Undeserved Favor

Think we are all looking forward to this day of the LORD, right church.

Just so reminded of my last Easter encounter with Jesus in His hand. The power of the blood.

I’m hidden in the very heartbeat of Christ our LORD. It is only just pure bright white light here. Nothing else. I do not suppose anyone else knows this place. I went up to the cross, one day, a long time ago and hid myself in the heart of Jesus. Crawled in really. And, voila, I just sat there and basked in the blood of Jesus. His blood is pure bright white light. When I am afraid, I just run into the heart of Jesus and sit there. Think no one else is here cos I do not see anyone here at all.

It’s called grace.

Undeserved favour.

Like faith.

Think faith brought me to this place of favour.

And then, looks what happens.

I feel kinda foolish going off north when I have already been to the very end of the universe and found my Father.

For what more, rather, whom, than Christ and our Abba Father and the Holy Spirit. And then on faith, hope and love, the greatest of these is already love.

I thought about it this morning and have come to the conclusion that the LORD has His reasons for me being out here and not in there. So, I rest my case and continue to enjoy Jesus.

Enjoying Life At Its Best

The Japanese culture is so quiet and safe and laid back and clean. We have been enjoying their culture for three days now and the feeding of the residents of the Aquarium was an eye opener. Each penguin is fed one-on-one. Hand fed. Until the penguin is full up and then it moves away to the front of the pack as others who have not yet been fed, move up to the feeder. The Aquarium is immaculate. Inside and out. No one dumps rubbish. All rubbish is put into a bin so there is no trash even inside the Aquarium itself. All the residents are clean as clean as can be. Possibly far too clean for the outside world which they do not even know about. Nor ever will. They would die of the germs outside. There was even two divers cleaning out the inside of the tank when we were there and the fish life just thought them a part of the rest of the population. Now we have fish as big if not bigger than a bedroom and some pretty dangerous stingrays and sharks. 

Is not the kingdom supposed to be like this. 

Set apart. 

And yet, there is more junk and trash than inside the Aquarium we encountered today. I suppose the fish life have all been inoculated against any diseases. 

But are we not all inoculated by the blood of the Lamb. Jesus. 

Actually, I see Jesus all the time. Whether it is in His suffering or in His throne room or in His glory. Well, His glory is ever flowing outwards from Him. This is Christ our Lord.

 We are happy happy happy.

Seeing Jesus In All That He Is In Scripture

Actually, in ever seeing Jesus, all the time, I see Jesus as He is in Scripture. The real Jesus. We could imagine all we want but a Scripture is very specific. Jesus came to save us as our a lord and Savior and He is our King of kings and Lord of lords. If in fact He is someone who is not of the word then I have got it all wrong. So, He is my everything Scripture says He is. Come to think of it I never really realised this until now that I have got this absolutely right. So, I shall diligently study the word of God so that I know the difference between what is right and what is wrong and live in obedience to the word of God. 

Life Is Beautiful

I have to say that I have had the most beautiful life with my Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit all my life. 

Think this song most depicts how I truly feel deep deep deep in my heart because I see His face. JESUS’ face, this is. Nothing in this world or even in the entire universe compares to seeing JESUS in person, right up close and personal. This is who I have come to be in the presence of the LORD. I know most or all would not understand this heart of mine as from the time I have set my heart to see God from but a very tender age in my childhood, I sought to accomplish this dream of my heart. To be honest with y’all, I though I was way way behind you but now I have come to realise, no one really seeks to see God the Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit. I should be dead or blind but yet I still by the grace of God see. Like Paul. Like Moses. Like Abraham. Like Jacob. I like Jacob best of all. He would not let go of God until He blessed him. I’m this kind of person. I will never ever let go of Jesus hand until I set foot into His kingdom for all eternity. Therefore I love like Him, in obedience to His word. Seeking to be like Jesus. His follower and lover. His bride and beloved. 



