Housework, the LORD is good all the time

I’m bogged down with housework. But all is good as the home is very clean and neat and tidy with a lot of sharing the duties and putting every thing back immediately and clearing out of all the rubbish. The men in the family went to bed early last night pleading the flu. hahahahaha Think it’s housework and not the flu. The good thing is I can get on with the washing at night while I’m in bed now. The washer and dryer. I think that God is good because HE plans things out and answers prayers. My study is massive now as I’ve cleared everything out of the room to leave lots of room for JESUS and I’ve laid down my pink silk carpet which I bought when I won a small sum in one of my tournaments. And my little one from India. Bombay, to be exact. The LORD is teaching me time management and responsibility. A new responsibility. And managing my time and heart and mind through this all. I think the window cleaning might be a problem as these windows do not shift and the part in the middle is unreachable as the windows in this apartment span the entire front. It’s all windows all along the front and back of this apartment. Lovely. Thinking of getting someone in to do this part. And the car. It’s too hot to wash a car here. The LORD aligns our lives accordingly to HIS plans and HIS ways. I do not know what HE has planned for me the next day. I just go along with the LORD in the day that HE has made. This is the day that the LORD has made and I’ll be glad in it. My husband seems to have lost that cold he had last night so hopefully he has healed over the course of our night with JESUS. The What’s App wars on my i-phone. Who’s winning!!! Day and night and night and day. They are just too too funny. The perplexities of What’s App-ing. I just can’t see myself holding on to my i-phone and waiting for the next What’s App. hahahahaha I see so many do this. hahahahaha My husband says he must be in the Stone Age as he’s not got one yet and has not joined in with the children. Do people not sleep at night. hahahahaha The LORD is good all the time. I think going along with the Holy Spirit’s guidance is a very important thing to do in my life. It makes for a good and happy life in the LORD. Once I walk out of HIS will it’s like pruning. OUCH OUCH OUCH. I don’t like pain. We bowlers do not have legs anymore. They hurt when we bowled and they hurt even when we’ve stopped. Last night I said to myself. Are these my legs. Do I own ankles. My poor coach is suffering as his knees is hurting 24 – 7. O my gosh. I’m glad I stopped and am very careful with where I walk and tread. The goodness of the LORD is nothing to cast aside and not be with HIM in agreement. Even when the going gets tough. Just ride the wave no matter how big and large. The LORD spoke about something when I was driving but I did not hold the thoughts. So I’ve forgotten what HE was teaching me. It’ll come back. I love life. I always have. It’s been good to me as the LORD has been around all my life. I have nothing bad to say about how the LORD has arranged my life. It is good. No complaints. I might grumble over the hurdles, now I was really good at hurdles as well, but in the end, all things work out for HIS good, right. Have not heard a , TING TING TING,  for ages. Are they alright. hahahahaha breakfast maybe. What’s so good about the life the LORD has prepared for me. HE is hilarious. Like this TING business. So funny LORD. YOU do have such a good sense of humour. Now, if I did not go along the line of things with the LORD, life, in general, would not be fun fun fun. I find things funny most people would consider, BORING. hahahahaha It’s the tiny, mundane things in life that I find extraordinary. But then, I’m a pay attention to detail person. I want to write. I want to change the world and make a difference and in history I want to be remembered as a person that only loves JESUS and when they say this to me, they are honouring the LORD and placing HIM first place in my life. Just what I want. And when they see my name and say, Do not stop and go straight to JESUS and collect $200. hahahahaha I hardly ever played the game. hahahahaha And forget about my existence. The good part is the LORD will never forget about me. HE will ever remember me in HIS heart. HIS heart pounds for me. HIS LOVE for me is everlasting and forevermore. HE will never forget me nor forsake me. HIS LOVE for me endures forever and ever and ever and even when I fail HIM, HE would never ever fail me. Where I fail, HE succeeds. HE LOVES, where I’m incapable of loving. HE gives where I’m incapable of giving. HE is, when I’ve even incapable of existence. HE is, i’m not. Have a good day y’all. As you can see in my life, the LORD is good all the time. Amen amen and amen to JESUS. HIS humble servant. me. 

2 August 2012 worship the LORD

LOVE comes from the very heart of JESUS. So it is with me. The love I have that comes from the LORD, comes from my heart. The very depths of it. Thank YOU LORD JESUS for YOUR cross and YOUR death that I might live for all everlasting with YOU and YOU alone. Worthy is the LAMB of God who takes away the sins of the world. 


