you know, God is so good all the time, just all the time, right, to every single one of us, HE is such an awesome God and …. HIS unfailing and undying LOVE for each and every single one of us, sometimes I get somewhat confused about my Father and JESUS, I never get confused about the Holy Spirit, I don’t think we can separate our Triune God, yet, there is a great difference between, God the Father and God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, aaaaakkkkk, just thinking aloud, seriously, when I look at this canyon, and how might God is to have just said this canyon into being, and HE LOVES me, a nothing and no one, and then I know this, I’m a LOVED by a HOLY HOLY HOLY God, I dunno about you all, maybe Hosea has got to me, before Amos, but, every single heart seeks a HOLY God and needs a HOLY God to love back, we are such frail and insecure beings, if we can be honest with ourselves, what and who are we seeking and for what reason, when nothing can satisfy, only a HOLY God, in truth,  hold the thought and let’s give thanks,


Peace. I feel the peace of the LORD that surpasses all understanding. I really do. Today we had prayer and it was once again awesome. JESUS showed me HIS throne room as we entered in. HIS banners over HIS saints. Streams and steams of them. Never ending. Ever flowing. Endless. And you know what. They were held up by the gentle breeze of the Holy Spirit. When I first came to this church, I saw this, thirteen years ago and I never fail to see this here in this congregation. So, I’m so amazed by what the LORD does in this church. Today, HE showed it to me again. We were all worshiping and HE gave me a verse, in Daniel.

The Ancient of Days Reigns

Daniel 7:9-10 

“As I looked,thrones were placed,

and the Ancient of Days took his seat;

his clothing was white as snow,

and the hair of his head like pure wool;

his throne was fiery flames;

its wheels were burning fire.

10A stream of fire issued

and came out from before him;

a thousand thousands served him,

and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him;

the court sat in judgment,

and the books were opened.

And we worshiped and I worshiped the LORD in this place. Then when I put my head down to read the words from the song, I saw darkness down below and when I looked up at my Saviour, I saw HIS LIGHT. It just is such a awesome place to be in. I just feel so much peace from this. I suppose the LORD is also saying, in HIS very own way, I AM the Ancient of Days, MY child. I suppose the LORD just LOVES me silly. And I love HIM silly too.

16 April 2013 the KING is watching

JESUS YOU’RE beautiful

26 November 2012 embrace Christ JESUS

JESUS really is very, very beautiful. HE really is. HE is brighter than any other LIGHT that we could ever in our entire life imagine. When I first saw HIS LIGHT I was shocked and so very scared. It was in my church. The one I’m still in. Just a flicker of JESUS’ LIGHT. HIS LIGHT is brighter than the sun. So very much brighter. Brighter than any LIGHT you could ever in our puny, finite minds imagine. And looking at JESUS, I’ve just realized, cos, all you all see is the beauty of creation and this world. But O my gosh, JESUS, HE is beautiful. Even on the cross. HE really is. In HIS GLORY. In HIS LIGHT. Just as a PERSON, HE is beautiful. HE is so gentle and kind. So loving and quiet. HE never ever screams at me. HE only speaks in a quiet, gentle voice and I hear HIM. HE is ever so faithful. And ever so strong. HE is mightier than anyone or anything. The raging seas or the storms of this world or the earthquakes or volcanoes. Or even the universe itself. But JESUS, HE never ever makes me feel small. HE makes me feel so big and loved. I cannot understand anyone else who does not know this. In sight. In touch. In smell. In hearing. In real life. Heaven is here. Here and now. Right now. In this place I’m in. If you could just see JESUS, then you’d know that HE really is so very beautiful. JESUS. I saw JESUS last night, in HIS pure white LIGHT robe of HIS GLORY. HE really is so very beautiful. Yet, the picture above cannot depict how very bright HE really is. It’s unimaginable. It’s so bright, we could get blinded and petrified. But, I’m used to JESUS now. HIS appearing. So, it’s like without JESUS I’d be so very very lost. I’d ask. Where are YOU LORD JESUS. Where are YOU. Let me see that YOU are near. And HE answers. Right away. I AM here my child. And … I see HIM. This is this pilgrim’s progress.

