With All Of My Heart


It has been a tough week for me. I thought long and hard for my Sunday School sermon. In ‘The Work Of A Pastor’ in my Global University Biblical Theological course I’m doing it says we need to spend at least six hours on the sermon so that we know what we are going to say. Know where we are at. Just know the sermon. Just like it’s a part of us. So, I thought long and hard. I had intimate communion with the Lord and heard Him speak and did as He told me. 

The kids got only the word of God. One small sip at a time. The Lord told me to place them in front of the huge screen with the verses in extremely large font so they just had it right in front of them. The answers to the question were in bolder and larger print and in a darker color so that they could not miss it. You see. When I studied the bible, we were told by our teacher that no one is wrong. They are either at the place where they understand and see and hear or they are not. Putting them down because they do not know the answer does them no good at all. So I put the answer right in front of their faces. They could not get it wrong unless they cannot read English. They simplified the word and if the word was difficult, I just posted Strong’s definition of it in a slide for them to know. 

We did do an introduction though. An ESV introduction of Paul at the end of his life in Rome awaiting execution. Their participation was fast and they were so happy and smiling.

Needless to say the chocolates awaiting them urged them on. Put it this way. They all know those four verses and they possess the introduction to 2 Timothy. 

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I spent days on this and it was all worth while as everything I needed was on the PowerPoint. The teens had so much fun they did not leave at the end of the service. They still sat around and talked. 

I have to admit, I was a bit naughty. In the end for a point, I asked them to pray for each other pertaining to what they had learned and they were to pray loudly so I could hear them. And they all did. Every single one of them. 

I wish I could send my sermon to Global University for my SLR but alas. No such thing. They would surely give me an A Plus for the entire youth participating. 

For in the end, what’s in a grade if you do not teach and reach our youth with all of our hearts and do God’s work as if it is all there is to live for. In the end, if it were not done in love, our youth would not respond, heartily. 

In the second service, a little short girl came to the back to see what I was doing with they banners and she felt afraid. But after a while she asked to worship with them and she did. 

Fix The Eyes Of Our Hearts On The Author And The Finisher Of Our Faith


I’m growing at an incredible rate in Scripture. But I’ve invested all my time and life on it. I’ve spent hours daily in the study of God’s Word and time in prayer and supplication. It’s funny isn’t it that when you want something, you will go the ends of the earth to search for it. And I did. I seek teachers of the Word and they honored God’s calling of the study of God’s Word in my life and they have fed me daily. His daily bread. The Word of God and since I’ve joined in Global University, I’ve grow at some incredible rate. But then it’s collaboration of all teachers of the Word of God.

But I only learn from women bible teachers. This is what I have been disciplined to do.

The thing is this. I study but it’s our children who need to study as well. The ones after us. It truly is very disappointing when those with us do not enjoy the study of the Word of God. They do not grow along with us. 

My eyes are sore from reading and reading and reading and the strength of my glasses are growing since my bible study adventures. It’s an incredible walk. I want to learn and know and well, I get to know. 

How important it is to fix our eyes on the Author and the Finisher of our faith. I want to finish strong.

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Pass The Baton


We miss the mark because we do not know. The point. So what we know is by God’s grace when we are discipled and taught God’s Word so we share what is freely given by the Lord to those who do not know. We pass the baton that has been given to us so that the next generation, our children will know. 




Celebrating Friendship


I have to laugh. Dunno if you’ve had your school friends and friends in your twenties but I have some really good friends. My italian friend, I have to laugh. She would always ever sing to me. hahahahahaha Even when we were in our twenties and our sons were two or three. hahahahahahaha So last night I was reminded of The Prayer and in italian I have no idea what it meant nor means. I just remember this face singing to me. Think I know the words in italian but not english. hahahahahahahaha We both love Jesus very much and in some ways so alike. She loves to worship with banners. I actually started to worship with banners because of her. One day she got this huge hall and she said, we are going to have enough space to worship the Lord God Almighty here. We worshiped for an hour non-stop and it was then I fell in love with worshiping with banners. We are old now with many grandchildren and it is all good with Jesus at the centre of our lives and our children and grandchildren and we are still friends. Good good friends. She prays. Kneeling down and she was also asked like me to be totally Jesus’. It’s amazing how God orchestrates even down the very last detail. Our friends. She shares her grandchildren like she shared her children. The thing is, if you asked me to sing this song in english, I would not have any idea but in italian. hahahahahahaha I know the words.  We have never in all the years since our early twenties had not even one argument. Nor harsh words said to each other. We both know when to back down when the timing is wrong. When she came to church with me and saw Lydia, she told me I’m so blessed the Lord gave me someone to dance together to Jesus as she could find no one in all this time.  There are not many of us. We are a chosen and peculiar people set apart. So when I heard this song on you-tube, I was reminded since my twenties, sing to me. Sing to me. hahahahahahahahaha And she would. hahahahahahahahahaha Good memories. We’re still making them. And she would sing and dance.

What lesson is there to be learnt here?

God gives us friends. Life long friends. Who become our family. 

I have quite a number of friends. They are so nice. But shall write about them next time. 



And so to add to this, I got sung to by my friend’s two little grandchildren.

How blessed can I be.





It has just been all too much for me all this studying. hahahahahahaha I’m smiling as I write this this very moment. Today in my time of reflection and prayer and supplication to the Lord He spoke about idols. Now, if you had been in bible study and studied the kings of the Old Testament and relived the outcome of the kings weekly by our bible teacher, you’d have a thing about idols as well. This morning I got an audio lesson and listened. It was about idols and other stuff. It brought back memories and in light of recent days. O but perhaps my senses have been enlightened to the witchcraft around lately. Which makes me work harder at my studying of the Word of God. Actually, we are not supposed to stop studying God’s Word until the day we see Jesus Face to face.