HE is a faithful God

5 November 2012 comsuming fire

guard my heart and my mind
in the fire of the Spirit of THY WORD
secure me, ground me,
set me in THY heart
in the fire of the Spirit of THY WORD
never leave me
be THEE with me forevermore

12 October 2012 sanctification fiery-trials-best

Last night we called upon the LORD for the baptism of the Holy Spirit by Fire for the fullness of the Holy Spirit and we were led by Reverend Lee from Full Gospel Church and we called out in tongues as one in Christ JESUS and I saw FIRE coming down but we stopped praying. This morning when I woke up my entire body is shaking shaking shaking. I got filled filled filled as well with the fullness of the Holy Spirit by fire. I thought I had missed it but ….. I got blessed too. Awesome Pastor Lee. The power of the church of our LORD JESUS Christ as one in HIM and HIM alone. For the fullness of the Holy Spirit to come upon us we must do four things but I can only remember three – repent – pray without ceasing and study God’s WORD day and night and night and day and revival will come. Thank you Rev Lee. I want to change the world too but it ‘s JESUS that is going to change the world. I just need to do one thing. Seek HIM with all of my heart and love HIM with all of my heart. I think the fourth one is humility. 

4 August 2011 img_large_watermarked

I stood on the ROCK of my Salvation. HE is an awesome God. He said that a repentant heart produces a person that is a  nobody and declares only God is all in all. I was so moved by his sermon that I have only one position to remain and rest in HIM … as HIS bond-servant ….

6 October 2012 showers of grace



O O i believe in JESUS

Going with the flow of the Spirit of our LIVING God here. HE is still in this song. And I’m dancing to it and prancing to it and singing it all the time. The LORD is making big changes in my life. Our lives. My husband’s and mine. Got to go with the flow with the Holy Spirit. With JESUS. With God. I cannot see what is before me. But by faith. I walk walk walk. Hand in hand with the LORD. 

10 October 2012 good-shepherd-christ-as-shepherd-with-two-lambs-GoodSalt-lmlas0008

O O O I believe in YOU LORD, I believe YOU are the Son of God, I believe YOU died and rose again, I believe YOU are here now, standing in my midst, with the power to heal now and the grace to forgive, I believe in YOU LORD JESUS, I’m always singing to JESUS or HIM to me, 

Sharing Holley Geth’s God – sized dreams here below. Join in for the fun fun fun. I have.

The Crown Of Thorns

I’ve had things happening these last couple of days and decided not to use a full timer anymore. We will be using a part timer only twice a week as we are at home all the time mostly. I’m also looking for Holy Ground. Hallowed Ground. I’m looking for holiness. In pursuit of holiness and it is good that my home and the ground in which I spend all of my time seeking the LORD, be it Holy in HIS Name.

This morning at service I joined in with the rest of the congregation in worship of our LORD in Spirit and in TRUTH. My walk these days after my long vacation has been to seek the LORD all of my time and HE is directing me towards a lot of changes in my life. Towards HIM and HIM alone.

Indeed LIGHT shone down from the heaven and JESUS appeared on HIS cross. My heart and my mind which is open to the Spirit of the LORD sought to touch my Holy Redeemer on HIS cross two thousand years ago. I do not know why I seek the LORD in such a manner all of my life. I suppose the Holy Spirit leads me to this place and I just go along with the flow of the Spirit. So I sought my Saviour and ….. I touched HIS crown of thorns as I did so many a time. I want to be close to JESUS. This is the desire of my heart. It honestly is. So, with this thought, I thought to myself ….. is there anyway I could get closer to JESUS apart from just touching HIM. So, I cut my fingers … on HIS crown of thorns. HIS blood filled face as I have seen so many a time. HIS blood. The precious blood of JESUS. Which covers me time and time again. Continuously. I want my blood to be mixed with HIS blood. So I cut myself on HIS crown of thorns. But … no blood flowed out of my finger. Then fingers. Then hand. There was no pain and I did not understand. Then what happened surprised me. Pure white bright LIGHT started to flow from HIS crown of thorns. Pure bright white LIGHT. Flowing down from HIS crown of thorns. And then I heard,

13 Then one of the elders addressed me, saying, “Who are these, dclothed in white robes, and from where have they come?” 14 I said to him, “Sir, you know.” And he said to me, “These are the ones coming out of jthe great tribulation. kThey have washed their robes and lmade them white min the blood of the Lamb.

