Use My Talents


It has been a really enjoyable day today. It started with Luke 7 – 8, and our leader teacher was so impressive. She got her map up and it was nice. I have to say I am not a map person. When I was in Third Form, I would not take Geography because I had to remember the names of all those countries around the world but I was good at maps. Since then I had given up. It is nice that someone is good at maps. Maps is not my gift. I am still laughing at all the demons in the man and how Jesus was sent away when all those pigs with demons drowned. The horror of the crowd. I would be terrified myself. Not a demon person at all. Not at all. My friend and I had a good lunch and a good chat. Then it was our Powerhouse Prayer Meeting and since I am feeling so much better after a month’s flu I was able to pray. We had lunch. My second one. Then I met with my husband for my third lunch but he had already had someone at our grandson’s house to eat. I finally finished off my day with the most delightful three year old whose mother is from across the border originally. He is very happy and we play with his Lego train set. I tried to get him to colour but he is not yet able to colour within lines. He just colours the entire page. He wrote a ‘one’ and an ‘O’ today. I bought a lovely train colouring book which I will eventually use to help his hand colour within the lines. I also brought train stickers and he was so happy to stick them on his Lego train track. We are ‘Thomas’ fans now. When my two grandsons were young, boy did they play them there ‘Thomas ‘ DVD’s but now I’m back to the beginning again. He is beginning to mimic the sound of the one word I speak to him about. The hour had gone so fast it was a bit of a shock when we both knew it was time for me to go. He did not smile and I was so shocked that with my full day, it just seemed like half an hour. But an hour and a half had gone by and we were both still laughing and playing. I have to say it keeps me young at heart, though I’m so old now. He is most certainly a delightful little boy. We’ve still to work out the ‘Thomas’ DVD’s as the ones his mum got, or is it his dad, are for one to two year olds. I got the flu from this young lad. It lasted a month. It was horrible. I coughed all night. My husband was not happy. I really could not talk much as my throat hurt. I was afraid I would get laryngitis. I easily get an infection of my vocal cords especially during exam times when I have to talk a lot. My larynx has always been weak. I have to keep silent if there is fear of a larynx infection. No talking. Therefore it has been a wonderful day. Funny in so many ways. Life is splendid and good as always. Our lives are so good. Was speaking to my friend today and well, we are at an age, when our time is up, it is up. So many around us are going or gone. Happiness and peace is far more important than anything really at our age. Just enjoy life and go on more cruises and see the world and travel and …. this little three year old is so cute. Seems like I’m in a new season as it has come upon me without even knowing. Sophie’s ball worked out as the two she had were drilled wrong so the track was in the wrong place. She got her new ball and wondered how easy it is to hold the ball with it snug in her two fingers and thumb. My gosh. She bowled two years with a split core inside her two balls and they were wrongly centred and she had to grab the ball with her thumb and two fingers and hold on tightly to it so it would not fall on the approach. Then when she finally let go of the ball it looked horrible. hahahahahahaha My talents. Children and coaching. It ever works out well for me. She was even standing in the wrong places to pick up her spares. Where ever did she learn to pick up her spares in those places I have no idea. There is a set place to pick up each spare but no one ever taught her. Life was hard and her average was so low it will be easy to fix. She bowled quite a number of strikes the other day. O and she bought herself new bowling shoes with extra sliders. Dexter’s. Proper shoes are so important. I would hate to do this for a living. It would be too much like hard work. Just for fun is good enough for me. My talents. Met so many bowlers at the bowling alley. One of our managers asked if I was coaching still and I told him just one. Think the laughter and joy and happiness in the faces of John and Sophie is more than enough for me. I called my little three year old John because John was so intimate with Jesus though his family are practicing idol worshipers. You reap what you sow. This is a kingdom principle. If you love, in Christ, you just have to leave it all to Jesus and it would all happen. This is not John but he looks like this and this is not Sophie but these two pictures depict them. It has been a long, long day. Far too much to do in one day.

