Rest In Christ’s Intimacy


I’ve spent a lot of time sleeping away this toothache of mine in the comfort of my home.  I love this new prophetic artist. David Munoz. I do feel that my life is just a dream with Christ Jesus our Lord. Where better than to lie in Christ in rest in the security of the LORD God Almighty. El Shaddai. The rest of this year is so well prepared with lots of bible study for me. Global University. I shall continue on. Plod on. Precept Upon Precept. The study of Scripture. Book by book. Numbers and a minor prophet. Amos and …… another one. What more could a bride of Christ desire more than this place in Christ. 

Blessed Be Your Glorious Name Lord Jesus

22 March 2013 Alpha and Omega

It’s been a very sensitive time studying the Old Testament of Leviticus. It is advised that every pastor studies a book in Scripture and I was led by the Spirit to Leviticus. I’m taking a Global University Biblical Theology  BA Degree and in ‘The Work Of A Pastor’ we are all advised as pastors to study Scripture and I followed the instructions. 

Leviticus is so touching as it’s all about the Presence of the LORD in a time when I saw visions at the bottom of Mount Sinai fifteen years ago, or more. Danced with Israel. A part of the parting of the Red Sea. The thing is this. I do believe that those signs and wonders will happen again. Not just in the Spirit realm. The fire of God’s Presence will fall. 

I saw the Shema on You Tube last night and I was so touched that at the Western Wall, Hashem is still being sought and yet, Jesus is right there in their midst. He is right there among His people. His  peculiar people whom He has made that way. 

And all I can hear is this song and sing in agreement.

Yes, Lord Jesus, blessed be Your Name Lord Jesus. 

Jehovah Mekoddishkem


In Leviticus 22 & 23 last night I enjoyed the Lord who sanctifies. The One who makes us holy and who separates us unto Himself. It was lovely. 

Today I decided to get my wisdom tooth removed as it has been causing me so much pain the last five days. The young lady dentist was most helpful but it took quite a while to extract the tooth. I  prayed as I had studied Scripture the night before. I prayed so hard as it took ages. When we were done I went out swaying. My hair must have been all over the place and the ones waiting to be served shot up in shock as the person from the counter had come in at some point and then the phone rang a while later but both the young dentist and her attendant were busy trying to get this deep rooted tooth out. 

Is this not like a lot of who we are. Our old self is so deep rooted that it is so hard for the Lord to do His good work in us when it is so deeply rooted.  And here I want to be sanctified even more. Kind of ironic, isn’t it. 

My mouth is sore and other parts are still painful so the round of antibiotics will come in handy. She really is a very nice lady. I was so scared. 

Tonight I shall continue to study on. Leviticus 24 & 25. The feasts. 

The picture above by James Nesbit came to mind as I went through the day and did not Jesus who is a Jew obey every law in the perfection of who He is and fulfilled the law as it says in Scripture. So this picture came to mind. He is the Lord of the harvest.

Ouch, In All Things Praise God

1 Thes 5:8

give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Had my exams for ‘The Work Of A Pastor’. Completed it after the dentist with the terrible headache and fever. It went well but in the last twenty questions my head began to wander off and my eyes got a bit fuzzy. I had to fight to focus and I did. Not too bad. 

Global University
The Work Of A Pastor
Biblical Theology
Exam Paper


Leviticus 21 & 22

It’s time to study God’s Word now for a couple hours.

What is ❤

❤ is Christ our Lord in His Word in His intimate Presence.