My Third Missionary Journey

I’ve completed my third missionary journey back to a place that I have been in previous years. It has been wonderful and I cannot but try to understand how Paul must’ve felt on his missionary journeys to preach the gospel to the gentile world of that time.

Without a doubt it is much easier these days as we are not going to be bound and put in jail to be hung or burnt at the stake.

It has all been good for me and poor Paul had such a desperately hard time. H went first and now we follow a path that is easy and simpler cos he began it before us.

Good Friend

You may think me stupid or silly to write such a thing but I tell you this, it did happen and it was so funny, I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.

We were driving cross country early evening. A two hour drive or more and my LORD played peek-a-boo with me once more.

As the night was bright the moon could be clearly seen in the sky. There were grey clouds just enough to see their shapes and to my amazement the LORD played hide and go seek for nearly the entire duration of the drive.

His hand was ever present in the cloud you see. Though we drove up the valleys and down the hills and to the right and to the left, He never ever left. His Presence was with us all the way and so we played.

The main character in this story is the hand of God and the next one is the brightly glowing moon. And then, me, His very own child dear to His heart. After readind this yosu will know why.

To my greatest amazement He used the moon to play with me. Where ever we drove the moon it moved along His hand.

I know. I know. I know it’s hard to believe but it really did happen and when I said to my husband he just said, at 70 mph you expect me to watch the moon move from a hand made of a cloud, and he drove on as I looked on.

It really did happen to me you see cos I see and not only does it please me but it pleases God too to see me pleased by The amazing thi gs He does for me.

Do you think that perhaps it too could happen to you if you just spent time seeking a God that can be found by you, too.

How We Behave

I have come into realization that the only way to learn something is to experience it from others. We give what we have been given. This is a fact.

It’s been a long while since I have been just a very little girl. Though in the eyes of the LORD I’m just His babe.

I’ve seen so many treat others in a very unkind way and for the longest of time I could not understand why. Finally, the LORD brought to mind that how we have been treated, we treat others.

My my my my my my my my, thought I to myself.

When the LORD He teaches, He really teaches.

An Angel

I couldn’t get into my journal last night no matter how hard I tried to and couldn’t tell you about what I saw.

So beautiful.

We were leaving to meet with friends for the afternoon when the sky was covered in blue with clouds here and there. Just as we were passing the harbor I noticed what appeared to be an angel in the clouds.

I am not personally an angel person. I’m a Jesus Person and see Him the most but must admit when I finally saw one, I was terrified cos of their size. They are huge. No wonder they battle.

So here I am looking into the sky to see what the LORD had in store for me yesterday and I saw this HUGE angel in the sky made of clouds and I said, wow, you’ve got to stop immediately, so that I can take a pic of this huge angel in the sky.

So my husband like all the other times, patiently stopped for me to take a pic of the cloud angel in the sky. By the time I got or rather we, got organized, some of the shape had been lost at the speed of the moving clouds and my husband could only catch a glimpse of what was a perfect representation of an angel in the sky.

How awesome my God is don’t you all agree.

An angel in the sky.

A Funny Thing

I saw a very funny thing tonight on my way to meet some friends.

I looked to the sky and the night was dark but for the moon that shone through the darkness and the LORD, He did a very funny funny thing indeed for me to see and to smile and to laugh.

The moon was only half but not lime anything I’ve ever seen. It looked like a bowl. Nothing I’ve ever seen before.

It was bright but the night was dark.

So I smiled and knew thar my God was once again playing with me.

You may thing me stupid and OT but this is what me and my God, we have been playing together all my life.

It’s fun to play with the LORD.

You want to know what He said, it’s like in the garden but I choose not to eat the fruit in the middle of the garden cos I know my place. I am just a nobody but He is God, the LORD God Almighty, the great I AM.

Hands In The Clouds

You might think this really silly but it really happened to me lat Sunday on my way to a prayer meeting.

It was a very stormy day and the day was dull and dark. On our way through to the other side of the country we had to drive through countryside and open skies. The heavy rain was beating down at an alarming rate and the skies were fully covered with this grey cloud all over.

And then, just then the JESUS, He just put His hand into the cloud and just opened His fingers and ran His fingers through the cloud and said, no storm is bigger than ME.

So, in spirit I saw myself doing the same thing, running my fingers through the clouds and I, too, said, no storm is bigger than me.

And I thought, what a good idea. No storm is ever bigger than me, cos, I can just run my fingers through them.

What a step of faith, I thought to myself.


Being a child of God is a very nice thing. All my life it’s been like this and I’m happy happy happy that i’ God’s own very own child.

Today it was Avery sunny day and I sought the LORD in the skies as it was yet again very beautiful skies. This is what I saw.

I saw the beauty of the different lights the LORD had created in His skies and I looked and started taking pictures again.

I saw eyes many times and sought Him for the reasons and He told me that He watches over us. What a delight for God I thought to myself as it has become so delightful for me to seek Him all the time in the open skies.

I saw a mouth many times and in the last instance of our playtime together, the LORD He stuck put His tongue on me and I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Oh, I forgot to add. I saw a lot of mouths and I asked The LORD what He was trying to tell me. He told me He was sending me kisses in the skies. What a wonderful God we all serve. His love for us is never-ending.
Who could say that the LORD stuck out His tongue jut for fun.

I can. My God, He loves me very much.

Today my husband and his father talked about train spotting as a train was going to speed by. I wanted to say, I God spot my entire life in the clouds, but, I just didn’t think it was the right time.