Life Is Exceptionally Good

2 Timothy 3:16-17 (ESV)
16 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 17 that the man of God[a] may be complete, equipped for every good work.

I have been busy packing with my husband these last couple of days before we leave and doing my CRA’s and Project for Great Commission Strategies for my Global University Course. It has been heart rendering learning about what I already know as I was doing it anyways. Our pastor is such a good man. 


Sophie went through a lot of footwork and timing and positioning of her body and I took lots of pictures for her to remember as MC takes over. She will know what I have done and correct it or then add to it. 


Sophie is enjoying learning from me and I am enjoying coaching her the rudiments of tenpin. 

I will be away for quite a long holiday so I probably won’t be able to journal in my wordpress but will do so on my Facebook. In all of this, Jesus is the centre of it all as I live in obedience to Scripture and do all that it says.

All Scripture. 

2 Timothy 3:16-17 (ESV)
16 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 17 that the man of God[a] may be complete, equipped for every good work.

I Love My Children With An Everlasting Love Like Jesus, Be Imitators Of Christ Our LORD And Saviour


I have lived out the Great Commission Strategies in our Global University Bible Theology Course. Jesus was intimate with a few and I have done the same and my children have all grown in Christ Jesus. Not into this masses thing. Not for me. I just turn my back on masses stuff. Not my thing. I am currently lunching with all my children and pastors whom I have been intimately close to before we leave and it has been a wonderful time. My home group has grown in leaps and bounds in the Spirit. My two daughters in our banner ministry have grown as I let go and let God. Think I’ve done well throughout these years. Jesus is calling to the next stage of my walk with Him. I just tell my children, it is not a goodbye but a forever commitment I am making to them. This is love. Just like Jesus is forevermore so are my children. Right.
Getting on with my Project for Global University on Great Commission Strategies. Just about nearly all done. 

Love Love Love

I think I’ll just add everyone in just one big picture. Have been having a lot of lunches and dinners and afternoon teas with my daughters. Sophie is looking better now. She is a delight and is delighted at her progress as she now looks like a bowler. She is very excited about MC Choi being her next coach as I need to leave. My daughters are happy as they are my daughters for life. Life long family. Goes for no tears. 
But poor John John was told about my departure and he bawled his little eyes out so bad I cried as well. My life long work with kids. So, it’s terrible for me. Told his dad we will be going to Macdonalds so he does not get so upset about me leaving. 
We had a huge dinner tonight at a Thai restaurant and it was awesome. Best best best best best yummy yummy food and I laughed so hard and Franklin and I talked and talked about our Global University course. He talked about discipleship and the few, according to Coleman 1972, forwarded by Billy Graham. Needless to say I will not be able to complete my project tonight as it is far too late and shall have to do it tomorrow afternoon. And complete it. A detailed strategy of fulfilling the great commission within my present ministry context.
Life is great and all is well and we are busy busy busy and happy happy happy.
My daughters are beautiful and lovely.

Deep In Global University Essays


I am at the last legs of my essays for my Great Commission Strategies. I am truly touched as I have done as it says throughout the years. I am integrated with those who are here and there and have lived a life kinda like Patrick. As I complete my last two essays these last two nights it has become easier and easier, the things of God. Like it is second nature. Just a part of me. And yet, I had not read the book. I just did the same. What is ahead must be awesome. I’m equipped and well able to take on whatever the LORD calls me to do. So looking forward to a new banner ministry. I love bannners as when I first lifted one up, that was when the manifest presence of Jesus came in a HIS full glory. Therefore here is my heart. I belong to Jesus.


Tired eyes from reading and typing.
I am on the eight guiding principles of evangelism by Coleman. 

O Thank YOU LORD JESUS For A Wonderful Life With YOU

I am so touched by Patrick’s incarnational living. Like I have not done so as well. I have done so. I completed my essay tonight.

We are packing in full force here, the final bits and pieces. Whilst I get on with my essays so I can sent them in before I travel the world for the next ….. months …. a year …..

Today, Sophie gave me a huge hug as she ran up to me as her game is improving and others are inviting her not only to bowl with them but also discuss and share her bowling knowledge with them. They are also smiling at me for coaching her skills that she never had. She is fully accepted as a bowler and tells me how thankful she is. 

Little John John came to the bowling alley today with his mum and dad and ran up to me and was surprised I was in the bowling alley. He smiled at me. His mum and dad are happy to sit with me and chat to me as one of their family. Yesterday, I got it wrong when it was a public holiday, I did not realize this and went for John John’s lesson and his mother invited me in and told me gently it was a public holiday. So I told her I would see him later in the week. She was smiling. Think my enthusiasm changes her heart. 

If you think for one minute, Jesus has ever not been in my  life, you must be kidding. I was born a seer. The LORD has ever been a part of my life since I could ever think, I thought about God. 

Don’t think Jesus wants me perfect. He does want me loving though. As I was taught, it is those whom He sends, I love.

Not Enough Love

Matthew 19:14 ESV
Let the Children Come to Me
13 Then children were brought to him that he might lay his hands on them and pray. The disciples rebuked the people, 14 but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” 15 And he laid his hands on them and went away.



