Stayed In HIS Perfect Peace

Isaiah 26:3-4
3 You keep him in perfect peace
whose mind is stayed on you,
because he trusts in you.
4 Trust in the LORD forever,
for the LORD GOD is an everlasting rock.

Wow, found this song last night by chance and have we not all be here when we were just babes. Well, I was decades and decades ago. 

I’m in a most perfect place. Arrived in this plateau and it’s great. The walk is flat. 

We are in a dance.


Perfect peace.



Sports Psychology At Its Best

About a month or so ago I was frightened and so I ran into the room and felt safe there. Here, there, dunno. There. And all was peace and calm and quiet. The most funny thing was there is a building construction down the street and we hear it. It’s not loud but it exists. We are aware of it. A week or so later or ten days I asked my husband why all the noise had stopped and was gone. Had they finished with it and the building was being built. Apparently it must be rock as the foundation. To my surprise he informed me that nothing has changed and that it’s still as it is. They have not stopped. I laughed and told him I’ve not heard a thing for a week or so. Even worse, you can hear the complete and utter pounding when you leave home but I had not heard a thing. 


An even better thing is that you can invite people into your room and I am so blessed to have my husband and me in my room. God blessed me with a wonderful husband and we or I can live quietly and peacefully in my room. 


I’m most comfortable in this place as it was revealed to me that I enjoy being alone in my own little world with Christ and my husband and doing the little things in life like bible study happily and the best is quietly. Where most like the hustle and bustle of life with many I enjoy just the one and it’s my husband. It’s quiet and peaceful here in the midst of a bustling city. I have found that life is good. My friend who died this year mentioned about thirty years or so ago that I am like an only child doing my own thing happily without bothering others nor others bothering me and get lost in it all all by myself. The fact that I’ve always been like this and enjoy being the me God made me to be is a wonderful place to be and to live. I probably have slight autism whereas I get lost in it all, whatever I’m doing. 

When I bowled all I could think of was the game and now all I really like thinking of and sinking myself in is the LORD. 

On Sunday I was about to walk past my fellow church members in Sogo. I never saw them at all though there were five of them right in my midst. My husband called out to me and informed me that they were right here beside me. Not a sign of anyone. 

I laugh and jest as God, HE has a very good sense of humor. We spend so much time together in prayer and supplication and thought and conversation and bible study. 

What can I say, what can I do but offer my heart O LORD completely to YOU.


It’s a really good place to live in. My husband and me. A place of the absolute bliss of peace and love and divine presence of a holy God and all I can say is best get on with this life of mine with Christ Jesus our LORD and my delightfully loving husband. 

Indeed this is sports psychology at its best.

Follow the instructions. Do I get the a smile. Think I do not know who is best at this game of life. Hey, it’s peaceful here. Like in a huge room of bowlers in the hundreds and hundreds screaming and all the pounding balls and machines and screaming supporters, there was absolute peace in the midst of it all and today, it’s no different. 


Do you think God instigated it all. 
Indeed HE did and has and is.

God has a great sense of humor. 

The thing is it’s is so noisy outside now. I must be feeling safe. 






So when I miss whomever and walk pass it’s not that I did or do know you were around. I was probably in my own little world doing my own thing within the boundaries I live in. With my husband of course. He can see everyone. But me, I do not see the world. I just see Jesus. The best place to plant myself in. 





My friend came to visit and after over forty years we can still spend a full day together and talk and talk and talk and do stuff. In our late teens this was all we did. Now that we are old, this is still all we do. Nothing has changed. Only, we have aged. And matured. Still we can talk and laugh and enjoy each other’s company. 

Make The Difference In The Lives Of The People We Meet


A young girl once cried under the table and I could not get her to stop nor could I get her to come up from under her table. She sobbed bitterly. Her teacher told her she would amount to nothing. Nothing would come of her as she was born stupid. What, was my scream from my seat. No one should say this to you, was my reply, but still she was sobbing bitterly. She was seven years of age. Her teacher had been telling her that she would never amount to anything as she was born stupid since aged five. Two long years and finally she could not stand it anymore. I comforted her that at seven no one was to know that and that woman was a most horrible person. She sobbed bitterly  under that dining table for half an hour. That teacher was fired. A new one was found in her place. She grew up to be such a beautiful teenager. I loved her most as from her perspective at the bottom of that table that summer’s day, she had lost all hope. Aged seven. She is all grown up now into a beautiful woman. 

Sometimes people have a bitter and hard heart and they hurt others by their cutting remarks because of their past. Of course they are only imitating what was done to them. I’ve been in this same place in the past and probably in the future, hurt people will unfortunately for me, without me knowing, pass by me. What a shame for me.

