Great Is THY Faithfulness

This morning I woke up very early in the morning before 6 am when it was still very dark and the song was given to me by the LORD.

Great is Thy faithfulness O LORD God Almighty.

A picture has just been given to me by the LORD. A lighted path leading right into the heart of JESUS.  I can’t find it. Perhaps I’ll draw it and take a picture and post it. A simple one. I’m on vacation.

4 January 2012 hands-lifted-high-before-the-cross


My Ears Hear

So, this morning the LORD, no not really just this morning. HE said, yesterday. So when I ignore HIM, JESUS this is, HE will repeat HIMSELF. HE says to me, to sing, make me a servant. But I can’t seem to paste the song on.

8 October 2012 praying man