1 November 2012 the pilgrims progress


I’m just so involved in my own church and what we are doing. I’m just totally in. From the top of my head to the the tip of my toes. My entire life revolves around JESUS and what HE is doing in my life and those around me.

Last night Rusty the apostle, prophet came for worship and our new Korean pastor led worship. It was so awesome. Every time Rusty shows up …. by golly gee ….. LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT ….. JESUS is the LIGHT. Amen amen and amen. Could have used him on Sunday morning in the second service. LIGHT and GLORY.

What more can I say, when JESUS shows us in HIS LIGHT ……….

1 April 2012 hope joy and love

my BELOVED is mine and i am HIS

if you don’t pick up your cross daily and walk towards a HOLY HOLY HOLY God, you just don’t get to this place of intimacy with Christ JESUS, today is cleaning day for us, we clean up our home, our washing broke down, it’s been seven years, so, we’ve just got a new and bigger sized one for the quilts and stuff, anyways, JESUS still, HE calls, through the cleaning and washing and ….. still not been able to neaten up the room where all the clothes go into yet …. and yet, JESUS HE calls so greatly, this is how blessed I am in Christ JESUS, all my life, HE’S a calling calling calling, non – stop, think I know what’s a going on, nah, no idea, just follow JESUS and this is where it gets me, in HIS Presence, dancing with HIM, through the washing and cleaning and dusting and arranging of all the stuff, and the throwing out, it’s all JESUS, JESUS YOU’RE my everything JESUS YOU’RE my everything YOU’RE MY EVERYTHING JESUS YOU’RE my everything ………. and and and really really really I should have gone and got that computer degree when I could have with the bowling and I did not, I can’t figure out how to organize the page according to the instructions, O dear me, life is tough when you don’t know how to do things, very frustrating but then again, when I’ve finally got it figured out, I’ll know it, hahahahahahahaha, what a turkey …….. JESUS LOVES me this I know …………

it’s like JESUS is really is my everything, really everything, like breathing out and in and in and out, when I eat and when I do stuff and everything I do and dreaming and even sleeping and I’m just drowning in HIS GLORY, Christ in me, my hope of GLORY, HE really is everything to me, the thing really is all my life, teenage and adult life, I just want this and I wanted to get married and have children too, but, this is it, it’s just everything, as totally ridiculous as this may seem and may sound, it’s wonderful, and I laugh and giggle and smile and …. just and …. and …… and then we arrive at this part …… we dance and stuff ……..

16 April 2013 our soul craves intimacy with God

well, you would not believe it, I woke up and JESUS told me HE is giving me a huge great big sloppy wet kiss …. you have to understand what’s happening to me, we are doing nabi … ro’eh and chozeh and I’m a ro’eh and what worship is all about and how not to have idols and repentance and caring for the poor and weak as worship is part of a life style and these essays are like, JESUS comes up with these things before I write them down and cos ….. by HIS grace ….. HE takes me right to HIS side, kisses me on my lips and then HE says, you write this down, for me, it’s in line with my Global University essays, the prophets of the Old Testament and what they taught Israel about the worship of a HOLY God, living a life style godliness authentically in commitment and a relationship with a HOLY God, this is going to be one of my Service Learning Requirement blogs, the last two, thank YOU LORD JESUS for loving me by YOUR grace and YOUR grace alone …… amen amen and amen ….. Keith is going to be so happy with this …. hahahahahahaha ….. our lecturer ….

22 October 2012 a tree with bent branches to the ground like my life

“As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem,” Isaiah 66:13.

28 May 2013 as a mother comforts a child


look what I’ve found, for those who are not in this place of passion for JESUS, I pray and bless you to find this place, this wonderful place, of great passionate love and fire for JESUS

actually I was at this place, in 2001, in Melbourne Australia with my best friend, and we danced unto the LORD, and, I found this place, so, I ♥ to dance with JESUS

