Enjoying Life At Its Best

The Japanese culture is so quiet and safe and laid back and clean. We have been enjoying their culture for three days now and the feeding of the residents of the Aquarium was an eye opener. Each penguin is fed one-on-one. Hand fed. Until the penguin is full up and then it moves away to the front of the pack as others who have not yet been fed, move up to the feeder. The Aquarium is immaculate. Inside and out. No one dumps rubbish. All rubbish is put into a bin so there is no trash even inside the Aquarium itself. All the residents are clean as clean as can be. Possibly far too clean for the outside world which they do not even know about. Nor ever will. They would die of the germs outside. There was even two divers cleaning out the inside of the tank when we were there and the fish life just thought them a part of the rest of the population. Now we have fish as big if not bigger than a bedroom and some pretty dangerous stingrays and sharks. 

Is not the kingdom supposed to be like this. 

Set apart. 

And yet, there is more junk and trash than inside the Aquarium we encountered today. I suppose the fish life have all been inoculated against any diseases. 

But are we not all inoculated by the blood of the Lamb. Jesus. 

Actually, I see Jesus all the time. Whether it is in His suffering or in His throne room or in His glory. Well, His glory is ever flowing outwards from Him. This is Christ our Lord.

 We are happy happy happy.

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