Beautiful Friendship


I personally think friendship is very important for me as for the longest time when I bowled, I was all by myself in the loneliness of the lanes. Just me and the lanes and my bowling ball to keep me company.

When I stopped bowling I started to make friends but it was hard as I was so secluded and excluded for so long, I found it very hard to relate. My mind was going a million miles per hour but it seemed no one else’s was. I was so disappointed and could not relate in the end, so, I just gave up and gave in.

Now after long years, I’ve come to realize how blessed I am in so many ways by my friend who is patient and kind. It’s what the LORD prepared for me. I needed time and patience. Loving kindness as I’m so different from your ordinary person.

Friendship is a gift from God and is to be appreciated and loved and thankful for as it is a blessing falling down from the heavens. Right from JESUS, HIMSELF.

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Be Still.

10 “Be still, and know that I am God.
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!”

The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2001). (Ps 46:10). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.

Do you know the depth of this verse!

Since I was so berry berry young, I was taught to be in this still still place. A quiet place. In the midst of all that was happening around me. Out of the crowd or in the crowd. To find God outside the crowds and inside.
And find God in this shalom place.
So from a very tender age, I sought God. Calm or storm. Near or far.
I just stood there.
Sat there.
Still see in a way.
But today, I see JESUS in HIS throne of grace.
I touch HIS face. Tenderly.
I hold HIS hand.
I touch HIS feet.
I stroke HIS face. Tenderly and lovingly. With no age nor time.
How far I’ve come.
You know what JESUS has been talking to me about. The closer you draw nearer to God, the less you sin. I’m talking thoughts here.
I do not hate anymore.
I only love.
But not the love of the flesh.
A holy love.
I was born for distance. A distance what brings me right into the midst of the KING of kings and LORD of lords.
I’m just so different. Lost in this world out here but not really supposed to be a part of it.
This, all that I speak about, is the norm for some. To see JESUS daily and constantly. Without reservation. Every talking to JESUS, face to face. Serving HIM with a holy and humble adoration. To never leave JESUS’ side. To love HIM wholeheartedly. All. All JESUS’. To touch HIS tender healing hands. To stroke HIS soft and loving cheeks and kiss HIS tender and loving lips. To stroke HIS hair that blows in the brightness of HIS LIGHT. To fall at HIS feet when life seems a bit too much to bear in this world. In prayer and supplication.
It’s not a competition or a trying to be better. It’s a calling. A place of honour and glory to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
This place I stand in. 


To learn about who my God is. All three of them. To love all three of them.
The subtle caresses of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit.
To feel the tender arms of a strong and everlasting Father who carries me, day in and day out. Without a doubt.
To wait for my marriage feast. As JESUS, realized today, still yet to come.
Life is a blast. Who needs the world when all you need to do is to be still and HE is God.
To be safe in the Almighty.

19 April 2013 lions-kiss-cindy-elsharouni

I Shared This Today And Was Shocked That I’m So Different

My favourite verse in the bible is,

‘ Be still and know that I AM God.’

When I was a very young girl, under the age of ten, I was allowed to be still to find God.

In the stillness of it all, I found my Father in heaven, who embraces me with HIS everlasting embrace of love love love.

Then, I found JESUS. And now, I kiss HIS lips as HIS bride. HE is my BRIDEGROOM.

The Holy Spirit my friend, flutters and flurries, surrounding me with HIS endearing breezes of love and gentle kisses.

This is why I love this verse.

It encompasses the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Godhead, three in ONE.

My gosh, I’m so different.

What My Father Taught Me.

My heartfelt declaration from the very depths of my love to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Godhead, three in ONE.

I will keep it simple.

Exactly what I saw. 

I was in church for Mass. I was sitting in the front at the top, in the balcony. And just out of the blue, I saw, the huge cross which is situated at the top of the altar ……. come at me like this …. three times. 

It was then repeated three times again.

I was in my twenties and when this happened, I immediately understood what my Father was teaching me. 

The Trinity.

The Godhead, Three in ONE. 

It’s Free.

