BBC drone

BBC drone over our Financial District which is under siege by protesters.

Enjoy our city in protest ……



1 August 2013 11-august-2011-imagesz

I lean into
so deep
is washing over me
is all I seek
are my everything

it’s a life style, it’s my way of life, been doing this all my life, it’s heavenly, it’s when miracles happen, it’s when …. heaven meets earth and ….. we become one one one, remember in John when JESUS talks about HIM and the Father being one and we are one with HIM, I so got it immediately, it’s so simple, this simple, but I would not have thought that in a life of sanctification as I walk the walk and talk the talk according to Scripture, I would be in this place, get here, it’s home, JESUS is home, I found my way home, I was finding my way home and found my way home, I just pray that all of you find this place in JESUS’ throne room …. and remain …… remain with JESUS, Christ and Christ alone, HIM and HIM alone, with all the heavenly hosts, I’m just keeping my little toe, just the very end ….. in the world, that is all, the rest of me is with JESUS, THY kingdom come O LORD, I used to cry and cry and cry ….. the kingdom is so great within that ….. all surrounding circumstances have changed, it has been changed by JESUS and the thing is ….. it’s all JESUS and what do I do, worship JESUS in Spirit and in TRUTH, study the WORD of God, continue telling others of the greatness of the LORD, what HE is doing in my life, and just let God …………

HE is my everything
HE is just my every every every thing
HE is
HE is
HE is
for when I come before
on that day
all I will have is my ❤ of flesh which HE has washed with
HIS Blood
pure white
washed by the
BLOOD of the Lamb
who takes away the sins of the word
and it will be all I have to take home with me
for I’ve let go of all
just simply
all all all
by this so ❤ deep that’s taken over me

the ❤ of the Christ is so berry deep deep to me

a kiss

Today at our second service I saw JESUS ….. again ….. as usual …….. all in HIS pure bright white LIGHT. 

HE was pure bright white LIGHT and every thing around HIM was pure bright white LIGHT.

Like when I wake up in the morning.

Pure bright white LIGHT.

1 August 2013  j

I no longer speak about my daily continuous experiences with JESUS. 

Seeing HIM.

Hearing HIS Voice.

The Holy Spirit.

Just the normative for me.

And as I stroked JESUS’ hair ……. and flicked my fingers through them ……….

then traced my fingers through HIS eyes and nose and mouth.

Then I just thought

O I might as well kiss JESUS

and I did

and then I ran my fingers round HIS left ear 


I’m sinking

I’m wondering if JESUS thinks my kisses are sloppy  ……

 9 August 2013 alpacas-kiss

anger issues

1 August 2014 jesus-laughing-2_1340834830

Wow. I was at the recipient end of someone’s anger issues tonight. 

There are key words that pushes buttons that strike up anger from within and it may not even be the other person but those key words just get the person going.

And they cannot control themselves. 

Just as well, I’ve got peace. 

I don’t think I need to think back what words triggered it off. 

But when we all get angry we look like this. 

Get a life …… speaking to myself when I get triggered off as well. Some key words do it to me as well.


The thing is JESUS ❤ s us in spite of our imperfections.

11 Easy And Effective Ways to Deal with Anger

O guess what. 


Holley Gerth 



Thanking Holley for sharing her blog with all us lady writers all around the world.


I’m wide awake stirred by grace all my heart is YOURS LORD JESUS

I’m a Sunday School teacher so …… the early teens sing this and this is what I wake up with ……… JESUS whispers to me when I awake ……. all my   ❤    is YOURS LORD JESUS …….. you know the part where the Holy Spirit moans and groans prayers …… He did …… when I woke up ……… I’m sinking deep deep deep into the WORD …….. and all I can is pray ……. Scripture back to my HOLY God …….. you might as well take Scripture and paste it all over me cos ..…… the LORD has …….. this is what the ❤  of Christ means …… we had a leadership training session last night and well ……. if there is any way ……. the WORD …… the Christ is the way …….. hahahahahahahahaha after all ……. JESUS is the way the TRUTH and the life ………… I’m going to pray cos all I could do was pray when I woke up ………. …………

❤ ❤ ❤


all my ❤ is YOURS LORD JESUS