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Give It All Up Up Up To Jesus

I am not a prostitute like the woman but this is the stance I take all day long and all night long. Hanging on to the hand of Jesus. In HIS glory and HIS suffering. HE is the same JESUS. Jesus is the word. The word of God is HE. I suppose I have the upper hand advantage over everyone else. I was born with this very focus. Or is it that it was imparted to me by those who spend their entire lives praying to Jesus and loving HIM, day and night and night and day. They say when someone lays hands on you their spiritual gifts are imparted such. Nothing is wrong. I’m happy. I just love to spend all my time, day and night and night and day with Jesus. But then when I think about it, the one who prayed for my birth and dedicated me and had me go into the chamber where she spent night and day and day and night with Jesus, prayed all the time. Twenty-four seven. Who are y’all reaching up to. Towards. Jesus Jesus Jesus. Who is the only one high and lifted up in your lives? One. Only one. Nothing and no one else. Have you given up everything for Jesus. Inside your heart. Your life. Entire life. Do you live in a place of absolute bliss and satisfaction and peace where for now nothing is being held back from our LORD Jesus who is the Christ. Are your eyes fixed on the everlasting gaze of the great I AM. Is HIS ear inclined to your lips and your eyes? Just cos HE loves you so much your only response is to respond back such. Is there even any dust in the highest place where the LORD is? No hidden cranny.

Did Jesus take the fall for our fallen nature?
Was HE trampled on the ground?
Our beautiful and wonderful Saviour. The joy of our salvation. Are y’all working out your salvation with fear and trembling?
Are you taking everything for granted or are you dead serious about it all?
Jesus paid the price for us.
Does Jesus have first place in your or do you have other rubbish there with HIM?
I THEE LORD JESUS. I YOU and then my delightful husband whom YOU gave to me.

Are there any secret hidden places that you have not yet surrendered them to Jesus?
Lift them up and give them up.
Does the life you live reflect Christ our LORD or just like everyone else in the world?
No different. Even when you are alone.
Alone when no one is seeing or hearing or even know.
Lift them up and give them up for the LORD is ever at hand.


Do we spend time hearing God’s voice daily?
When you hear it. When God speaks, do you follow HIM?
HIS life for mine. I am ever touched by this song. We are to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. I do not ever want to come here to the cross. It’s too painful seeing Jesus hanging on the cross but I suppose I am the only person who sees our salvation hung on the cross so well, it’s my responsibility to tell it as I see it. If only you all could see it then your perspective would change. Your life would be changed as you receive the glory of the LORD. From glory to glory. I touch HIS face. The face of the SON of our living God. And then HIS hand. HIS poundingly painful hand and put my cheek on HIS hand. Easter is a time of reflection. Those before me walk this path in a far deeper and more intimate way than I do. I am no one in comparison. I hope this Easter, y’all spend some time with Jesus. Intimately with HIM. Jesus does not need us. We need Jesus. Go into your prayer closet, the secret place where you can be the real you with Jesus. All your barriers gone so that you can freely see Jesus as who HE really is in this time of the year. This is the only place that touches my heart so deeply that the love
in me is all that it is meant to be because of Christ and Christ alone.

 I rose up for the first time to try to touch the face of our living God, Jesus who is the Christ in this song in our church. And got slain in the Spirit. The people around me and my husband grasped for their breath in shock. I fell right down like a ton of bricks and my friend said afterwards that I am not supposed to touch the face of Jesus on the cross. O but I did eventually did as Jesus paved the way to HIS loving face of pain and suffering. If but you could all see HIM in this place then everything would be changed in your lives. This is the very centre of Scripture. God’s redeeming grace. The free gift. It’s ironic isn’t it, that in one little box, the life of Messiah born in Bethlehem, one night. Then our mission to preach to the ends of the earth but last night in thought in bed, after the cruise about the universe and the stars. Millions of them. Do the people of the other galaxies know Jesus as well? Do we need to tell them as well one day when we can go that far so that they too will know Jesus? Out of the small gift Messiah who was born in a manger. To outside we can ever imagine. The unbelievable. They tell me that when you spend intimate time with Jesus, then, what is the unimaginable, is imaginable. Not of this world but of God. Thoughts of God. Is this not a thought of God? That to the ends of the universe that the LORD would want all to know that HE is God. Change the world. No, even better. Change the entire universe. For Jesus. Just for Jesus.
Can you imagine, just one continuous roar and all will know that HE is God. For all time. In every spectrum of being that is. This is the power of Christ who lives in us.
And you would not have to ever lift up that piercing sound of that sword but just stand firm. And stand. Stand. Firm.

Actually, the only reason I have come so far is because those before me. Some now gone to heaven. One who knelt on nails in prayer day and night and night and day and prayed for me the eternal prayers daily. Then the one teacher who would take me out of school time to learn about the things of God as she had been told to. Then the one that fought demons outside the holy of holies so that I could remain in the holiest place and then the one friend who lifted me so high that I could see everything that pertains to God and taught me the word of God as well. Sometimes I do not understand our children. They have no respect for those before us. The greats. This is why I have been able to do what I have been called to do. As they paved the way for me to go to places they have never been. I also pave the way so that they will go to places they have never been. I can only imagine that if in fact we do not destroy ourselves with these wars by destroying our planet, one day, we will go to other galaxies and preach Christ crucified, if they do not already know Jesus. Then one day, a long long time away, even as the universe expands, we will go the edge and see the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit beyond. This is the power of Christ in me.

