Great Is THY Faithfulness

This morning I woke up very early in the morning before 6 am when it was still very dark and the song was given to me by the LORD.

Great is Thy faithfulness O LORD God Almighty.

A picture has just been given to me by the LORD. A lighted path leading right into the heart of JESUS.  I can’t find it. Perhaps I’ll draw it and take a picture and post it. A simple one. I’m on vacation.

4 January 2012 hands-lifted-high-before-the-cross

My Ears Hear

So, this morning the LORD, no not really just this morning. HE said, yesterday. So when I ignore HIM, JESUS this is, HE will repeat HIMSELF. HE says to me, to sing, make me a servant. But I can’t seem to paste the song on.

8 October 2012 praying man

HE knows my name

I have a Maker

HE knows me by name

and when I call HIM

HE answers me when i call

I know HE LOVES me

HE loves me back

HE never lets me go

and  LOVES me all my days


i woke up this morning and this is what I heard and in Knowing JESUS they sent this phot in the post. Nothing is a coincidence. Right.

just a day in the life of

It’s just been one of these days here in our vacation time. Time with the grandson and I’m beginning to sound just like him. His accent in stronger than mine. hahahahahahaha No kidding. Life is fun. Full of fun all the time. We just have to choose to have it. But then again I come from a place that is ever filled with going out and people and things. Even here though it’s snowing and stuff we get to go out every day just for lunch and a wee look at the shops. Our little grandson has picked up a couple of things along the way. I saw this Batman toy on the television. I think it might be a good toy for him. Something different. He’s not got it yet. The LORD is very good at planning everyone’s lives I think. HE’s got mine planned in such a perfect manner though I have submitted to HIS authority and direction. It’s very easy to want want want but it’s not the way with the LORD. I was taught it’s humility and submission to a HOLY HOLY HOLY God and when you get it just right in the order fo things – HE blesses. No kidding. Anyways it’s just all good for me. I’ve no complaints. None what-so-ever. Everything is good with JESUS for me – for us.

14 October 2011 Jesus kissing His child