O Happy Day

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Dunno how this is going to work for the next year or so as I will be away from my desk. So, I shall write as much as it is possible to write if I can. 
John John said his goodbyes today. His mum told him to say, I love you, but he didn’t. He is feeling much better. He hit someone in class and pointed at what they had as he wanted it. And, he did not want to discuss it with his mother. We sat at MacDonald’s as it has a better setting so he would not get upset. He is a sweetie.
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Sophie begged me not to go as she is doing so well. I corrected her timing as she was off timing in the video on Monday. Now she can see for herself whether she is off timing or not. She is now able to use her hand and try to get under it rather than in the past, on top of it. Still, overturning but then she used to back it up so badly. I was taught that you go extreme so that the correction can be made. Then the correct stance. Her left leg is very tired, like all of us. Exhausted.
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We went to our doctor who was not there so we got this very nice young man. I had my blood sugar tested and my eye sight and urine and got my foot poked to see if I felt the pin. The nurse was very nice. She was petite. There was hardly anyone there. Unbelievable. 
In all of this, we are happy and fine but very hot as it is 34 Degrees Celsius here today. Even the banister was hot when I left the bowling centre. The bowling centre was like a freezer.
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So, everything is packed and ready to go and we are in the last legs of getting everything set. 
It’s amazing how when God calls, you answer immediately. With no hesitation and no regrets. You just go.

I was taught, discipled that if it is God then you will feel the peace of the LORD. The fact that I hear this worship song clarifies everything. 
We are on the move for over a year and a half. It’s all organized.
I am doing as I was taught in Global University, discipleship is one-on-one for just a few and it works as Jesus did it with HIS apostles. HE took only a few aside and spent all HIS time with them and look what they did.

And love with an everlasting love, just like Jesus, as our Pastor teaches us. 


Life Is Exceptionally Good

2 Timothy 3:16-17 (ESV)
16 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 17 that the man of God[a] may be complete, equipped for every good work.

I have been busy packing with my husband these last couple of days before we leave and doing my CRA’s and Project for Great Commission Strategies for my Global University Course. It has been heart rendering learning about what I already know as I was doing it anyways. Our pastor is such a good man. 


Sophie went through a lot of footwork and timing and positioning of her body and I took lots of pictures for her to remember as MC takes over. She will know what I have done and correct it or then add to it. 


Sophie is enjoying learning from me and I am enjoying coaching her the rudiments of tenpin. 

I will be away for quite a long holiday so I probably won’t be able to journal in my wordpress but will do so on my Facebook. In all of this, Jesus is the centre of it all as I live in obedience to Scripture and do all that it says.

All Scripture. 

2 Timothy 3:16-17 (ESV)
16 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 17 that the man of God[a] may be complete, equipped for every good work.

I Love My Children With An Everlasting Love Like Jesus, Be Imitators Of Christ Our LORD And Saviour


I have lived out the Great Commission Strategies in our Global University Bible Theology Course. Jesus was intimate with a few and I have done the same and my children have all grown in Christ Jesus. Not into this masses thing. Not for me. I just turn my back on masses stuff. Not my thing. I am currently lunching with all my children and pastors whom I have been intimately close to before we leave and it has been a wonderful time. My home group has grown in leaps and bounds in the Spirit. My two daughters in our banner ministry have grown as I let go and let God. Think I’ve done well throughout these years. Jesus is calling to the next stage of my walk with Him. I just tell my children, it is not a goodbye but a forever commitment I am making to them. This is love. Just like Jesus is forevermore so are my children. Right.
Getting on with my Project for Global University on Great Commission Strategies. Just about nearly all done. 

Love Love Love

I think I’ll just add everyone in just one big picture. Have been having a lot of lunches and dinners and afternoon teas with my daughters. Sophie is looking better now. She is a delight and is delighted at her progress as she now looks like a bowler. She is very excited about MC Choi being her next coach as I need to leave. My daughters are happy as they are my daughters for life. Life long family. Goes for no tears. 
But poor John John was told about my departure and he bawled his little eyes out so bad I cried as well. My life long work with kids. So, it’s terrible for me. Told his dad we will be going to Macdonalds so he does not get so upset about me leaving. 
We had a huge dinner tonight at a Thai restaurant and it was awesome. Best best best best best yummy yummy food and I laughed so hard and Franklin and I talked and talked about our Global University course. He talked about discipleship and the few, according to Coleman 1972, forwarded by Billy Graham. Needless to say I will not be able to complete my project tonight as it is far too late and shall have to do it tomorrow afternoon. And complete it. A detailed strategy of fulfilling the great commission within my present ministry context.
Life is great and all is well and we are busy busy busy and happy happy happy.
My daughters are beautiful and lovely.