Sometimes, Just Sometimes, I Just Wish Our Kids Would Just Grow Up

Psalm 46:10-11 ESV
10“Be still, and know that I am God.
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!”
11The Lord of hosts is with us;
the God of Jacob is our fortress.

What is below happened in my quiet time of the study of God’s word last night. Luke 8, PUP. The second half of my study for Thursday morning. We are instructed to study one book of Scripture at a time if we are to be an effective pastor from my Global University Bible Theology Course. I began to think this morning when I awoke after a deep deep sleep with Jesus, how how how, I used to ask can they do it. I spent about four hours in study last night. I didn’t even go deep enough but skimmed the surface of the word. Jesus is the word. It takes a quiet and still still heart to hear HIS voice in HIS word. In Christ. What a wonderful journey. In India one year in one of our cruise journeys many many children were crowding us. We were, or rather, I was for some reason or the other. Do not know about my husband. Then I did feel someone touch me so I asked my husband who touched me and he said all of the children were jammed packed against me. I looked but he was right. They were all packed right into me. All touching me. So, I just assumed the one child, little child here, was healed. When you wear a cross, even the children of the nations know who you are. Sometimes even as I am who I am, I often wonder who is touching me. I just let them. In the spirit. O but it is such an intimate place to study Scripture. And all my devotionals. So many decades of this absolutely wonderful place of peace and love and joy and delight in the LORD. I take such a delight in the LORD in the study of HIS word. How will they all get here. I have no idea. It’s Easter again. A reminder of the joy of our salvation when we did not a thing but believe. Believe that Jesus is the Son of our living Father. Our Abba Father. Do you only taste the goodness of the LORD. This too is the goodness of the LORD. Our salvation. When you see or reflect on this part of the life of Jesus are you moved to tears or do you just by pass it and think, it is done and that is that. Not my business but only Jesus’. The free gift of grace. Or does your heart get moved and you love Jesus more than ever before. This is love. So many do not know how to love. They do not know what it truly means. The old should be shut out. Someone like Millie who is no longer of any use to anyone. Nor my good self. Years ago I cried knowing that those who have served Jesus for half a century and more did not have provision financially for their old age. I cried to the LORD for them. But now it seems, a worse picture is appearing from our young. Not even that. Just go and get lost. Get out of the way. How immature. So childish. When we hear our young talk to us, we know where they are in their walk with Jesus. Take a picture of old Billy. Graham, you know. Where should you put him? Inside a room, lock the door and throw out the key. And just leave him there until he dies. Now, not now but in his sixties. Get real. Jesus paid the price for our sins. Every single one of them. Spend time touching the hand and face and heart of Jesus. Clean the blood off HIS face until you can see HIS face. Kiss HIS lips. Not only on HIS throne but also on the cross. Smear your kisses on HIS lips and HIS face as HE smears HIS blood all over your mouth and face and hair and the aroma of Christ becomes a pungent and horrid aroma to those who do not know HIM in this place as HIS presence in you fills the room. What is that smell? It is Christ our LORD. HIS presence. Christ in me. Go to this place where Jesus is being treated like a mere animal. Of no worth or even the respect of being just a man in the flesh. And grab on to HIS feet and be healed as the eyes of your heart are enlightened by the word. Jesus is the word. HIS love. Then HE takes your hand and asks you to stand beside HIM. HIS bride. Stand beside Jesus right here in this picture below and know that HE is God as the crowd mocks HIM. Both the Romans and the Jews. HE is God. No matter how old we are, our worth in Christ to be used by HIM never ceases. Every single one of us is worth weight in gold. HIS glory. For us. Kiss the Son in HIS lips. Cling onto HIM in HIS pain and suffering. Is HE useless in this place. By HIS stripes we are healed. This is what real love means. We love because HE first loved us before the foundations of the world. Respect your elders. We are not useless. We are all standing on holy ground still yet to be found by the youngsters. The sanctification process takes an entire life time. Some take longer as they do not want to submit to the word. It takes time for them to say yes to Jesus in the deep places of the heart. Heart issues. Read 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter. It is every heart who knows how to love, loves. From childhood to a time when we see Jesus face to face. This is how I am taught by those who are old, now. Still they are of even greater use in the kingdom. The saying ‘children will be children’ rings through right now. Grow up, I tell my sons all the time. They are in their forties now. Grow up, I tell my two sons. Grow up. Grow up. It is taking longer than I could have ever imagined. And yet still I still still love them cos they are my sons. Grow up boys. Just grow up. Will my wilful sons listen to me. No. I’m just their mum. They love me and I love them. But still, they won’t grow up. Mum, they say, but won’t grow up. At forty. Both in their forties. What a waste of time, this is all I can say. Work on it. Grow up. Now. Just ever be reminded, we are not alone. Everyone is watching.