The best things in life are free, I’ve found.
I grew up on a compound where things were free. There was not much where we lived when I was young. Just government personal. Things were free. We had movies in the club house twice a week. With a buffet. Afternoon till dinner time. It was wonderful growing up in a safe environment. We hardly left the area as we were really secluded from the rest of the island. Too far in those days to go into the city.
Once one of the ladies fell out of the car in the roundabout, which is still there btw, and died. It was so unfortunate as she had taken in one of the orphans from Po Leung Kuk, just. The poor girl ended up with so many other brothers and sisters as her father remarried and had to help her mother with them. It was most unfortunate.
We are now learning in our ICA Academy, The Bible And The Church.
It is most interesting. We are being spoon fed like babies by the head of our department, graciously. He is so nice to us bible lovers. Lovers of the Word of God.
I have decided to devote my time and efforts and energy to the study of God’s Word and to the little ministries I’m currently in and throw my entire heart into these few. It’s more than enough for me and well, life is wonderful, as usual.
What can I say.
Life is good.
I’m a volunteer and the freedom and happiness I’ve found in service is overwhelming in smiles and laughter.
I’m happy.
Life is so berry berry good for me.
Study on. I’ve now my current study and one I need to sit an exam and do the essay. Will complete them within the month of May.
Life is berry berry good for this warrior bride of Christ Jesus.
JESUS loves me this I know cos the bible tells me so.
Actually if you think about it, when you need to pay for something: conditions are attached.
When I was young, no conditions were attached. It was all left to God.
HE is in control.
Sometimes I think, yes, LORD. This is it right. Just live a holy life and God will do HIS good work.
I’m leaving all else behind me and forging forward, for the next ten years. There is always something to read in my Logos Bible. They are so nice to me. Actually, they upgraded me to the Portfolio. So nice of them. It’s been ten years.


I surrender all.

As usual.


Most people love to go from place to place to place. Marriage to marriage. Friend to friend. Finding the most perfect place. Never really having peace in the just one place.
But for me, well. Since a very tender young age, all I ever had was just one place. Just one God. Just one. Nothing really. I grew up in a place where there was peace and quiet. A place where there was not much. Just a couple of people. Really there were only a lot of people in church. Just one church.
Brought up to stay in one place. Not to waver nor move. Just find God.
And I did. Big time.
When I was in my early twenties, I started to learn the art of tenpin bowling and stayed in the same place. The same people. The same game.
I was taught in the HK Sports Intstitute that to be successful you must be first in your own country. Then the nations surrounding us. Then the world.
I told my friend in my mid twenties that I wanted to be an Olympic champion.
I pursued that dream but our sport never made it to the Olympics, though I very easily make the cut. I’m usually up there on my own.
There is a power in the one.
One everything, really.
I’ve pursued the LORD in Scripture, and well, it’s all good here as well.
Just keep a singular mind.
I’m a fighter. A warrior.
If you could have seen me in battle on the lanes. The ball was battered and done with after one tournament. My heart was shattered and broken for the game.
The pain of loss. The agony of defeat.
Once, this one girl came back and just kicked the ball return and screamed and threw her ball. Then fell on the chair with a big thump and slammed her legs on to the ground.
What happened in her shot to be honest, though I was next to her, I have no idea. I had problems of my own.
O btw, she won and was World Cup Champion, there. Though I never saw her again.
The heartache of loss is great in the game. We put every single bit of our energy into the one shot. Just the one shot. The first one. It just got so passionate in the game I would scream. It’s an uncontrollable reaction to giving it all you’ve got. There is screaming all around.
Fight the good fight of faith.
Jeanette Baker, two time World Champion, came up to me for a talk. What have you got on your shoes. I’m right after you in this. She was to my left. Usually in those days, left to right. Right to left. I can’t walk properly. There’s stuff on the approach. It’s bothering me. What’s under your shoes?
So, I showed her my slides.
Look at your shoes. You’re leaving stuff all over the approach cos you are sliding with your toes.
Anyways, she is the eye of the tiger girl. Before she won the World Cup the first time, she was listening to this song. Non-stop when it first came out.
We work in lines and curves and axles.
Stay in the game no matter what.
Change within but keep the outside conditions the same.
Dunno why but you all love my journal. Thanks for joining in this journey called life with Christ in me.

Ten Years Of Commitment

In deep thought a prayer with JESUS on this short vacation. My husband and I had a great time seeing a place that is so different. A growing country. Birthing into being just like the rest of us. It’s beautiful. Beautiful people and beautiful part we explored.
In all of this, I’m committing to another ten years of bible study of the same type, I’m currently in.
The desire to walk along the quiet and still still path with JESUS in this setting. As you see from the pin below it’s a beautifully shady path. A quiet straight walk.
Leaving everything else behind me and surging forward and upward in the WORD of God.
The narrow gate.
I love my church. Been in it since like forever.
Another ten years of focus focus focus on the WORD of God.
What more can a bride of Christ want more than just studying God’s Word. This is for me.

I’m leaving behind this mysticism which I learnt in this Global University course.  

I’m staying the course, lifting up both my hands and surrendering to JESUS. I belong to JESUS. I just want to focus on the pure WORD of God. For ten short years. A decade. Here in the safety of the surroundings I’m currently in. And write my short stories about my adventures with JESUS in study. 

I’m safe just right here. 

24 October 2012 the transforming Spirit of God

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