Love Like Jesus

what’s in my heart
so much care and concern
so much love
for my friend
Jesus spoke to my heart this day
He said, ‘I came down to take you all to Myself
do the same
be the Friend that I AM to you
and be a friend back to those you care about’
I cried
Jesus has this way of touching my heart
my heart of flesh
not anymore a heart of stone
black stone
my friend stopped
did not pass me by
so that I would be where I am today
sometimes friends care enough to take us to where they are
not cos there is anything to gain
just cos
they simply love Jesus
I’ve become just like them
no different
I care
I love
so much
so so so very much
deep deep deep in my heart
just like Jesus does for each and every one of us
my heart LORD Jesus
just like Yours LORD Jesus
love like You

Reaching Out

Jesus reaches down from heaven to us
as we reach upwards towards our goal
so in the same way
we reach out our hands towards those we love deeply and care about deeply
Jesus reaches us vertically
we reach each other horizontally

love these horizontal lines
it’s all about giving and loving

I’ll always turn back no matter what the cost
and hold on tightly to my friend
Jesus came down and became a man of flesh
to win our hearts to Himself
HE is our greatest example to follow


the word for today is

how far are you willing to go with the LORD
is how far you end up in your daily walk with Him
are you willing to give up things daily
carry your cross daily
are you willing to forgo self and it’s self centredness
are you willing to hurt for those who are hurting
cry with those who are crying
care when it costs
though we may fall
remember this
the LORD picks us up with His arms and His hands
the words this season for me is deep goes into deep
how far am I willing to go
is how far I will end up at the end of this season
is it profound
it’s simple
simplicity is the key to every success with the LORD
He leads and we follow
where ever LORD
You’re the BOSS
the thing is
there is no confusion there
only peace and resolution
even if sometimes it’s a pounder


the word for Thursday was

– habitation –

the LORD wants to totally inhabit our entire being, as much as we would submit and surrender to Him and Him alone

In His Abundance

in the midst of the storm
there is a place to be found
a place of peace and gentleness
it is in it’s stillness
that our LORD 
He may be found
we are under the wings of the Almighty
in His bosom 
sheltered from harm
safe and secure
no one can find us
nor see us
hidden in the clef of the ROCK
inside the very palm of our Father’s love
this is Christ in us
be still
be still and know that He is God
we are truly blessed by His abundant grace