Galatians 2:20 (ESV)
20 I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.



Found this lovely song to go with my title.

Enjoy church.
Just right for this season of Easter.
The cross.
Do you only eat the good bits of the word?
Jesus is the word of God.
Or ………
do you also eat the hard bits.
HIS suffering.
Are you there with HIM?
Or are you like those who ran away.

I was there when they crucified the LORD.

I’m also in HIS throne room.
Also in the chamber.
And I walk with Jesus. I hold HIS hand tightly.

Hold me close Jesus and abide with me.

I hold HIS hand not only in HIS throne or when HE takes my hand and we walk together but also I hold HIS hand when they pounded the nail and still I hung on to HIS hand.
Are you the one when the seed fell on the good soil and receive it as you hear it, obey it as you understand it. Share the word and give it out to the entire world.
Do you know I did a word study on the vine and it’s impossible to be loosed off the vine. We only loose ourselves by disobeying the word. We loose ourselves when we break covenant with the LORD God. A covenant is a binding agreement. We break it by sinning against a holy God. Wilful disobedience. My way and not God’s way.

Do you think all this touching of Jesus that I do, draws HIS virtue out of HIM, this is why I am who I am in Christ our LORD.
Take this thought and possess this gift of grace from our LORD Jesus who is the Christ, Messiah.

O LORD Jesus, may I honestly say, ‘May I never ever leave this place right beside YOU LORD JESUS.’ We really become whom we want to be. By faith. The LORD truly knows our hearts and gives us what we ask. O but obey HIS word. This is the key to the kingdom of God. Faith in obeying and doing all that HE says to do. What a journey in Luke 8. Now for the questions for Luke 8. Then done done done by the grace of God. HE provides the heart to study HIS word. O Jesus, YOU love me so much.


Just Abide In The Vine

Do you hear the heavens calling you?
Asking for a closer and deeper and more intimate walk with our LORD and Saviour Jesus who is the Christ.


There is no better and safer place to be than to be with Jesus walking along the narrow gate.
It is so true when Jesus spoke and shared the kingdom and when the people heard it, some left. Some remained. Some left. They chose that they could not do it. Would not.
Today I start off with Luke 8 and complete my Luke study for this week. Then tomorrow the two lessons of ‘Great Commission Strategies’.
I’m gonna start again by losing myself in Luke and a new book.
‘Liberating The Leader’s Prayer Life’ by Terry Muck.
My Logos Bible is so funny.


When you are no longer on vacation, it is time to read, read and read more and more and more about the things pertaining to the LORD. Study Scripture and enjoy life in intimate communion with Jesus in HIS word. Jesus is the word. Not forgetting to start fasting as well. Fasting and prayer goes together, hand in hand.

O give thanks to the LORD for HE is good and HIS love endures forever and ever and ever. God is love.
Thank You. Thank You. Thank YOU LORD JESUS. The great I AM.
I ❤ to keep it simple but I have to say I do compartmentalize two.
Life is just a big bundle of laughs.


I’ve not lifted the sword out but I hear it. A piercing sound in the spirit realm. The battle I fight is not in the world but it is in the spirit realm. The sword is used for especially this.
Luke 8 tonight and I need to complete all the questions as it is all go now that I am back home.
Coached Sophie today. She is a lady and her ball was swirling in the wrong direction. I got her to buy a new one that is much lighter and Ah Hoi drilled it for me. He used to drill all my balls for the kids. Once I brought over forty kids to the HK Open so there were at least forty balls. She got new bowling shoes as well. Dexter’s. The best. With the sliders. Now she can slide and her ball fits snugly. Nothing worse than a bowling ball falling off your fingers and thumb. They need to be snug on so you just gently tickle the ball. She got it right today for the first time in two years.
Tomorrow I get to see my little three year old. He is so sweet. He likes me.
And now for Luke 8.
The seed is the word of God.
Just found this song for this title.
God abide with me.
Eat of the good and the hard bits of the word.
Abide in Christ in HIS good times and bad.

