Bible Study


I started reading on my own since I was five and made up stories in my mind ever since then. Until now, I day dream about things. A big house. A car. Gardens. Jesus. God. Nothing has changed much in my what I dream about but the dreams change from time to time. 

Now I love to write them down. 

Today, when I started by coming to my desk, I was taken by Heavenly Joy and lost the thought as I listened to her sing the joy of Jesus in her heart. It is easy to lose the thought. Inspired by the Lord as we are to take every thought captive according to the word of God. So, I love to fill my mind with bible verses, so that whatever thoughts and words that flow out are from Scripture. 

When I used to do my Precept Upon Precept studies before Global University, I used to be lost in that time in Scripture and everything was from the time in Scripture I was reading. Think it’s so much easier to understand Scripture if you are there. 

Once at the foot of the mountain when Moses was up there getting the Ten Commandments when God used His finger to write it down on the tablets of stone, I was dancing down there at the bottom of the mountain with Israel. 

As funny and as stupid as this may seem, it’s a heavenly place being there and then in a here and now moment in the Spirit. 

This is where all this dancing started. 

Back to the writing. Once you have lost the thought it goes and it does not come back until another time. Kaput. Gone with the wind. hahahahahahahahaha

So it is so important to stay with that moment. Not to be led off but to hang on and just go with the flow. When my paper was graded it was stated that at some point in the essay it did not flow and I was to pay attention to let the letter flow. 

One reason could have been toilet breaks. Breaking every half hour so that the I could go the distance of five hours of a constant writing. When you get back it’s not the same as the last time so I love to just go on and on and on until there is no more but this is impossible when you are writing essays as if you push yourself far too hard, you are done in an hour or so. 

I do not ever believe that I’ve had writer’s block. I’ve always had far too much to say. 

Pace yourself and do not get involved in other business that wastes time. Otherwise you just will burn out. 

Life is good on my desk and our Lord reigns in my heart and entire being.

God is good all the time.

God’s word is yummy.




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