I am most deeply moved to compassion in my heart about John John. I have sought high and low but no one will teach him English. He is three and is a most active and hard child to teach but I can manage him. Experience talks louder than words. Patience. Love. Kindness. Love Love Love. His father is most upset as he feels he has found a very good and kind and loving teacher. Sophie agreed yesterday at afternoon tea as she enjoys me as her coach. She says I work hard at explaining the game to her though she does not get it. Everyone is in wonder in how she has changed from a backup bowler in less than two months to a stroker.

No one is interested in teaching John John English so he really has to go to Kumon. I suggested twice a week, in a group setting and also Maths. It will help him a lot with his basic Math and English skills and also his social skills.
Lack of love.
No one wants to know.
No time.
He’s just another statistic in the population.
I feel so sad about this.
At least I was able to get MC to coach again.
Nobody cares.
Among the non-believers they know this. Sometimes I find the non-believer knows how to love more than the believer. They are excusable as they are not believers but believers are inexcusable.
This is not John John but he is from China as well as here.

This is a better option.
Lun Lun used to go for his Maths and he was in St. Joseph’s Primary School. He did well there.

It’s only $2900 in Selin, four days a week. It’s only $1450, twice a week. 

I come from a bible study where you learn to love. Even facial expressions are issues where you relay the wrong message of lack of love. Hand movements. Body movements. Not just words. Words. Bible study is not just Scripture but learning how to be a good disciple of Jesus. To be like Jesus. To be HIS good ambassador. 

I come from a game of the world. Far from the familiar place of home with the LORD. Home with Jesus. Shunned for my faith. Beaten. Not loved. But I fought back with love. And won. Love wins. Every single time. When you are able to love those around you who are so different, not only culturally, but also, religiously, people around you, are won by the love of Christ. 

I listen to their stories. Their faith. Their hardships. Like John John’s family. What they are going through. No more job. Worry. Raising a son of three. Cultures that do not match. Across the border and here. Hair styles. How to speak. What to say and what not to. Learn to fit in. Look the same as the others. Sound the same. Do the same. Ask questions that everyone asks. Do not ask things that no one asks. How to behave. How not to. Fitting in. 

I found when I bowled, to fit into the expected mold. Look and act the same. Eat the same. Dress the same. Speak the same.
So, I can get on with it.

My husband and I spoke about John John over dinner. He is best in Selin. Mix with those he needs to fit in with in a group situation. Disappear into the crowd and fit in.

Discipleship is a very holy place where not only do you learn Scripture but how to behave. 



Global University essays on ‘Great Commission Strategies’. The free gift of grace and relaying the gospel lovingly. Everyone needs a loving God in this unloving world. 

The Joys Of Life In General

It was a most enjoyable time again with Sophie. She is beginning to feel the timing and when and where to roll the ball. And where the ball is supposed to be in the four step approach. She is trying her best to relax her thumb. And can do so but suddenly she gripped for no obvious reason except her old habits manifest themselves at some point. But she is beginning to know what she is doing wrong now. With great explanation, she is able to grasp the basics of the four step approach. She can swing a relaxed swing, finally on a one, two, three and four step approach and get a strike on each step. She can even roll the ball on a no step. Her spare shots are fixed. Today I taught her parallel curves but she cannot see them on the lane. She has not been able to understand a sequence of parallel curves which gives her a shot at the head. She has not been able to grasp this yet. Not at all. She not only cannot see them there parallel lines. She just does not know what I am trying to tell her. What a shame. It opens the lane extensively. Just play with the centre point. Vary and create. Options. Her old habit of just slamming it down straight comes back now and again. Sheer force as compared to roll and break. But, she is improving and the shot does look like a shot now.
We bumped into Connie. We bowled quite a number of times in Opens and one world. But she quit. The boys were mean to her. Bad boys. She blamed me for not standing up for her. Hey, I was the one who got the bruises on my arms. Not found Ann nor Carmen yet. My buddies. Carmen bowled a 1300 once with a ten and an over turn till her palm faced the ground. 180.
Thinking of this car for Colin and Caroline this summer. There was a traffic accident. It caused a tremendous traffic jam at a junction. John John’s dad teared when I told him I was leaving. He is about to lose his job and wants me to stay with his son until I leave as I have a soft and loving heart. He says I’m a good teacher. Sophie said I am too as I explain everything to her about the game. She said she never had it so good before. Usually her coach just asks her to go on to the lane and bowl. That is it.
O the complexities of life in itself. It is good not to be serious about these things or take it too much to heart.
My mover called. He is a very nice man. A great helper around the house at times of moving. He will bring his screw driver and a ladder along on moving day. Just to help us out. He must be a great son to his mother. He has moved us many a time.
I think I do not need to be street smart as I never have been nor ever will be. Not raised to be nor my sons. Once I was told off as my sons were not and asked to teach them to be so. I have no idea. Will never have. With no intentions of ever being. So, I stay away from street smart people. They are mean mean people.

In all of this, in the end, it’s all about Jesus Jesus Jesus. The way the truth and the life. There is no way to the Father except through HIM.
As the packing continues on and the things all disappear into boxes, we are getting there surely. Surely indeed.