She got over it over the years.

The evil powers of control.

Do you think that she was born stupid. Do you think nothing would amount of her. Do you think her family would do anything so that their daughter would have the best education in the world so that she would amount to anything she wanted to be. Her sister is a doctor. She wanted to be a doctor from a very young age like her dad. This young lady became whom she wanted to be. Her parents can afford it.

Once I encountered a young boy who could only ever attain a seventy percent average no matter how hard he tried. Yet, his lazy brother got nineties without even ever trying. Their mother was horrified when I suggested that well, seventy was enough. She has long passed away and her son whom she thought was not good enough has a very good job. Yet, his brother of ninety percent has amounted to nothing much. But he scored ninety percent.

Is life fair. Are people fair. Or are people just  plain horrible. This young child looked out of the window one day for a very long time for many many days and weeks and said not a word without any smile in his face. Because he was only a seventy percent son.

Sometimes people just need experience and learn from many many others whose paths have passed our lives. A good mouth does wonders to a watered heart of love from Christ Jesus. What do you think Jesus would say to these two when they arrive in heaven or the two persons who cut their hearts. Or me. The on-looker.  

When the paths of those we meet, are their lives devastated by us or are they uplifted and whom ever they dream to be, they become. Smiling happily. 

I brought up my two boys believing how fantastic they are. That they are the best of the best of the best. And they are. 


Are people’s lives uplifted or downtrodden. It all comes down to love love love. Knowing how to love. Do we send people to devastation or bliss. Examine our hearts. 

A Clear Conscience

Hebrews 10:21-23 (ESV)
21 and since we have a great priest over the house of God, 22 let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, with our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water. 23 Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.

Hebrews 10:21

A great priest (ἱερεα μεγαν [hierea megan]). As has been shown in 4:14–7:28. Over the house of God (ἐπι τον οἰκον του θεου [epi ton oikon tou theou]). As God’s Son (3:5f.).

Hebrews 10:22

Let us draw near (προσερχωμεθα [proserchōmetha]). Present middle volitive subjunctive as in 4:16 with which exhortation the discussion began. There are three exhortations in verses 22 to 25 (Let us draw near, προσερχωμεθα [proserchōmetha], let us hold fast, κατεχωμεν [katechōmen], let us consider one another, κατανοωμεν ἀλληλους [katanoōmen allēlous]). Four items are added to this first exhortation. With a true heart (μετα ἀληθινης καρδιας [meta alēthinēs kardias]). With loyalty and fealty. In fulness of faith (ἐν πληροφοριᾳ πιστεως [en plērophoriāi pisteōs]). See 6:11 for this very phrase. Having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience (ρεραντισμενοι τας καρδιας ἀπο συνειδησεως πονηρας [rerantismenoi tas kardias apo suneidēseōs ponēras]). Perfect passive participle of ραντιζω [rantizō] with the accusative retained in the passive, an evident allusion to the sprinkling of blood in the old tabernacle (9:18–22) and the shedding of Christ’s blood for the cleansing of our consciences (10:1–4). Cf. 1 Peter 1:2 for “the sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ.” Our body washed with pure water (λελουσμενοι το σωμα ὑδατι καθαρῳ [lelousmenoi to sōma hudati katharōi]). Perfect passive (or middle) of λουω [louō], old verb to bathe, to wash. Accusative also retained if passive. ὑδατι [Hudati] can be either locative (in) or instrumental (with). See Eph. 5:26 and Titus 3:5 for the use of λουτρον [loutron]. If the reference here is to baptism (quite doubtful), the meaning is a symbol (Dods) of the previous cleansing by the blood of Christ.

Robertson, A. T. (1933). Word Pictures in the New Testament (Heb 10:21–22). Nashville, TN: Broadman Press.

I awoke to this song with the heavens singing to me and then the verse. How content one can live happily in this place where a conscience is clear. I’ve been in this place since childhood. Ever since I can remember knowing God. God my Father. It’s a passive place here. And I love this commentary. Cool. 


I’m aggressively bold in the Spirit. When I was little I was taught to look for God no matter what and pay no attention to anyone else. Think in my old age now, this is so apparent I had done what I was taught as a child, and never stopped. I was told not to worry about what anyone else thought nor what was happening around me but to just totally find God in every nook and corner until I found Him. Big job for a little girl then right. But look where it got me. I’m kissing the lips of Jesus. And you know what, I do not care what anybody thinks as they are not in this place so how could they ever understand from my point of view.  Aaaaaaaaa the freshly squeezed sweet orange juice is delicious. 



