O Happy Day

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Dunno how this is going to work for the next year or so as I will be away from my desk. So, I shall write as much as it is possible to write if I can. 
John John said his goodbyes today. His mum told him to say, I love you, but he didn’t. He is feeling much better. He hit someone in class and pointed at what they had as he wanted it. And, he did not want to discuss it with his mother. We sat at MacDonald’s as it has a better setting so he would not get upset. He is a sweetie.
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Sophie begged me not to go as she is doing so well. I corrected her timing as she was off timing in the video on Monday. Now she can see for herself whether she is off timing or not. She is now able to use her hand and try to get under it rather than in the past, on top of it. Still, overturning but then she used to back it up so badly. I was taught that you go extreme so that the correction can be made. Then the correct stance. Her left leg is very tired, like all of us. Exhausted.
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We went to our doctor who was not there so we got this very nice young man. I had my blood sugar tested and my eye sight and urine and got my foot poked to see if I felt the pin. The nurse was very nice. She was petite. There was hardly anyone there. Unbelievable. 
In all of this, we are happy and fine but very hot as it is 34 Degrees Celsius here today. Even the banister was hot when I left the bowling centre. The bowling centre was like a freezer.
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