all is JESUS and my Father love me more. What more does one need, I often ask myself. Nothing really. I’m not of want. None at all. I worked in the Criminal Files Department in my late teenage years. I learnt a lot from reading up files and the “NO” word. I don’t think I have to elaborate. I looked at the shocking pictures and read the files and well, some people just could not take “NO” for an answer. What others find ever so hard, I find ever so easy. Hey, people say “NO” to me all the time. So, they get their space. I’m gracious about it.  “NO” is a very important word. More important than a “Yes” .

My Bestfriend

My best-friend has just become a grandmother for the third time. He’s another boy. We only seem to have grandsons as males dominate our family. It’s funny this. We were both hoping for a grand-daughter so we could dress her in a pretty dress and put ribbons on her hair. We talk a lot. Non-stop actually. In spite of the fact that she has to do her own housework, she manages very well and her home is very well kept. She is a very good house-keeper and is house proud. We seem to have so many similarities and I suppose it helps. We have never had an argument in all the years we have  been friends. When I need my point to be made and would not budge she allows me to take charge and when she needs to make her point strong, I also let it go her way. So, there’s never really any disagreement. Not ever. When she had to come over as her brother was not well at all, we met up with each other every single day though it was a long drive for me. There were only a couple of days we did not meet as she was very tired from keeping her brother company. We talk. We just talk and talk and talk on and on and on and on. We never stop. My husband is most annoyed as when we get together we just talk about how much in love with JESUS we are and pray to JESUS constantly and chat about food and our families. Like in the days we were young back then, we never stopped then either. We could talk the entire day until it was time for the children to have dinner and only then we would stop ever picking up the conversation the next morning bright and early after breakfast. The LORD astounds me in this friendship as there seems to be no gap in time nor loss of time. It seems to just be a continuum from last we actually stopped talking to each other. Friendship for me is a very precious thing as true friends love each other no matter what and the bond is eternal. We have both experienced the agony of defeat in both our lives and the victory that Christ has died for us. We both embrace JESUS as our First LOVE. We both dance unto HIM and with HIM. Both our mouths constantly profess our love and devotion for HIM and HIM alone. I cannot express how deeply I feel about this as the LORD has arranged our lives so in tack and so much in common and love abounds in our lives and in our children for each other too. There is a respect between us that is deep within our hearts and it is not in words but in heart. Time is the test. Things that happen to us when we are down and out and when we do not like each other’s choices but bear with them that brings a very deep deep friendship that the LORD has orchestrated over our entire life time with HIM and HIM alone. Our husbands just give up on us as we talk on like in the days of our youth and our firstborn was just a babe. The blue skies and summer breeze and light and happiness is still deep in my heart and I still see the things I saw back then. I have not forgotten. What happiness in the times of our youth and our children. It seemed that life revolved upon each other and all that was happening around us. This still …… to this day …….. has not stopped. The depth for which the LORD has built this friendship is on SOLID ground. HE, HIMSELF.  And  the fact that we surrender our all to Christ and Christ alone is amazing. JESUS is totally amazing. JESUS is the centre of our lives, totally.


the sense of security within that brings about what’s all around

it’s LIGHT and as it sears the soul and mind and all that’s within

nothing can penetrate what is right and true and good

it covers the mind and heart and body and soul and spirit

this LIGHT that shines from deep within

IT goes from within to the without

surrounding the area as IT abounds

causing all around what’s True and Real

the last part of what the LORD and I spoke about yesterday 

this morning I awoke and was filled with this BRIGHT LIGHT

amen amen and amen

Christ our LORD

our hope of glory

The Darkness That Rages Within

the sin that wages within the mind and soul and spirit
goes in and out and out and in and covers up the mind
confusion runs amok and all that comes from deep within
is but the things that are not but perhaps from some other
the question within the mind and soul and spirit seeks an answer
but what is the answer to a body and mind and soul that cannot think
think about what is wrong and not what is right



what ravages the mind to such an extent that nought makes sense
what runs amok within the mind runs out to all around poor souls
for what is what and nought is nought and confusion rides a wave again
make sense make known what’s true not false not just anything from
the ravages of the mind defiled by what is wrong and nought and gone
inward goes the darkness flows out and about without remorse
there is but darkness deep within that tries to grow and cause its place



taken this morning from my conversation with the LORD


sin is like a plague and the venom of a snake
spreading like wild fire causing all to burn
destroying and bringing death to the human soul
infestation of everyone near and dear causing rot
alienation of mind and body and soul and spirit
life killed by the fact that is is current face to face

taken this morning from my conversation with the LORD