I truly do not understand it at all. Not at all. I’ve done so much since I was little and achieved so much since then. In Christ and in my sport. At least in my sport I’m recognized as giving all to my country. But what I have done in Christ is far greater. Every part I have been a part of I have taken the land for Christ. In every area. Not just where I am standing but out to all the nations of the world. I have climbed so deep and high and wide and in Christ I have just stood as in Ephesians 6 in the full armor of God and HE did it all. Yet, it ain’t enough. Can you imagine this! Not enough. Not good enough. I even have the most difficult one at hand. Self control. And it’s not good enough. The words of our bible teacher, Lee rings through and through and through. Righteousness and justice are the foundations of His throne.


Sometimes, you just got to hold on to a verse and say to yourself. Hey, the verse, the assurance of who God is, is good  enough for me. Just good enough. God is good enough. For after all, I’m doing my essays on relativism and pluralism and the ever changing societies. Now, our God is absolute. Anyone who does bible study knows this about the nature of God. His immutable character. HE says I’m good enough as I’m fearfully and wonderfully made. I am being fashioned by His own very hands. The hands of the living God. The great I Am. So there, sometimes, just sometimes, you just got to hold on to the word and say, I’m good enough. Just good enough for You LORD Jesus as in this world, they will always say, you ain’t good enough. 


Psalm 89:13-18

13You have a mighty arm;
strong is your hand, high your right hand.
14Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne;
steadfast love and faithfulness go before you.
15Blessed are the people who know the festal shout,
who walk, O LORD, in the light of your face,
16who exult in your name all the day
and in your righteousness are exalted.
17For you are the glory of their strength;
by your favor our horn is exalted.
18For our shield belongs to the LORD,
our king to the Holy One of Israel.

Life Is Perfect In Christ

John 4:23-24

23 But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him. 24 God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”

The state of the art bible. I want Logos 7. hahahahahahahahaha My bible is my life. My life line. Christ Jesus our LORD. 


Heaven here on earth.


Once a long, long time ago when Ann and I used to train together in the early evenings, we went to Shanghai for a tournament. Just the two of us. I was trained that if you did not bring back a gold, no one would ever remember you. I was devastated that I only finished second in the Masters. Fear gripped me as I would have to admit I had only come second. With a very lovely cloisonne vase, about two feet in height, I was going to give it to my coach. He smiled and took it immediately. For his wife. It was lovely. Think I got it cos I had just come in second. I really wanted to come in first.. I was absolutely and totally devastated. Fear gripped me. Ann and I had got back and in the early evening we had started training with her coach. When we put our balls on the ball return I noticed how scratched and marked and ugly our bowling balls were. You see, the centre was covered in sand. No idea why. We even walked on it. It was surprising I could bowl under such conditions. Anyways, I commented that we had been to battle and won. Well, I had won. The flares were deeply scratched. So we had to resurface our bowling balls and did not train that night. 

Many are deeply scratched in the hearts and are frozen and cannot move forward by the pitfalls in life. Time is frozen and they cannot move forward. Their hearts are numbed by the failures of life itself. 

Think the best times in the game is talking about it. I loved it. We never spoke to each other about the game. Just our coach and our sports psychologist. No one really spoke about it as it was our entire life. They would talk about their lives and everything in their lives. It was interesting to listen to their stories. I loved it. Them. 

Now, all I want to talk about is Scripture. Just Jesus. All Jesus.

Love this commentary. Y’all found it yet. We are equipped to dig dig dig into the Word by ourselves. Self – sufficient in Christ. Don’t be a baby forever. Grow up and do it all by yourself. Don’t get fed a spoon at a time. 


For those who have been at the Maid Of The Midst at Niagara. Scary right. Well the water of the Word is scary. To submit to it takes practice, daily. And then one fine day the Word is like a waterfall and you just drink drink drink and you are satisfied. 


Ezekiel 26:25-29

25 I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you shall be clean from all your uncleannesses, and from all your idols I will cleanse you. 26 And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. 27 And I will put my Spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes and be careful to obey my rules.a28 You shall dwell in the land that I gave to your fathers, and you shall be my people, and I will be your God. 29 And I will deliver you from all your uncleannesses.


Are we all driving forward and cutting the ground before us and moving upwards and forwards in this journey called life. hahahahahahaha Towards Christ of course in His Word. Let this be an encouragement to y’all. Study study study and then study. Then study again. Then do not stop studying the Word of God, Christ Jesus our LORD who art Thou a Person. Then study again and again and again and then when you are tired. Sleep and rest and then wake up and start again. Until you see Jesus Face to face. We are this kind of people.