Remain In The Holy Place Forevermore With Jesus

We had a great nine days off and got back just this morning just in time for our Sunday worship with banners. So the light shone through and the glory and light came down upon us and I sang and prayed more and more and more. I have had about a month’s cough. I am only just recovering from the aches and pains. The flu, therefore I have not been able to worship.

The sermon was lovely today. The analogy about the hurt eagle that fell down among the chickens and started to act like chickens. The, ‘you are whom you hang out with’. But then the owner took the eagle to the high mountain and let the eagle fly and it flew and flew and no longer went back to the farm chickens, picking on the muck on the ground. The sermon was titled, ‘I am known’. God knows our every need.

I got so excited and was so encouraged by the sermon.

This song is lovely.

I enter into the most holy place where the Son of God, the beloved Son of God, Jesus is. HE is pure bright white light. In this place, I reside for Jesus says, abide in ME. I belong to Jesus.

My husband has asked me to go to the doctor as he says I’m so hot. My whole body. When I go near him, he starts to perspire. Indeed the oils of the Holy Spirit are upon me and the prayers of our dear beloved saints before me. Their holy prayers. The oils are thick and my entire face is constantly covered and my arms are blazing hot and my back. My legs. My entire body. Inside, Christ in me, is the Lion’s roar. HIS blazing roar. We are doing the kingdom of God on earth which is in us. The kingdom of God is within. In us. So, we who have this Lion’s roar, are bold.

I have so got this balance. The place between the cross and the throne.
Actually, do you hear the blade of the sword when it is lifted out. Not to fight. Just to lift out. Do you hear it. It is crisp. It is powerful. It is used to defend. To stop the storms. The rains. The tornadoes. The floods. The …. It is used to protect our families and friends. I smile as my daughters will have years of fun figuring it out. What we can do and what we cannot. Our banners are used to bless. To bless those in our congregation. To bless those beside us. Around us. To play with Jesus.

Are you in this place of absolute bliss with Jesus.

I had this couple of ladies on my table. They asked me about what I thought about what is happening around us in the world today and how it is regarding the LORD. This will be my third presentation for my Service Learning Requirement as it comes within the subject matter in the lessons. Totally. I have grown so old. Mature. I’m able to answer questions regarding our faith. Scriptural ones.

I hope you are enjoying the worship songs. I know many. Lots. I hit the mark. It says so in my lessons. We need to hit the mark, immediately. I did. They said nothing. It was so direct. I suppose I should have watered down the answer to make it sound not that severe but hey, it’s fact. I had one reaction but it was fizzled out by the other lady. Now, how can you know truth and not tell it. Water it down. No. In one short sentence. I’m smiling here. Right to the point.

Here is where all the dancing and banner worship started for me.

Preach the word, the gospel, it’s right up there in the first worship song. Be ready in season and out of season to preach the word.

Indeed this is my job. My full time job. To pray. To hear God’s voice and to write it all down like the scribes. Like Paul. And the rest.

Preach The Word

2 Timothy 4:1-8 ESV
I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingdom: 2 preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching. 3 For the time is coming when people will not endure nsound1 teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, 4 and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. 5 As for you, always be sober-minded, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfil your ministry.
6 For I am already being poured out as a drink offering, and the time of my departure has come. 7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 8 Henceforth there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award to me on that day, and not only to me but also to all who have loved his appearing.
People walking towards a huge cross passage

Kiss The Unblemished Lamb Of God

Where are you in your love for Christ our LORD this Easter season?
Me, well, at the cross.

We are all so different. We are called in different places. Whatever the calling I just remember one thing. That if HE calls you, then HE knows you are able to stand in this place HE calls you to stand upon.
This early morning I went again to the cross in my secret place with Jesus.
I kissed HIS lips on the cross.
I told HIM that I always kiss HIS lips in HIS glorious appearing in heaven seated at the right hand of the Father, in HIS chamber. So, what more that I should kiss HIS lips once more on the cross.
The blood of the new and everlasting covenant mingled with my tears. As HIS blood blessed my lips and nose and the lower part of my face, my tears became to Christ a sweet sweet aroma to the Father. Not many come to this place. We are not many. I’m ever lost in the world when I should be ever in HIS chamber and only there. No one can understand me. I have the guts and tenacity to make it home for all eternity. Even if I have to crawl there on both my hands and feet, I will do it.

I love to create. I hate to copy others. This is the real me. When I bowled I would create a completely new line to find the way into the pocket. And did. Now, I am the same person. My personality. My Father fashioned me this way. With HIS very own hands. Lovingly.

Is HE any different?