The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. 2001 (Re 7:13–14). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.
15  “Therefore they are before the throne of God,
and nserve him day and night in his temple;
and he who sits on the throne owill shelter them with his presence.
16  pThey shall hunger no more, neither thirst anymore;
qthe sun shall not strike them,
nor any scorching heat.
17  For the Lamb in the midst of the throne rwill be their shepherd,
and he will guide them to springs of sliving water,
and tGod will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”
The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. 2001 (Re 7:15–17). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.

like I hear when I listen to Revelations.  And I continued to cut my hand and fingers on the crown of thorns to be more one with Christ JESUS.

In pursuit of JESUS has brought me an exciting life. It has brought me all that I have wanted. My God. There is nothing more that can satisfy the heart of any man or woman on this earth. Nothing whatsoever. Nothing in this earth or the entire universe or even time would ever satisfy. Only a HOLY HOLY HOLY God can. Christ JESUS.

I cannot say why I seek the LORD in such a manner. It comes from my heart. I want to seek HIM with all of my heart and mind and strength.

Then the Throne was in sight. And all that I could see was pure bright white LIGHT. See the pure white LIGHT just below this. 

And I worshiped the KING of kings and the LORD of lords. JESUS. The Christ. This experience is truly touching to me. And and and ….. I’ve been informed by the LORD that this Easter is going to be a big moment for the church body. Many will come to Christ and those who are of old will approach the KING of kings and the LORD of lords in a very humble and holy manner. So, I’ve been waiting for my kairos moment two. And I’ll seek HIM more and more and more and more. This is the Christ. Messiah.

O O O O O and I have to add. It all started this morning at worship. I danced and danced and danced to the LORD and with the LORD, JESUS this is. It was awesome. In the Sunday School with the teenagers. hahahahaha Two funny. I dance at home usually but this time, I danced at Sunday School. Dunno what got over me and the prayer from one of the youth pastors is thanking the LORD for the freedom we are able to have in our church. 

You are faithful. LORD YOU are faithful. My faith. 

Before we accepted JESUS as our personal LORD and Saviour and asked JESUS into our hearts ….. asked HIM ….. INTO ….. INTO …. asked HIM …….. IN ……. from the outward to the inward ….. from LIGHT into the darkness of our hearts ….. first …. then …. JESUS’ LIGHT …. coming into our hearts ………. shines outwards ….. the WORD is received and sown into our hearts ……. then …….. we speak it out from the outwards ……. after receiving it inward into our hearts ……….. releasing it outward. 

It starts with the heart. The WORD of God circumcises the heart. Cuts through the debris of rubbish we have boarded up. Then from the inward man. The new man. The WORD is spoken, which had been received inward, is the outward. The beginning is to receive, inward. The release is outward. Disciple the nations. It all starts with our hearts. The door of our hearts opens to receive before there is LIGHT in the inward which then shines outward. 

So allow me to continue sharing my thoughts as it’s morning now. So JESUS added onto the law by saying, even if you look at a woman …… y’all know that verse right. So, I try my best never to look at men who are cute.  HE came to fulfill the law. So if the condition of my heart is that I hate my neighbour or people. Am I right. Am I living a holy life style. To hate inside my heart. Even lack of love is not right in God’s eyes and the LORD said to me yesterday, does it give us the freedom to go out and kill people cos we are saved by grace. To go out and do atrocities. But I’ve been saved by grace and JESUS did it all once and for all. All my sin is on HIS body. We need to get real with ourselves. 

I know this vision is far out but not as far out as Rick Joyner’s or the one with the Sword being put into the mouth and all the way down the throat and there was no blood, so mine is not that far out compared to theirs. 

The verse puts to mind is, I believe LORD, help my unbelief. The LORD wants to drive HIS people deeper into an intimate relationship with HIM. Nothing is impossible with God. All things are possible. Just believe and start dreaming. I’ve been doing it all my life and the visions are exemplary. Ever since I was little. Ask and it shall be given. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the DOOR will be opened to you. Noting JESUS is the DOOR. HE opens every door in every single situation. Without HIM no door will open nor shut. Only if you are in the dark side then it’s the devil’s door that comes into contention. 

I do not want to limit God as HE is more than I could ever imagine. Therefore I do not want to limit the Spirit of the LORD in my life nor the TRUTH, the WORD, this is Christ our LORD. I have ever pursued the highest calling since a very young age and thought everyone is the same like me, like those around me when I was young who took care of my spiritual life. I do not want to look back. I want to change the world. How. I seek HOLY ground. The LORD will change the hearts of those who are around me. Not me. I can do nothing but seek the LORD. Then as the LORD shines HIS LIGHT, the world and the church will change their hearts and seek a HOLY God in a consecrated manner. Each according to his or her calling. According to the LORD’S will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I believe every Scripture verse. I believe also in the ones where judgement was incurred on to unrepentant hearts. So, I check my relationship with the LORD daily. No picture today. This is a serious journal of my two days. Very important kairso moments which dictate and indicate to me where the LORD is leading me along HIS path in HIS LIGHT in HIS way and in HIS will.

