2 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. I am respectfully reaching out to you, asking permission to use a photo (Woman Meets Jesus in Person) on my website and/or devotional prayer book. I have so enjoyed finding the perfect photos online to incorporate into my work, not realizing until now the need to solicit permission prior to their use.
    website: http://www.GodsCosmicPlan.net
books: http://www.GodsCosmicPlan.net/free-books/
    I am going to use Google Image reverse search capabilities on each and every image I’ve used, requesting permission for its use, now that this has come to my attention. Should there be any issue whatsoever, I will make the appropriate changes.
    I am not currently in a position to pay for artwork. What I’ve done is a work of the heart and it is my intention to make it available to all. Should I choose to print and distribute the book, I’d only request a reasonable value to cover the cost of production. I believe in the message of Grace and Kingdom and I pray that these resources, of which you’ve been a part, will reach their intended audience.
    Sincerely yours,
    Kimberly Kinnaird

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