15 May 2013 [

are you able to get to this place with Christ JESUS, I advise you to find it if you are not here with Christ JESUS, it’s awesome, you see HIM, HE talks, HE shares HIS very ♥ with you, HE tells you stories that you are amazed that HE is God and me, O dear, a no one in front of a HOLY HOLY HOLY God, the great I AM, HE is just a PERSON, just like you and me, in the end, HE is an approachable God, we can draw near to HIM and HIM alone, HE is a jealous God, HE is a consuming FIRE, it’s is so true, I’ve seen it, let’s up the antae, up it a notch, so that if you are not in this place, let’s get up here together, in the heavenlies, I’m dancing, with JESUS, in my spirit, JESUS is my TRUTH, the WORD of God, it’s a ♥ thing, think cos I’ve been able to keep my heart light and soft and able to feel the things of who God is, in the end, I’m just happy where God has placed me, just so happy, HIS provision is perfect and whole and complete, even for my ♥ , hey you know what, JESUS and me, HE shares the same ♥ with me, HIS very own ♥ , so very cool LORD JESUS, amen amen and amen



Christ in me

Christ in me

my hop of glory

JESUS YOU’RE my everything

it’s HIS life

change the world – make it a better place

love will always be my only option and I’ll keep my ♥ open, no fear, it does not come from the LORD, only fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, guard my ♥ from the evils of this world but keep my ♥ open so we can love one another

everything is so fine with me, my ♥ is loving and tender and soft

standing on the ROCK of my Salvation
 after all
 HE took me deep deep deep inside HIS very ♥
 and put me up on this mountain top

let’s stay up here together, I can handle things, a lot really, must’ve been all those games, life, 🙂 , I’m good and healthy and alive, let’s climb together, all those essays and now all of these, hahahahahahahahaha,

LORD, i’m amazed by YOU how YOU LOVE me

Actually, I’m not being boastful, but, I forgot to tell y’all that last Tuesday I saw FIRE, and the LORD said, for our God is a consuming FIRE, and I saw the Holy Spirit, and JESUS in HIS throne,
Anyways, I went for all my results today a…nd the nurse was able to take some more blood and it flowed out, the good news is, it is a miracle. Since my early twenties, I have had a condition which needed to be attended to eventually. I have a heart valve that does not open nor close properly and through the years every time I go for my check up the nurse would run back and forth wondering if the machine was not working. I would inform her of my condition and the doctor would say, if it gets bad then we would have to replace the valve. So, today, JESUS had done a miracle in my life. Not just has HE repaired the valve that is not working properly. The ECG came back normal for the first time in my entire life. And, my x-ray is clear after the terrible cold in my chest. Also, this is how good the LORD is all the time. Another miracle. I do not have a sugar problem. My blood sugar level has gone right down. I have a cholesterol one, slightly, but he said, diet adjustment would fix it as it is just very very slightly over. So, no fatty, fried foods for me.
JESUS is our HEALER. HE is our VICTOR. Through the prayers of HIS very pure and holy saint. HE is my HEALER and it is truly a miracle.
Amen amen and amen.
Today at Powerhouse I also had another vision of us as individuals under JESUS’ canopy of pure white bright GLORY LIGHT.
We prayed for two hours non stop in visions and bible verses and proclamations and victories in JESUS’ Name.
JESUS is our HEALER. When I shared it with the ladies they were so happy for me. All nine of us prayed victoriously and then went off to our lunch together.
JESUS is LORD and God of all.
Amen amen and amen.
you’ve all got to admit, this is definitely one of my mountain top experiences with the LORD
ahhahahahahahahaha … thank YOU LORD JESUS
I love YOU muchly la
 today we said, it’s not about just one or two or three or four having a mountain top experience, it’s about all of us going up together as one in Christ JESUS and the ladies agreed, we all got to the top of the mountain today, together, amen amen and amen
I’m amazed by YOU LORD JESUS JESUS was singing this song when I woke up yes, LORD JESUS I’m so amazed by YOU LORD JESUS

i love YOU LORD

there you go, I do, I really do fall in love with JESUS all over again, I know I can’t get it perfect but it’s alright, I always am able to make the deadline, don’t want to give Bernard a problem, hahahahahahaha, then I have to sit for my exam, three weeks later and then essays and projects again, then we start our new course, YAH, LORD JESUS, YOU have provided a good and exciting life for me in Y…OU LORD JESUS, so I love YOU LORD and I lift my voice …… and LORD, please let the nurse get my blood test right this time and get my valve changed while YOU are at it, thank YOU LORD for YOUR patience and understanding, though I be just a mere sinner, a filthy rag, YOU still love me muchly la, amen amen and amen