HIS WORD endures forever

I have been left a legacy in my life long walk with the LORD. HIS WORD which endures forever. All things will end but the WORD of God will endure forever and ever. Only HIS WORD will remain. For in me is God’s WORD, Christ JESUS, the Christ, Messiah. It truly is a circumsision of the heart.

5 November 2012 comsuming fire

The LORD gave me  a picture this morning. You all know the Corinthians chapter on the body. Us the church. HE showed me HIS body. Am I saved only the hands and feet by which HE was nailed the cross or am I saved by the entire Body of Christ JESUS on the cross. All of JESUS. HIS eyes, HIS nose, HIS fingers and toes, HIS knees and so on and so forth. So is it with God’s WORD.

6 September 2012 Psalm-46-10

My friend taught me that the Song of Songs is vital in Scripture as it is God’s bride and HIS love story. Though our leader at that time was horrified as Solomon had so many wives and was not a good example for us. I learnt how much JESUS LOVES me in the Song of Songs.

16 July 2012 dance with me LORD LOVER of my heart to the song of all songs

Easter is coming and as we observe JESUS and remember HIM on the cross may we take and eat and sup all of HIM. HE prepared HIMSELF, the entirety of HIMSELF for us to be saved and not the choicest bits. Am I supposed to disrespect my neighbours fence and not take account of it as it’s legalistic? No, indeed not. For if I do not respect my neighbour as it teaches me in Deuteronomy  my relationship with my neighbour will be broken and non-existent. Such is the core and depth by which Scripture teaches us. JESUS teaches us through HIS WORD. HE, HIMSELF. I’ve been told to teach Scripture as I am equipped to teach it. With the same patience and understanding that I was taught it by those who passed me the baton. Do you think the planks in my eyes are great. Surprise to each and everyone of us, all of us have planks in our eyes. This is why we read but we do not understand and do not know HIM. We do not know HIM deeply. We all need to stand on the SOLID ROCK of our Salvation. Christ JESUS. The TRUTH will set us all free. We are all in some form of bondage or the other. All in different stages. The quicker we study and learn deeply who Christ is and what HE stood for, the faster we will grow each and every single day. Did I really need to study the desolation in Isaiah. Indeed I felt not but in it I learnt to pull down the idols in the high places and put God first and only God. Do we have idols in the high places. Yes, our pride. Each and every single one of us, fails and falls short with pride. We all fall short We all have planks in our eyes. Not one is worthy. Only JESUS is. Only JESUS is perfect. We all need our Saviour. JESUS, the Christ. HE is coming. Very soon. Like a thief in the night. All of HIM and not just the choicest parts that tickle our fancy. For in the end only ONE PERSON matters, it is the Son of God, JESUS and HIS cause. Let’s fight the good fight of faith. HIS WORD endures forever and ever. What a walk. I say to this mountain, be gone. Study from out hearts. Learn with our hearts. Love JESUS, all of HIM, with out hearts. May we all be circumcised deeper in JESUS’ Name I pray, amen amen and amen.

20-october-2012-dove.jpg19 December 2011 dancing-rhythm-web-2It truly is  a tough journey. Only JESUS matters from the beginning to the end. Christ and Christ alone. HIS WORD, HE, endures forever and ever. All of HIM as HE fills the all in all. TRUTH. The Christ. Messiah. How do you teach. I have no idea. I follow the lead of the Holy Spirit. He will lead me to all righteousness. 

