Moving Day


A Song To My King

You O LORD are my LORD and my God

Is there any place that I may go that I may escape from Thy Face

None what-so-ever

No place is escapable from You O my LORD O my God

I could try my best but the impossibility is obvious

I would be found by You O my God all the days of my life

In all that I see and I feel and I touch and I smell and I hear

I find Thee O my God of Everlasting to Everlasting

I can only find Thee and only Thee in my gaze

Though where ever I may be I still will find Thee

There is no place to escape from Thy piercing gaze

None what-so-ever

You number my days like it were all Yours and Yours alone

To this I submit myself to Thee O my LORD O my God

You light my path like You were walking it

To You I give up my right to ever walk any path that is mine own

You are the heights, the depths, the width and the length of everywhere I turn

To you I release the person of whom You have created to be whom you want me to be

How far can I run and how high can I jump is only by Your grace alone

From whence I do swim, in the oceans or in the seas or even in a pond

Is only by Your hand’s direction by the  gaze in Thine eyes

Where O LORD O my God are the ends of Thy existence

There is none what-so-ever

For You O my God is forevermore in the eternity of time

In Thy sanctuary I Thee stand

In Thine Presence I Thee find

In Thee is my life in Thy hand

In Thee is Thy all in all

In Thee I have found me

In Thee