2 November 2012 count-blessings

The WORD of God, the Christ, Messiah

all Scripture is God – breathed

O thank YOU LORD that YOU are a God of order and that we take YOU as a whole, the Old Testament and the New Testament, YOU LORD JESUS are bigger than we could ever imagine, every book in the WORD of GOD is TRUTH, the TRUTH will set us free LORD JESUS, YOU are the Way the TRUTH and the LIFE, YOU LORD JESUS adhered by the Law, though we are saved through grace we cannot take the law into our own hands O LORD, our hearts O LORD, the plank in my eyes are great, I have a long way to go O LORD, forgive me of my sins that I may be more like you, respect my neighbour, I learnt that from Deuteronomy, may we LORD take YOU for whom YOU are and not turn to the right or the left and take YOU for all that YOU are, You are bigger than us LORD JESUS, much more so, even if we study YOUR WORD, the Old and the New, there’s no way we could learn how much more YOU are, it’s impossible to know all of YOU, I love YOU JESUS and thank YOU for THY everlasting WORD, YOU are the WORD, YOU are TRUTH, YOU set us free, thank YOU for THY everlasting Salvation,

YOU are the air I breathe O LORD, breathe on me O LORD, LORD every WORD is important in the WORD of God, every single WORD, in Scripture, I was taught, nothing is not important as YOU are important LORD JESUS, the WORD is YOU LORD JESUS, I was taught, may YOU help us all LORD JESUS in these last days LORD JESUS, YOU are the air I breathe, YOU, YOUR WORD, is what and whom I desperate for, guide me through YOUR entire WORD O LORD, I take all of YOU LORD JESUS, YOU are the air I breathe, YOUR entire WORD is m daily BREAD, YOU are the BREAD of LIFE, O LORD, 

I fight cos YOU fought for me on the cross LORD JESUS, all of YOU, you fill the all in all LORD JESUS, all of YOU and YOUR WORD is important, 

I fight for YOUR entire WORD LORD JESUS, every single WORD, may I eat and drink and sup with YOU, YOUR entire WORD, YOU LORD JESUS are the WORD of God, as YOU walked and adhered, so LORD JESUS I desire to walk like YOU and adhere, the WORD, YOU did nothing the Father did not show YOU or tell YOU, so, YOU LORD JESUS are a Jew, thank YOU for teaching me in Ezekiel when I was but twenty years of age to respect YOU, YOU are God, though I may have so many planks in my eyes, YOU still LOVE me LORD JESUS, all of THY WORD is important O LORD, I admit my inability to know all of YOU, LORD JESUS, all of YOU, all all all, 

the WORD of God

YOU are the air I breathe


4 August 2011 img_large_watermarked

2 Tim3-16

10  q“For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven
and do not return there but water the earth,
making it bring forth and sprout,
rgiving seed to the sower and bread to the eater,
11  so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth;
it shall not return to me empty,
but sit shall accomplish that which I purpose,
and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.
The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. 2001 (Is 55:10–11). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.

5 November 2012 comsuming fire

24 October 2012 the transforming Spirit of God

10 October 2012 roaring_king_2010

As We Draw Closer To Christ

As we draw closer to JESUS we realize our own imperfections and deformities in a dying evil world. Though we plod on when compared to the LIGHT Who is Christ JESUS our LORD, Messiah, we see our true state in a seed that came from Adam and Eve and only through Christ are we able and capable to overcome pride and selfishness and deceit of a heart that the LORD HIMSELF has said is evil continually. No one is exempt. No one at all.

1 September 2012 my JESUS

The closer we get to JESUS the more our own depravity shows up. Our humanity. We cannot save ourselves. We all need JESUS. We all do. We are all so different. We just really are. This is me. A JESUS Person. Born to worship and praise the LORD of lords and the KING of kings. This is where I belong. With JESUS. By HIS side. And I’m glad of it. Thank YOU LORD JESUS for choosing me to be by YOUR side and YOURS alone. Thank YOU for YOUR joy joy joy joy joy joy joy untold. 

4 October 2012 jesusandchildren

we all need this as a reminder
Easter is drawing nearer and nearer
the DOOR is open 
so wide this year

i love YOU JESUS
YOU are so beautiful to me

Jesus, You alone shall be
My first love, my first love,
The secret place and highest praise
Shall be Yours, shall be Yours

To Your throne I’ll bring devotion,
May it be the sweetest sound
Lord, this heart is reaching for You now

So I’ll set my sights upon You
Set my life upon Your praise
Never looking to another way

Day and night I lift my eyes
To seek You, to seek you
Hungry for a glimpse of You
In glory, in glory

You alone will be my passion,
Jesus, You will be my song
You will find me longing after You

2 September 2012 love

take my heart O LORD
take all of heart to YOU O LORD JESUS
all of me LORD JESUS
thank YOU JESUS for all of YOUR LOVE for me
thank YOU LORD
all I want is YOU O LORD JESUS
YOU are so very beautiful to me O LORD
just so very so
so very
very berry
i love YOU LORD

JESUS demands our hearts and if we do not give our hearts to HIM …….. you fill in the blanks yourselves ……